2.4 Patch Notes

2.4 Patch Notes

Happy Brawlidays!

We have a number of fun holiday things going on for the Brawlidays where even our Legends are getting into the spirit of the season. We’ve added Snowbrawl to custom lobbies, skins, colors, and a bit of extra gold to spread Brawliday cheer to everyone. The Brawlidays event will last until Jan 6th.

New Game Mode!

Snowbrawl has arrived! Brawliday cheer and snowball brawling for everyone! This new game mode can be played in Online Custom Lobbies.

New Skins!

Three New Brawliday themed skins are available in Mallhalla.

  • Holly Jolly Ember
  • Wreck The Halls Teros
  • Secret Santa Thatch

New Holiday Colors!

New Holiday Colors are available at 1500 Gold per Legend.

Gold for the Brawlidays!

As a Brawliday present we’re giving everyone an extra 250 gold for their daily login bonuses so you can be sure to grab Holiday Colors for your favorite legends.


We are working with NVIDIA to improve fullscreen performance. For now, we are switching fullscreen to just be maximized mode. If you run the game with a shortcut to include the parameter -fullscreen, you can override this. Just be forewarned, on a lot of machines, this causes decreased performance.

  • To do this right click on Brawlhalla in your library. “Set Launch Options…” “-fullscreen”
  • For full information on setting launch options see this article: https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=1040-JWMT-2947

Universal Weapon Skins

  • Weapon skins unlocked by purchasing a Legend skin are now useable across all Legends who share that weapon.

Community Request

  • Your preferred victory and defeat taunts now work in Couch mode.
  • Color swaps improved to be more vibrant.
  • Clicking on an empty spot in the party menu in the character select will now automatically add a bot without opening the drop down menu.
  • Added charge up FX to Brynn Neutral Axe and Side Axe Signatures for clarity.
  • Holding down when getting ready to throw shouldn’t accidentally fall through as often.
  • Ledge canceling now works for thrown items. (Happy Brawlidays, Crockie)

Controller Support

  • You can now set it so that pressing up on a controller jumps.
  • PC Support for Real Arcade Pro V Silent
  • PC support for Power A RealTree Pro
  • PC Support for Trust Predator GM-1150
  • PC support for Sven X-pad
  • PC support for Netway
  • You can now disable individual buttons on your controller
  • If your controller is missing a button (e.g., the GameCube controller doesn’t have a button that correlates to LB), it now shows up as “N/A” in the controller mapping screen and you cannot set a command for it.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a number of unexpected behaviors when grab powers are interrupted or attempt to move a held target through a wall.
  • Improved logic for which join prompts to show on the podiums in the character select screen, and making sure they update when they need to. It will now never show more than a single keyboard join prompt, and will not show a keyboard join prompt if there are enough attached controllers to fill the available slots.
  • Fixed a bug where opening a new couch game would always put 4 players in, but it would keep whatever setting you had for max num players, which could lead to not being able to start a game when it looks like you should.
  • Fixed a bug where new podiums after the first 4 would often show the keyboard join prompt with the controller join prompt in front of it instead of just showing the correct one.
  • Fixed a rare crash in character select.


Generally we’ve found that charging a signature is done more for timing than for the additional power in higher levels of play. In general fully charged signatures are rarely seen. However, in games between newer players, it is much more common. We think the charge multiplier might explain some of the disparity between how frustrating signatures can be between new and veteran players, and are toning it down.

  • The Damage and Force multipliers for fully charging a signature have been reduced from 150% to 125%.


Sword Down Light seems especially potent when paired with a defensive, reactionary style of play. We’re trying a new approach where a running start is needed to get its full threat. This should make it a little more situational and reward aggressive use.

  • Sword Down Light: Movement speed is now dependent on current speed when using the power – ranges from 56%-100% of previous speed; Decreased Damage from 10 to 8; Increased Recover Time on Miss from 20 to 22.


The Hammer’s Down Light combo starter is considered weaker and harder to follow up than comparable attacks. We’re making it setup in a more predictable way, but are being conservative to avoid creating issues other combo starters have. The Neutral Light has been sped up in movement and duration to give it a little more range and make it feel more powerful.

  • Hammer Neutral Light: Increased movement speed on first attack frame from 35 to 50; Decreased window between first and second kick from 18 to 13.
  • Hammer Down Light: Standardized Fixed Force to 35 on all frames from a range of 45 to 30; Direction of Force is more consistent and now angled slightly forward; Increased Recovery Time on Miss from 15 to 19; Increased Cooldown Time from 13 to 15.


Recently, playstyles that rely heavily on Down Light combos have become more prevalent. We’ve fixed some issues with the move’s hitboxing and punish window, and tried to improve the Katar’s ground versatility by reworking the Side Light to be a more effective approach tool.

  • Katar Down Light: Reduced hitbox size; Increased Recovery Time on Miss from 12 to 18.
  • Katar Side: Movement speed is now dependent on momentum when starting the power; Movement speed increased roughly 14% to 29% depending on momentum; Increased Active Frames from 7 to 11; Reduced Hitbox size; Variable Force increased from 0 to 23; Fixed Force decreased from 45 to 33; Stun Time increased from 19 to 22; Recover Time on Miss decreased from 31 to 26; Recovery Time on Hit decreased from 25 to 17.


