2.12.3 Patch Notes

2.12.3 Patch Notes

Next week, Barbarian will be coming to Brawlhalla. For now, we have a smaller patch with some great new skins, a few fixes here and there, and everyone’s favorite thing: balance changes. We hope you enjoy the new patch! I would say I’d see you on the ranked ladder but I’m leaving for PAX East tomorrow with a bunch of the other devs so…I’ll see you next week!


New Skins

  • Orion For Hire – He’d collect his own bounty. Bonus: Scarred visor glows with Orion’s expressions!
  • Fatal Error Ada – Enemy has encountered a problem and needs to surrender.
  • Empress Nai – The sun never sets on its own empire.

New Legend Rotation

Featuring Asuri, Cassidy, Diana, Queen Nai, Teros, Ulgrim

Community Request

  • Sidekicks you do not own are now available for use in training mode like other skins and colors.
  • Season summary “ranked” only gets shown if you’re within the threshold (top 250).
  • Shown hitboxes during replays and training mode are only visible while the hitbox itself is active.
  • Increased the width of the main platform on Small Great Hall by about 5%. Increased width of top platform and moved outer platforms to match the change to the main platform.

Bug Fixes

Color conflicts occur when a secondary color is too closely matched with the base color for a skin. In these cases the secondary color locked to prevent Legends from looking too similar during gameplay.

  • Fixed purple color conflicts for Rift Dweller Teros.
  • Fixed Community Color conflicts for Koji.
  • Fixed a bug where phantom public games would flood the list.
  • Fixed a rare crash when changing costumes.
  • Fixed a rare crash when rejoining games.

Balance Improvements

The Neutral Light’s Damage has been frontloaded to reduce reward when used as cover rather than landed precisely. Side Air’s speed has decreased slightly.

  • Sword Neutral Light: Decreased Damage from 24 to 21, changed from 8 Damage per swing to 9 Damage on the first swing and 6 Damage on the following swings.
  • Sword Side Air: Increased Time to Hit from 11 to 12.
  • Sword Recovery: Increased Variable Force from 31 to 32.

The Lance Down Light has been adjusted to downgrade some longer combos to a close string, but has been made easier to follow up at higher Damages and with lower Dexterity.

  • Lance Neutral Air: Increased Stun Time from 26 to 30.
  • Lance Down Light: Increased Recover Time from 1 Fixed 22 Variable to 6 Fixed 16 Variable; Decreased Stun Time from 29 to 25;  Removed Variable Force on frames 16-25; On final frame of Hit Window: Decreased Variable Force from 13 to 8, Fixed Force will now vary based on distance from target to decrease variance in target’s ending location.

The Hammer has received some hitbox and art changes to reduce threat overlap between the neutral and side lights both on the ground and in the air. Neutral and Side Air have a larger window to counterattack after a miss, and are sped up slightly on hit.

  • Hammer Neutral Air: Increased Recover Time on miss from 25 Variable to 25 Variable 2 Fixed; Decreased Recover Time on hit from 25 Variable to 15 Variable 6 Fixed; Decreased Stun Time from 30 to 27; Increased Cooldown Time from 5 to 10.
  • Hammer Side Air: Reduced Hitbox distance above and behind self on later frames; Increased Recover Time on miss from 26 Variable to 25 Variable 2 Fixed; Decreased Recover Time on hit from 26 Variable to 16 Variable 5 Fixed; Decreased Stun Time from 29 to 25.
  • Hammer Side Light: Decreased Hitbox Size to extend less far backward toward the body.

The Neutral Air -> Neutral Air -> Recovery combo has been removed, though the second shot of Neutral Air remains a true combo into Recovery. String follow ups out of Down Air have been adjusted to improve the risk vs reward factor for different follow ups. The Side Air now has more stun advantage on the second shot, to add more opportunity to follow up without adding a true combo connection to the Down Light -> Side Air combo.

