The Paris Games Week Qualifier #1 is the first of two online tournaments that will provide a total of twelve Brawlhalla players a flight, hotel, and invitation to compete in the Great Brawl, an offline tournament at Paris Games Week 2019. The tournament will have a €20,000 prize pool and the winner will secure a trip to the Brawlhalla World Championship at DreamHack Atlanta in November. For more information about the Great Brawl and Paris Games Week 2019, visit Here are the results of the Paris Games Week 2019 Qualifier #1!

Paris Games Week 2019 Qualifier #1 VOD

The Paris Games Week 2019 Qualifier #1 was an exciting online event! With this tournament, Pavelski, Blew, Macheeeete, simpLe, VipR3 and Goosey have qualified for The Great Brawl. Who will the final six Brawlhalla players be? Find out by catching the Paris Games Week 2019 Qualifier #2 live on Sunday, October 13th at!

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