Test Features

Test Features are our way to try potentially large gameplay and balance changes with the entire Brawlhalla community.


There are two ways to access test features.

1: You can enable test features in custom lobbies or Couch Party by going into the game settings and turning ‘Test Features’ to on.
2: You can queue for the 1v1 Experimental Queue where all test features are on by default.



We’ve heard your feedback, and are introducing a new change into Test Features this week to address overly passive playstyles. While we’re not sure if the values are spot on, we think this is a good direction to try, and are looking forward to hearing back from you. Let us know what you think!

Added to Test Features

  • If a player touches the wall 7 times without touching the ground, they will Wall Slip.
  • Wall Slip locks the player into a slip animation for 23 frames.
  • Once a player has Slipped, they no longer regain jumps or Recover on wall touch until they land on the ground.

There’s been some pushback against the latest incarnation of fall speed changes. We’ve swapped out the increased gravity and the other changes needed to support it, and are trying a simpler jump reduction instead.

  • Upward Jump Impulse for ground and air reduced from 59 to 57.
  • Wall Jump Impulse reduced from 55 to 50.


Final polish for this feature is still being worked on, but we believe it’s a good change.

  • Gadgets telegraph for about a second before spawning in, the same as weapon drops. They use a blue highlight as a placeholder for a spawn-in animation.