2.9.1 Patch Notes

2.9.1 Patch Notes

2.9.1 Patch Notes

Minor patch this week with New Skins, Rotation and a number of small fixes coming in while we get things set up for our big New Season patch coming up soon! 


New Skins Availble!

  • Cyber Bodvar
  • Serape Kid Cassidy
  • Davey Jones Anchor (Hammer skin)

New Weekly Legend Rotation


Weapons: Blasters & Spear
Stats: 6/7/3/6
Details: http://wiki.brawlhalla.com/w/Ada


Weapons: Bow & Axe
Stats: 7/5/6/4
Details: http://wiki.brawlhalla.com/w/Azoth


Weapons: Blasters & Hammer
Stats: 6/8/4/4
Details: http://wiki.brawlhalla.com/w/Cassidy


Weapons: Hammer & Spear
Details: http://wiki.brawlhalla.com/w/Gnash


Weapons: Sword & Spear
Details: http://wiki.brawlhalla.com/w/hattori

Sir Roland

Weapons: Sword & Rocket Lance
Stats: 5/5/8/4
Details: http://wiki.brawlhalla.com/w/Sir_Roland
UI Adjustments

  • The file names of replays now include the version number of the client.
  • Store layout has been revised.

Controller Support

  • PC support for Genius G-12x controller
  • PC Support for Hori Fighting Stick Mini 3
  • PC support for Hori fighting stick mini 4
  • PC support for Playstation 2 controller with Logic3 adapter

Animation Adjustments

  • Made adjustments to Ulgrim’s Neutral lance in world effect to eliminate blank frame between the swoosh switching from on the character to in world.
  • Updated Nai’s forward katar animation fx to better indicate the hit window.
  • Removed the transform on the sword in Bodvar’s character select animation that made the sword thinner

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Ulgrim’s Neutral Axe and Down Lance would repeatedly play the hit sound. (Credit Vonflare)
  • Fixed bug causing the music and sound audio bars to sometimes skip over values 7 and 8.
  • Fixed a bug where the friend’s list would let you suggest or invite but you weren’t in a group.
  • Fixed a crash that would happen for some Logitech Dual Action users on PC that tried to view the controls page.
  • Fixed Sale text from getting cut off.
  • Fixed a bug where a launched Legend would sometimes spin at the wrong angle (most obvious on players hit into armed mines on flat ground).
  • Fixed a bug that would start a practice match while spectating.


Legend splash