Test Features

Test Features are our way to try potentially large gameplay and balance changes with the entire Brawlhalla community.


There are two ways to access test features.

1: You can enable test features in custom lobbies or Couch Party by going into the game settings and turning ‘Test Features’ to on.
2: You can queue for the 1v1 Experimental Queue where all test features are on by default.




Providing a high risk / high reward option against speed dodge approaches. 

  • Invulnerability from Chain Dodges no longer prevents hits from Signatures.
  • Signatures have higher priority than light attacks instead of clashing. 
  • The invulnerability period after a Speed Dodge is canceled into an attack no longer prevents hits from Signatures. (Credit: bluetiger6001)


Movement Changes are exploratory to see what kind of impact they have on various levels of play and if they have a positive impact on the current meta

  • Introduced a 6 frame delay to attacking or dodging when turning around.
  • Increased run and fall speeds by 15%.


Jump Changes 

  • Increased Landing Recover from 2 frames to 4 frames.


Making The Edge More Dangerous 

  • Dodges will end when touching a wall.