Battle Pass Classic FAQ

  • What is Battle Pass Classic?

Battle Pass Classic is the return of a Battle Pass season with all of its original content. Battle Pass Classic also includes refreshed missions and new rewards.

  • If I bought this Battle Pass during its original run, do I need to purchase the Battle Pass Classic?

No, you do not need to purchase this Battle Pass again. Any purchases you made in regards to the Gold Track or purchasing individual track progress with Mammoth Coins will carry over.

  • Are there new items in Battle Pass Classic?

Yes, Battle Pass Classic will feature refreshed items for previous Battle Pass seasons to keep them up to date with current ones. Battle Pass Classic: Return to Demon Island will include all of the original Items and a new Greatsword Skin, an Emoji pack containing 5 new Emojis, a new UI Theme, a new Title, and a Completionist Avatar.

  • Is my progress saved from the original run of the Battle Pass? Will I be on the same tier in Battle Pass Classic?

Yes. The tier that you achieved during the premier of the Battle Pass is saved. Progression Skin and Progression Podium mission status is saved as well, and if you already leveled up those Progression Items you won’t have to again. Weekly mission progress, however, will be reset.

  • Am I able to play through the missions again if I completed them before?

Weekly mission progress has been reset, and some weekly missions were updated or changed with the launch of Battle Pass Classic. Everyone will be able to play through and complete every weekly mission again.

  • Is there a Completionist Avatar now?

Yes, a new Completionist Avatar will be featured with Battle Pass Classic. You will have to complete all weekly missions and reach tier 85 to earn this avatar.

  • How do I earn new content from tiers that I have already completed?

You will automatically obtain all new content that has been added to tiers you already completed during the original premier. If you achieved Tier 85 in the original run of the Battle Pass, you will receive all the new tier rewards just by logging in during Battle Pass Classic.

  • Are there rewards for players who have played during the original run of  Battle Pass Season 1?

For Return to Demon Island, we’ve added unique Title Rewards for players who had completed the Battle Pass Season 1 tracks and for players who purchased the Gold Track when it first premiered.

  • “Oni Master” : For players who had completed the free track previously at Tier 46.
  • “Deity of Demon Island”: For players who had purchased the Gold track previously.

These Title Rewards will automatically be granted to players who meet these qualifications. Players who purchased the Gold Track and also completed the original track will get both titles.

  • Will there be a new Title Reward for completing Battle Pass Classic: Return to Demon Island?

Yes, players who complete Tier 85 of Battle Pass Classic: Return to Demon Island will unlock the “Supreme Oni” Title Reward.