The damage potential of the Spear’s ground game is skewed too heavily toward the Down Light combo. We’ve dialed that damage down while increasing damage on the Neutral and Side attacks. Spear Down has also been tweaked so that following it up with a Side Air becomes a string for a range of damage values where it previously would have broken.  

  • Spear Neutral: Increased Damage from 21 to 24.
  • Spear Side: Rehitboxed to better match animation. Increased number of active frames from 1 to 4 on the first swing and 1 to 2 on the second; Increased Damage from 18 to 24.
  • Spear Down: Decreased Damage from 23 to 13; Decreased Variable Force from 11 to 10.5 and Fixed Force from 70 to 67; Decreased Stun Time from 25 to 23; Increased Recover Time on Miss from 25 to 28.


We’re shifting power slightly with the Blaster’s air options, and giving it better kill potential across moves. Previously the Recovery has been pretty stingy about the precision aiming and steering needed to land a hit. This has been made a more forgiving and should help Blasters find KOs in a broader variety of situations.

  • Blasters Air Side: Increased Variable Force from 30 to 35; Reduced Recovery Time on Miss from 27 to 25.
  • Blasters Air Down: Increased Recovery Time on Miss from 21 to 23.
  • Blasters Recovery: Increased Stun Time during the carry from 19 to 21 and made the direction of Force more consistent during the initial kick to make the power more forgiving of steering mistakes; On the Exhausted version, reduced Fixed Force on frames 29-37 from 31,29,27,25 to 29,27,25,23 and added upward movement of -10 on frames 38-39 to fix some cases where the target could be dropped when steered correctly.


The Axe’s ground game has a few instances where the user could jump before the end of the Recover frames. We’re slowly phasing this out wherever it exists. These changes should keep Side Light into Down Light a true combo, while making Side Air follow ups more of a string.

  • Axe Recovery: Force falls off more quickly. Decreased Minimum Variable Force from 41 to 30 and minimum Fixed Force from 71 to 56.
  • Axe Side Light: Can no longer jump during the last 7 frames of the Recover Time; Reduced Recover Time on Hit from 16 to 13; Increased Recover Time on Miss from 16 to 18; Decreased Stun Time from 32 to 29.
  • Axe Down Light: Can no longer jump during the last 13 frames of the Recover Time.


The Bow is starting to prove itself as a viable kit, but still struggles to find KOs more than most weapons. These changes should make finding KOs with the bow a bit easier.

  • Bow Air Side: Increased Variable Force from 34 to 37.
  • Bow Recovery: Increased Variable Force from 42 to 44.


Bodvar’s Down Sword was originally given an usually high Force value because so much force is lost in bouncing the target against the ground. With the addition of Gravity Cancels, it’s too potent an edge guarding tool.

  • Bodvar Down Sword: Reduced Variable Force from 65 to 56; Increased Fixed Force from 50 to 60; Removed a small, 3 frame lingering hitbox at the end of the swing.


Barraza’s signatures can feel a little weak and slow. We’re making him hit a little harder and speeding up some especially long Recover Times on his Down Sig.

  • Barraza Axe Neutral: Increased Variable Force from 49 to 52; Decreased Fixed Force from 65 to 63.
  • Barraza Down Blasters: Reduced Recover Time on Hit from 43 to 35; Reduced Recover Time on Miss from 30 to 25; Increased Variable Force from 54 to 57.


Cassidy continues to be considered one of the weakest Legends. We’re giving her a little more Force and giving her Down Blasters signature some new utility as an edge guard.

  • Cassidy Neutral Blasters: Increased Variable Force from 55 to 57.
  • Cassidy Down Blasters: If the target is far enough below Cassidy, the Force will be directed diagonally downwards; Increased Variable Force from 53 to 57; Shots are hitboxed on both sides for all frames rather than alternating between left and right; Slightly reduced hitbox sizes to better match animation.


Orion has been underperforming in recent patches. We’re holding off on making major changes just yet, but are giving him some small buffs.

  • Orion Neutral Lance: Decreased Recovery Time from 26 to 24.
  • Orion Down Spear: Decreased Time to Hit from 18 to 16.


Hattori is almost always the most common complaint of newer players, even during periods where she had the worst winrate of any Legend. At the moment though, she is performing slightly better than intended and is getting toned down.

  • Hattori Neutral Sword: Decreased Variable Force from 64 to 61.
  • Hattori Side Spear: Decreased active frames on the vaulting kick from 13 to 10; Increased Movement Speed by roughly 17% during initial Recover frames; Reduced Variable Force from 57 to 53.


Our recent changes to Scarlet appear to have been an overbuff, and she’s come back with a vengeance this patch. We’re shifting some of the recent changes to more of a middle ground.

  • Scarlet Neutral Lance: Increased Recover Time from 26 to 30.
  • Scarlet Side Lance: Increased Recover Time from 27 to 32.


Brynn is getting a small nudge to her Neutral Axe’s punish window, and the FX clean up more quickly so the punish window is easier to read.

  • Brynn Neutral Axe: Increased Recover Time from 19 to 22; Decreased duration where FX dissipates after hit window.
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