Welcome to the Brawlhalla Circuit!

Throughout the year, multiple tournaments worldwide will be officially sanctioned as part of The Brawlhalla Circuit. Performance in the Brawlhalla Circuit will qualify players for the invitational Brawlhalla World Championship this November at the Brawlhalla Championship Expo in Atlanta, GA.

Players who compete in Brawlhalla Circuit events will be awarded Circuit Points. Players with the highest points from each region at the end of the season will earn a spot in the 32 player Brawlhalla World Championship. You can also earn a spot in the Brawlhalla World Championship by winning a Regional Qualifer, or placing Top 3 in the BCX Open tournament at BCX.

The Brawlhalla Circuit is the amalgamation of our player community, tournament organizers around the world, and the evolution of Brawlhalla Esports in 2017.  Our aim is to grow Brawlhalla Esports across the world and do our amazing community and top level players justice with our support as developers.

Here’s the breakdown.

1. The Brawlhalla World Championship in 2017 is a 32 player invitational double elimination tournament.
2. Earn points in the Brawlhalla Circuit to secure your spot in the BWC.
3. BCX Open is a tournament held at BCX where the Top 3 move into the BWC bracket.
4. Brawlhalla Circuit tournaments will always be open-entry.
5. All tournaments on the Brawlhalla Circuit will fall into one of the five tiers as shown in the bottom left.
6. Points are tracked per region. The number of available points in one region has no effect on other regions.
7. The number of initial invites are based on last year’s esports activity.
8. Seeding for the BWC will be based on relative number of points earned and overall player performance.
9. Region Bonus invites are distributed in July and will be awarded to regions based on activity and merit.
10. Regional Qualifiers will take place in the late Summer / early Fall.

Brawlhalla Circuit events will always have an open registration to anyone who plays Brawlhalla. If you think you have what it takes, register for an event in your region, make the leaderboards, and secure your spot at the Brawlhalla World Championship.