Phase Four of Cross-Play Rollout

Phase Four of a single Brawlhalla is now live! PC players can play with Nintendo Switch and Xbox One players. That means that if you’re playing on PC, you can now be matched against Switch and XB1 players in all online queues as well as share custom lobbies. In... read more

Claiming the Sword of the Raven!

Odin has brought Gifts of Asgard to the earthly realm, starting with the Sword of the Raven! This social media weapon skin is now available for ALL platforms. That means you can unlock this social blade for PC, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. All you... read more

Phase Three of Cross-Play Rollout

Phase Three of a Single Brawlhalla is here! We unified the servers in Phase One, then the patches started happening simultaneously for Phase Two. Now, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One players can play together. This means Nintendo Switch and Xbox One users can matchmake... read more


This $40,000 tournament weekend is the most prestigious online championship of the year, with the largest prize pool for any online tournament in Brawlhalla’s history. Thousands of players will compete in Singles and Doubles brackets in both North American and... read more

Server Upgrades and Downtime

Today we will take the next step in preparing our infrastructure for crossplay. We will be performing a migration and infrastructure upgrade that should also increase stability when everything is done as the new data center has much better connectivity. As a part of... read more

Brawlhalla Pro Series

What is the format of the series? 3 weeks of alternating crew battles and 2v2 rotations leading up to a final event between the top team of each group, the Pro Series Final.   How are teams grouped? There are 8 Teams of 3 players each are split into two groups... read more

Brawlhalla Esports 2019 Announcement

Blue Mammoth Games has announced all the offline events for Brawlhalla Esports: Year Four, along with over $500,000 in prize money in 2019! While many official tournaments for Brawlhalla take place online, a large portion of them will take place at in-person... read more

Ranked Season 11 – Coming December 12 – FAQ

Ranked Season 11 – FAQ What is happening? It’s the start of Ranked Season 11! That means players get new Avatars, Glory and Borders as rewards for their accomplishments in ranked during Season 10! Glory can be used in the Ranked section of Mallhalla to get... read more

Rayman Event FAQ

We’re super excited about the launch of Rayman and his friends, so we decided to answer some of your most frequently asked questions!   Is Rayman a Legend? Yes! Rayman is a Legend just like Cassidy, Sir Roland, Hattori, and the others! He has his own unique... read more

Shovel Knight is coming to Brawlhalla!

We are thrilled to reveal that not only Shovel Knight but some of his compatriots will be coming to Brawlhalla! In addition to Shovel Knight we’ll be adding King Knight, Black Knight, Plague Knight and Specter Knight. For the first time ever, these skins will... read more