We’re only halfway through the 2019 Brawlhalla Esports season and the competition has been fierce. The Midseason Championship was the biggest event we’ve had this year and is second only to the Brawlhalla World Championship itself. $50,000 was on the line and players from all over the world came out to compete for it. This is the recap of the Midseason Championship at CEO.


Pictured: Brawlhalla players gathered for the first day of pools.

Beginning with the winners side of the 1v1 Top 8 bracket, we had Robert “STTP WILSON” McKelvey fighting against the newly sponsored @Tempo_Storm Zack “Boomie” Bielamowicz.

STTP WILSON battled his way through @Lazarus Remmy and @GlobalBreakout Cosolix to get this far and proved that his already massive legend pool was even bigger with the surprise Rayman counter pick to Cosolix’s lance. Utilizing the Rayman Helicopter, STTP WILSON was able to smash Cosolix’s lance recovery time and time again. Boomie crushed Aggz0 and Khui on his way up, playing Nix the entire way.

Also battling to get into Winners Finals was @Wildcard_GG Zach “wrenchd” Gundersen and @FlashPointGG Noah “Cody Travis” Seaman. Not @Wildcard_GG Stephen “Sandstorm” Myers, but Cody Travis. That’s right, “Big Bite” Cody chomped down on Sandstorm with Barraza’s axe and secured a victory over the winningest Brawlhalla player of 2019.

The lower bracket had the two-time World Champion Zack “LDZ” Janbay against Lance specialist Cosolix. It also contained the DreamHack Summer Grand Finals match-up: Sandstorm versus Blew.

Top 8 began with a convincing win for wrenchd. Cody Travis may have been able to beat out Sandstorm with his axe neutral game, but wrenchd’s katars were far too much to handle. wrenchd then went up to fight and win against Boomie, securing @Wildcard_GG yet another player in the Grand Finals of a Brawlhalla Tournament.

In the lower bracket, LDZ used Dusk to get through Cosolix and Cody Travis, winning 3-2 and 3-1 respectively. At a glance this run would seem amazing for LDZ. Cosolix is an expert with the Lance and Cody Travis was playing his best, taking down Sandstorm. But when LDZ is in a tournament he finds a way to convince everyone that there is a chance he might win it all.

Pictured: Zack “LDZ” Janbay (right)

Pictured: Stephen “Sandstorm” Myers’  (center) reaction to Diakou “Diakou” Staee (right) telling him that LDZ was going to beat him.

Sandstorm quickly put a stop to these LDZ expectations. He surprised everyone by making fast work of Blew, the best Brawlhalla player in Europe, and won 3-2 against STTP Wilson in a remarkably close set. Sandstorm then fought and defeated LDZ with a convincing 3-0. By taking down LDZ, Sandstorm moved on to face his 2v2 partner Boomie in Losers Finals.

Sandstorm looked vulnerable having dropped a set to Cody Travis and barely making it through a close set with STTP Wilson. Boomie, under his new sponsor @Tempo_Storm, was more determined than ever to take down his 2v2 teammate who has taken from him so many 1v1 Grand Finals throughout the year.

The battle was close, but in the end Sandstorm’s Mordex was able to claw its way to victory over Boomie, 3-2. Just like at DreamHack Dallas, @Wildcard_GG had stacked the deck with both of their Brawlhalla players in Grand Finals. And just like at DreamHack Dallas, wrenchd barely lost the first set to Sandstorm, 3-2, and Sandstorm proceeded to crush him on the Grand Finals reset.

Pictured: Stephen “Sandstorm” Myers triumphant with his CEO Championship Belt.

Sandstorm won the Midseason Championship at CEO, securing himself $10,000 and the CEO Championship Belt. By taking 1st place, Sandstorm continued his streak of being undefeated at offline events in 1v1s since last years World Championship.

This may conclude 1v1s, but the Midseason Championship was far from over. The Brawlhalla setups were quickly transitioned for team battles as the 2v2 Top 6 bracket was about to begin.

Pictured: Brawlhalla players in the middle of their 2v2 matches.

In the winners side the best 2v2 team of 2019, @Tempo_Storm Boomie/@Wildcard_GG Sandstorm were up against the @FlashPointGG combo of Cody Travis/Isidroo. Sets between these two titanic teams always lead to game 5s or game 10s and, of course, the set ends on game 5, this time in the favor of Boomie/Sandstorm.

Pictured: Noah “Cody Travis” Seaman (left) and Sergio “Isidroo” Benitez (right) building team synergy in an episode of Spitfire.

Pictured: Zach “Boomie” Bielamowicz (right) reacting to Stephen “Sandstorm” Myers (left) doing team damage to him.

On the other side of the winners bracket is a new match-up for Brawlhalla fans everywhere: @TeamPHZ Addymestic/Cake vs. Pugsyxd/Fiend. Canada and Brazil teamed up together to fight against the forces of Europe and won, 3-2.  This a remarkable feat considering Addymestic/Cake just beat the #1 team in Europe, Blew/Simple.

The Midseason Championship at CEO was the first offline tournament of 2019 that Fiend was able to attend, and he showcased exactly why he deserved to be there. With the power of Google Translate, Fiend was able to break through the language barrier standing between Pugsyxd and himself and beat one of the best teams in the world to secure his team Winners Finals against Boomie/Sandstorm.

The matches were incredibly close. It looked like the games were coming to an end until Fiend expertly won a 1v1 situation against Boomie in game 4 to bring it to game 5. Twilight Grove was the last map of the Winners Finals set and Fiend ended up in the middle of a 1v2 against the #1 and #2 best players in the world. He maneuvered his way through the fight unarmed, taking out Sandstorm and bringing the fight once again to a 1v1 with Boomie. This time, Boomie came out on top and won the set for his team 3-2.

Blew/simpLe, the best team in Europe, lost to Cody Travis/Isidroo in the lower bracket 3-2. @NobleGG Phazon/@Lazarus Remmy beat Addymestic/Cake 3-2, completely knocking Europe out of the Midseason Championship. The 2v2 Top 6 bracket was so incredibly close between all the teams involved that they deserve to be seen. At any point in time these sets could have flopped the other way and the results would have been very different. In the end, Phazon/Remmy ramped it up and 3-1’d their way through Cody Travis/Isidroo and Pugsyxd/Fiend, barely losing to Boomie/Sandstorm 3-2 in the Grand Finals.

Boomie/Sandstorm are your 2v2 Midseason Champions!

The Midseason Championship at CEO was a blast! Be sure to catch Brawlhalla at Low Tier City this Friday, July 12th 2019. The tournament will be multi-streamed live on all official Brawlhalla media outlets, including Twitch, YouTube, and Mixer. Tune at Brawlhalla.com/watch from July 12th – 14th to witness the greatest players in Brawlhalla battle for fame and fortune!


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All photographs are provided by @M_Veey and @BaggelHQ. For more pictures from Brawlhalla events check out Brawlhalla.com/gallery.