2.13.3 Patch Notes

2.13.3 Patch Notes


Hello everyone and welcome to Patch 2.13.2! We have the exclusive and elusive Salute Taunt back in Mallhalla this week alongside new skins for Scarlet, Ulgrim, and Hattori! We’re working on a number of massive features that aren’t quite done yet that we’re hoping to put in next week. So stay tuned, keep brawling, and swing by the dev streams if you want a peek at what we’re working on.

New Skins!

  • Cutting Edge Hattori
  • Steam Sentry Scarlet
  • Apprentice Ulgrim
  • The Shade (Sidekick)

Salute Taunt is Available This Week!

Get a sweet taunt and support a great cause while doing it!

This week only, the Salute Taunt will be available in Mallhalla with all proceeds going directly to military video game charity Stack Up.

Stack Up supports US, NATO and ANZAC active duty servicemembers and veterans through care packages filled with video gaming and nerd goodness sent to combat zones, humanitarian missions, military hospitals and more.

The Salute Taunt is our way of supporting their Call to Arms fundraising drive that started last weekend with hundreds of gamers helping to raise money for this awesome nonprofit.  

Learn more about Stack Up on their website at www.stack-up.org

  • Salute Taunt is back in Malhalla!

New Legend Rotation

This week’s rotation features Bodvar, Brynn, Diana, Queen Nai, Sentinel, and Sir Roland


Weapons: Sword & Hammer
Stats: 6/6/5/5
Details: http://wiki.brawlhalla.com/w/Bodvar

Weapons: Axe & Spear
Stats: 5/5/5/7
Details: http://wiki.brawlhalla.com/w/Brynn

Weapons: Blasters & Bow
Stats:  5/6/5/6
Details: http://wiki.brawlhalla.com/w/Diana

Queen Nai
Weapons: Katars & Spear
Stats: 7/4/8/3
Details: http://wiki.brawlhalla.com/w/Queen_Nai

Weapons: Hammer & Katars
Stats: 5/4/7/6
Details: http://wiki.brawlhalla.com/w/Sentinel

Sir Roland
Weapons: Sword & Rocket Lance
Stats: 5/5/8/4
Details: http://wiki.brawlhalla.com/w/Sir_Roland

Legend splash