Lag Help

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Troubleshooting Connection Lag

In order for us to help troubleshoot your connection issue, we need you to form a connection report that you can email us to analyze. Below are some instructions to complete this task.

Determine which server address relates to the region you play in.

  •     US-EAST:
  •     US-WEST:
  •     EUROPE:
  •     AUSTRALIA:
  •     BRAZIL:
  •     JAPAN:
  •     MIDDLE EAST:

Perform Network Tests to get data for submission with email

  1.     Click Start (Press Windows Key) and type ‘cmd’
  2.     In the box on the right side of the start menu, click ‘Run as Administrator’
  3.     In the command prompt type “ping -n 100 <SERVER ADDRESS> >> C:\BrawlhallaNetworkTest.txt” EXAMPLE: ping -n 100 >> C:\BrawlhallaNetworkTest.txt
  4.     Press Enter
  5.     Wait until “C:\Windows\system32>” appears again with the flashing box next to it.
  6.     Type “ping -n 100 >> C:\BrawlhallaNetworkTest.txt”
  7.     Press Enter
  8.     Wait until “C:\Windows\system32>” appears again with the flashing box next to it.
  9.     Type “tracert <SERVER ADDRESS> >> C:\BrawlhallaNetworkTest.txt” EXAMPLE: tracert >> C:\BrawlhallaNetworkTest.txt
  10.     Press Enter
  11.     Wait until “C:\Windows\system32>” appears again with the flashing box next to it.

Find file with data (NON ATTACHED):

  1.     Click Start (Press Windows Key) and type “This PC” and press enter.
  2.     Double click “Windows (C:)”
  3.     Look for file named “BrawlhallaNetworkTest.txt”
  4.     Double click the file and open it in “Notepad”
  5.     Press Ctrl+A to select all and then press CTRL+C to copy the data and insert it into email.

Find file with data (ATTACHED):

  1.     In your email client click “Add Attachments” or other similar wording.
  2.     In the file explorer that pops up click “This PC”
  3.     In the “This PC” window, click “Windows (C:)”
  4.     Look for file named “BrawlhallaNetworkTest.txt”
  5.     Click the file and click “Open”

Send the connection report to us!

Email the connection report to with the subject “Connection Report” for us to analyze.


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