Brawlhalla Circuit Details



  • The Brawlhalla Circuit Overview
  • Goals of the Brawlhalla Circuit
  • Brawlhalla Circuit Point System
  • Standardized Tournament Ruleset
  • Qualification Requirements
  • Contact Information


The Brawlhalla Circuit Overview

The Brawlhalla Circuit is the official tournament series for Brawlhalla players who want to compete with the best in the world. BC tournaments net you points, prizes, travel, and the chance to secure a spot at the invitational Brawlhalla World Championship in November.

All Brawlhalla Circuit tournaments have an open-entry stage, and consist of online and offline tournaments brought to you by the worldwide Brawlhalla Community and the developers at Blue Mammoth Games.


Goals of the Brawlhalla Circuit

The Goal of the Brawlhalla Circuit is to ensure that the absolute best players from across the world are competing at the Brawlhalla World Championship.  

With that goal in mind, we wanted to ensure that Brawlhalla Circuit events were available to players all over the world. Last year’s esports plan was heavily focused on US and EU players as those regions were more developed and had larger player bases during the earlier phases of beta. Our aim with the Brawlhalla Circuit is to encourage tournament growth in other regions, and recognize the talents of top Brawlhalla players worldwide.

To achieve this, we have a developed a Brawlhalla Circuit Point System to track the progress of players throughout any Brawlhalla Circuit tournament they participate in.

Brawlhalla Circuit Point System

The Brawlhalla Circuit point system applies to every event in the Brawlhalla Circuit. Circuit Points (or CP) will always be distributed to top 32 participants in an event.  

The point distribution breakdown for official Brawlhalla Circuit events are as follows

1st 20 40 80 200 350
2nd 10 20 40 120 200
3rd 6 12 24 80 120
4th 4 8 16 40 80
5th-6th 4 8 16 30 50
7th-8th 4 8 16 20 40
9th-16th 2 4 8 12 24
17th-32nd 1 2 4 8 16
Total 88 176 352 764 1378


Standardized Tournament Ruleset

Offline Tournaments

Online Tournaments

Qualification Requirements – Minimum Standards for All Tiers

  • All Tournament Organizers of any size or tier are expected to be professional and create a positive experience for all participants and viewers.
  • Must be open-entry or have an open-entry period. (For example, two weeks of open-entry double elimination where Top 32 play in quarterfinals over the following two weeks)
  • Must be publically promoted to the Brawlhalla Community. For example: posts on /r/brawlhalla, announced in the Monday Esports Report, community discords, and more.
  • Minimum two weeks of announcement/registration time leading to the tournament (four weeks min. preferred)
  • Cannot be a weekly tournament. A tournament can span any number of weeks leading to its grand finals. However, weekly tournaments such as Friday Night Brawl or Gravy Cancel Sunday cannot qualify as Brawlhalla Circuit events.
  • Must be a 1v1 or 2v2 tournament. Other game modes are not eligible.
  • Must adhere to the standard competitive ruleset as provided earlier in the document.
  • Tournament Organizers must coordinate with Brawlhalla Esports staff on promotional coordination, graphics, overlays, information deadlines, and other activity as needed to properly promote the event.
  • All Brawlhalla Circuit events must use for registration and brackets. Upon approval you will work with the BMG Esports Team for admin access to create your tournament on  
  • Tournament results with link to full brackets  must be emailed to [email protected]
  • Online Brawlhalla Circuit events must have a Discord group for player / tournament staff communication. This can be a community Discord with appropriate tournament channels or a dedicated Discord server for your event.
  • An original name for your tournament.
  • Must meet additional requirements for their requested point tier as listed below.
  • Must meet Stream Requirements as listed below.


Online Tournament Stream Requirements

  • Must be live streamed, preferably on where the Brawlhalla Community lives.
  • Must have two pre-determined commentators throughout the tournament. Commentators should be announced when the event is announced.
  • Must include the Brawlhalla Circuit logo on stream overlays.
  • Videos should be exported to YouTube or uploaded to Twitch for post event promotion  and cataloging.
  • 1920x1080p at 60fps Streaming Capability
  • Stream must have moderators and all tournament logistic communications should be handled in Discord not on Twitch chat.
  • Link to brackets should be available via Moobot with a !bracket and !brackets chat command
  • Commentators and moderators should not also be running tournament logistics. At least one dedicated Tournament Organizer / admin should be coordinating players, room numbers, and bracket updates behind the scenes in the designated Discord.


Offline Tournament Stream Requirements

  • These will be coordinated individually with offline Tournament Organizers. See above for normal expectations.


Requirements Overview

The following requirements are guidelines only. Final approval and tier placement will always be decided by The Brawlhalla Esports Team.


Qualification Requirements – A

Potential Tournament Organizers must meet two or more of the following requirements.

  • Existing history of Brawlhalla Community organized tournaments, events, streaming, content creation, and other Brawlhalla activity.  
  • $500 Prize Pool
  • Combined Twitch and YouTube audience of 10K+ followers and subscribers respectively.  


Qualification Requirements – AA

Potential Tournament Organizers must meet two or more of the following requirements.

  • Twitch audience of 30K+ followers.
  • $1000 Prize Pool or more.
  • Is organized by an established Brawlhalla Tournament Organizer or community organization with a history of successful tournament organization.
  • Is organized by  a long standing community organization with a proven level of activity and community involvement.


Qualification Requirements – AAA

Potential Tournament Organizers must meet two or more of the following requirements.

  • $5000 Prize Pool
  • Is organized by an established Brawlhalla Tournament Organizer or community organization with a history of successful tournament organization.
  • Is organized by a long standing organization with a proven level of activity, quality, and community involvement.
  • Is organized by a professional Esports Team.
  • 100K+ Followers on Twitch


Qualification Requirements – S

Potential Tournament Organizers must meet two or more of the following requirements.

  • Is organized by an established Brawlhalla Tournament Organizer, production team, or professional esports team.
  • Is sponsored by a globally recognized company or organization.
  • $10,000 prizepool.
  • 175K+ Followers on Twitch.
  • 1 Million Subscribers on YouTube


Qualification Requirements – SS

Potential Tournament Organizers must meet one or more of the following requirements.

  • Takes place at a well established offline tournament series (such as Combo Breaker, CEO, Dreamhack, etc.)
  • Is organized by the BMG Esports Team.
  • Has a prize pool of $50,000 or more.
  • 1 Million+ Followers on Twitch
  • Has official endorsement from the BMG Esports Team.


Additional Notes

  • Each Tournament Organizer may hold 1v1 and 2v2 tournaments.
  • Tournament Organizers may not hold two tournaments of the same kind, in the same region, at the same time.
  • Example: Tournament Organizers may hold a Brawlhalla 1v1 Slamdown US, Brawlhalla 1v1 Slamdown EU, and a 2v2 Slamdown US at the same time. But TOs may not hold a Brawlhalla 1v1 Slamdown #2 and Brawlhalla 1v1 Slamdown #3 simultaneously.


Graphics and Promotions Packet Details

The following are a list of assets we need prior to your announcement going live.

  • Link
  • Names of Commentators and links to their Twitter accounts.
  • Twitter Sized Image (1200×1200)
  • Facebook Sized Image (1280×720)
  • Stream Overlay Drafts (1920×1080)
  • Links to your social media (Twitch, Twitter, YouTube, Discord, Facebook)


Contact Information

For questions please contact Foda at foda @

All details are subject to change. These are general guidelines, all final decisions and approvals are made by the BMG Esports Team.