Hello and welcome to Patch 1.10! We’re very excited about the fixes and improvements we’ve made, thanks to all of our beta testers!


Mallhalla is the place to purchase all sorts of skins, KO fx, sidekicks, taunts, and more! Everything you purchase is purely cosmetic, we will never sell items that impact gameplay or make you stronger. However, if you’d like to deck out your favorite Legend in new threads, this is the place to do it!

  • Mallhalla is now open on PlayStation!
  • Any items you purchase in Beta remain with your account after the Beta transitions into full release.


Founders Pack Available on August 1st

The Brawlhalla Founders Pack is now available to purchase for all players in North America and Europe!

The Founders Pack includes four items:

  • The All Legends Pack, which permanently unlocks all current and future Legends
  • Nameplate: Founder’s Insignia
  • Avatar: Founder’s Signet
  • Sidekick: Personal Sentry IV


New Features

  • Friend’s List is now in!
  • Action Cam is now live! The improved Action cam focuses on the action better, stronger, and faster than the old camera.
  • Better error message for when the client version is incorrect.
  • Improved ability for the PS4 client to reconnect after any sort of connection error with the PS4 api.
  • The score and the clock text have been adjusted for improved visibility.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed texture leaks during match preview.
  • Fixed a texture leak with avatars.
  • Fixed a texture leak for all the roster icons.
  • Fixed a bug where the game version was not being displayed.
  • Fixed a bug where a hard disconnect mid-match would leave you stuck on a “No Connection” error message.
  • Fixed a bug where some icons were missing.
  • Fixed a texture leak in the game hud when the score would change on PS4.
  • Fixed a texture leak in the PS4 character select menu when displaying weapon skins.
  • Fixed a bug where weapon icons in the character select would not be clipped into an icon.
  • Fixed an issue where the error screen buttons had rendering artifacts.
  • Sound fixes fixes for Bodvar sword, Hattori spear, Teros Hammer, Mirage spear hits, Mordex Scythe, Nix hits, Yumiko, Rocket Lance ground pound, Scythe ground pound, Sword neutral and ground pound.
  • Fixed Searching for Players Animation.
  • Fixed a bug with keyboards where you’d have to press on a key on your keyboard before the game would recognize that it was plugged in.