  • Blasters Side Light: Increased Damage from 18 to 20.
  • Blasters Down Light: Changed Damage Distribution from 9 per shot to 7 on the first two shots and 13 on the third.
  • Blasters Neutral Air: Increased Damage on the first shot from 17 to 20; Cooldown increased from 10 to 12, Stun on first blast decreased from 30 to 25 , and Stun on second blast decreased from 25 to 20.
  • Blasters Side Air: For the second shot – Decreased the hit window from 7 to 6, increased Stun Time from 20 to 23; Recover Time on hit changed from 2 fixed 14 variable to 7 fixed 6 variable.
  • Blasters Down Air: Decreased Stun Time from 20 to 19.
  • Blasters Neutral Light: Decreased Time to Hit from 9 to 8.

The Spear’s Recovery has a little too much force for its overall threat and utility. Variable Force now falls off partway through its hit window.

  • Spear Recovery: Variable force for the final 10 active frames drops from 44 to 38; first 12 active frames remain at 44 variable force.

The previous change to Katar’s Down Air was divisive, with some players liking the added Force and new ground bounce connections, while others were frustrated at the loss of identity and grounded string potential. We’ve tried to add the latter back without removing the former by adding a hitbox on ground collision that redirects carried targets at a lower Force. The speed and duration of the Neutral Air have been dialed down slightly to reduce its dominance as an interrupt and dodge punish.

  • Katar Neutral Air: Increased Time to Hit from 7 to 8; Hit Window reduced from 10 to 8; Fixed Recover Time increased from 1 to 3.
  • Katar Down Air: On ground collision, added a hitbox that catches and redirects force on carried target – Deals 2 Damage, 15 Variable Force, 33 Fixed Force, 8 Stun.

The long startup time of the Axe’s Recovery has been improved some, as has the Side Air’s negative stun advantage.

  • Axe Side Air: Increased Stun Time from 13 to 16.
  • Axe Recovery: Startup time decreased from 26 to 24.

The aerial light attacks have been pushed farther apart in utility, with Down Air losing some stacked threat, and Side Air losing some of its Force. The Neutral light has gained increased Force while the Down Light should be able to follow up successful Side Light hits at higher Damage thresholds, especially when using a Chase Dodge.

  • Bow Neutral Light: Increased Variable Force from 42 to 45; Reduced Fixed Force from 41 to 35.
  • Bow Down Light: Increased distance traveled before hit window when dodge canceled; Slightly increased hitbox height on ground collision.
  • Bow Side Air: Side Air variable force decreased from 37 to 34; Damage decreased from 16 to 15.
  • Bow Down Air: Reduced Hitbox sizes to threaten less area near the user.

Cassidy’s Lasso has been rehitboxed to better follow the animation, giving it a slower Time to Hit but a faster bloom to its maximum threat range. Its Damage has increased slightly.

  • Cassidy Neutral Hammer: Removed hitboxes from initial frame on release, increasing Time to Hit from 7 to 10. Decreased Hit Window from 14 to 12; Increased Damage from 13 to 15.

Force on the Side Hammer has been dialed back slightly to push the use cases for Scarlet’s Down and Side Hammer further apart, as well as lower Scarlet’s overperformance at lower ranks of play.

  • Scarlet Side Hammer: Decreased Variable Force from 65 to 63.

While Barraza has roughly a 50% winrate at lower ranks and the ongoing changes to improve stun advantage for low Dexterity characters should have a larger impact on his performance at high levels, these changes should help reward the high commitment of his side signatures in situations where they won’t be lethal.

  • Barraza Side Axe: Increased Damage From 20 to 25.
  • Barraza Side Blasters: Increased Damage from 28 to 32; Increased Cooldown Time from 0 to 7.

A previous hitbox reduction resulted in too much of a mismatch with the animation. Hitboxes have been added back but with angled Force to weaken their knockout potential.

  • Ada Down Spear: Rehitboxed to better follow overhead arc of final swing, directed angle of force further upwards during those frames.

Drop Fixes

  • Blasters Neutral Light: Fixed some cases where target could be dropped before the final hit.
  • Blasters Down Air: Fixed some cases where target could be dropped before the final hit.
  • Brynn Down Spear: Fixed some cases where target could be dropped before the final hit.
  • Brynn Side Axe: Fixed some cases where target could be dropped before the final hit.
  • Azoth Down Axe: Fixed some cases where target could be dropped before the final hit.


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