Ranked Season 11 – Coming December 12 – FAQ

Ranked Season 11 – FAQ What is happening? It’s the start of Ranked Season 11! That means players get new Avatars, Glory and Borders as rewards for their accomplishments in ranked during Season 10! Glory can be used in the Ranked section of Mallhalla to get... read more

Rayman Event FAQ

We’re super excited about the launch of Rayman and his friends, so we decided to answer some of your most frequently asked questions!   Is Rayman a Legend? Yes! Rayman is a Legend just like Cassidy, Sir Roland, Hattori, and the others! He has his own unique... read more

Shovel Knight is coming to Brawlhalla!

We are thrilled to reveal that not only Shovel Knight but some of his compatriots will be coming to Brawlhalla! In addition to Shovel Knight we’ll be adding King Knight, Black Knight, Plague Knight and Specter Knight. For the first time ever, these skins will... read more

Rayman is coming to Brawlhalla!

“When we joined Ubisoft, my developers had two questions for us. The first one was do we get free Ubisoft games? The second was are we going to be able to bring this guy into Brawlhalla?” – Matt Woomer.  We at Blue Mammoth Games are absolutely... read more

Brawlhalla is coming to Switch and Xbox!

We’re happy to announce Brawlhalla will be coming to Xbox One and Switch on November 6th! Read the press release below or on the Ubisoft website: “With more... read more

Blue Mammoth Games Joins Ubisoft!

Hey everybody, This has been a year of big announcements for Blue Mammoth Games, and now I have the biggest announcement yet. Quick story: Last year, Brawlhalla was growing, the community was growing, esports was growing, the studio was growing, everything was going... read more

Playstation Progress Update – July 27th 2017

We’ve been working hard on the PlayStation port, and we wanted to provide an official update on our progress. We have Brawlhalla running on PS4 right now, but are still cranking away at getting everything optimized. Our goal is still to get the game out this year, and... read more

Tutorial Video Series

Hello Everyone! We’re pleased to announce that we’re now making tutorial videos on all manner of aspects of the game. These videos are recorded in a casual conversational style, and are aimed at new players who are just starting off in the world of... read more