Artemis Update! – Patch 2.65

Artemis Update! – Patch 2.65


Welcome to Patch 2.65! In this patch we welcome the long awaited Legend Artemis to the ranked of Brawlhalla. Artemis is scythe and lance wielding Legend with a fated connection to Orion. In this patch we’ve also made some changes to wall slip in Test Features, and have added a slew of balance improvements for you to enjoy. There’s only one week left in Season 4, and we wish you all the best on the ladder!


The Arrival of Artemis

New Legend – Artemis!
Weapons: Lance & Scythe
Stats: 5/5/4/8

Artemis enters Brawlhalla with three additional skins

  • Darkheart Artemis
  • Iron Lady Artemis
  • Eclipse Artemis



Brawl of the Week – Double KO Mania!

  • 2v2
  • 300 % Damage
  • 5 Stocks



Added to Test Features

Now that Wall Slip has settled into normal play, we’ve heard some interest in revisiting the idea of a soft reset so that continual abuse will make the slip state occur faster. The invisible rules of our last attempt made it unpopular, so we’ve tried to keep this version more straightforward.

Wall Slip Attrition

  • Every time the first Wall Slip warning (“!”) is reached, lowers the number of jumps required to Wall Slip to a minimum of 7.
  • On being knocked out, the required jumps to Wall Slip is reset halfway from its current value to 15.


Controller Support

  • Improved stick direction interpretation for Playstation-style controllers where the left stick is lower than the DPad.
  • Added Mac support for 8Bitdo NES30 Pro



Animation Improvements

  • Small tweaks to Sentinel’s Down Katar charge animation.
  • Adjusted all lance characters signature animations to make better use of active lance graphics.



This week’s changes come straight from The Forge! The Forge Discord server is the place for players to discuss balance, suggest changes, and provide support and feedback for the suggestions of others. We make balance adjustments with your feedback and help every other week. You all have been discussing what you would like to see from your respective weapons and here are the first results!



The general feedback on Unarmed has pointed to toning down the coverage provided by Unarmed Recovery, bringing the strike zone in tighter towards the uppercut effect. A portion of this power has been shifted into the Side Air to better round out Unarmed’s aerial kit.

  • Unarmed Side Air: Decreased Time to Hit from 14 to 13.
  • Unarmed Recovery: Rehitboxed to better match the animation (significantly less coverage towards the back end).



Sword players will find a clearer difference between the Neutral Air and the Recovery, the former serving as the preferred option for damage, with the latter serving as the better option for scoring knockouts. The faster Time to Hit on the Neutral Air allows for reliable use in combos when looking for optimal damage.

  • Sword Neutral Air: Decrease Time to Hit from 15 to 14.
  • Sword Recovery: Decreased Damage from 18 to 16.



Players have always applied interesting followup attacks after a Hammer Recovery, so we have leaned further into that purpose, trading some of the knockout potential for better use in on-stage strings.

  • Hammer Recovery: Decrease Force from 38 Variable/48 Fixed to 36 Variable/48 Fixed; Decreased self-impulse on hit from -70 to -62.



We have shifted some power from the Neutral Air into the Ground Pound, as players cited over-reliance on one and sparing use of the other. Following this, we have made the Neutral Air a more committal action, as well as providing slightly less advantage on hit as Stun time has not been adjusted with the Recover Time on both hit and miss. Players will find the Ground Pound a bit safer to attack with when ending the attack without colliding with the ground, as well as slightly increased advantage on hit as Stun has not been adjusted.

  • Spear Neutral Air: Increased Recover Time from 16 Variable/7 Fixed to 17 Variable/7 Fixed.
  • Spear Ground Pound: Decreased Recover Time on release from 28 Variable/2 Fixed to 26 Variable/2 Fixed.


Rocket Lance

The Rocket Lance’s air kit has had a longer recover time imposed on miss to allow for more counter-play. Given that the Neutral Air does not have built-in movement seen in other Rocket Lance attacks, players should have an easier time approaching a Lance-wielding opponent.

  • Rocket Lance Neutral Air: Increased Recover Time on miss from 15 Variable/3 Fixed to 17 Variable/3 Fixed.



The Down Light was an overly committal attack for the current pace of the game, given its very low attack height and coverage. While we keep an eye on the Bow, this should provide more versatile use of its ground kit in unexpected situations.

  • Bow Down Light: Decreased Recover Time on miss from 20 Variable/4 Fixed to 20 Variable/2 Fixed.



The Axe sees some significant change this week, with a hefty force increase on the Side Light, which provides a breakpoint to Down Light followups, launching the target out of range for ground attacks, but within range of aerial pursuit. This breakpoint at higher damage ranges the farther away the target is from the user, with grounded followups lasting longer for close range Side Light hits. The power from the Side Light as a combo and string tool has been shifted into the Neutral Air in the form of greater Stun time and leaving the target closer in range.

  • Axe Side Light: Changed Force from 3 Variable/50 Fixed to 16 Variable/54 Fixed.
  • Axe Neutral Air: Decreased Force on a soft-hit from 23 Variable/47 Fixed to 23 Variable/44 Fixed; Increased Stun from 28 to 29.



The Gauntlets Recovery provides a versatile attack that can be used in strings, combos, and the neutral game. We have widened some of the combo and string routes involving this attack by increasing the Time to Hit. While still fast enough for reliable use in the neutral game, players should have an easier time escaping from the Recovery when used as a followup attack.

  • Gauntlets Recovery: Increased Time to Hit from 10 to 11; Increased Recover Time from 8 Variable/0 Fixed to 10 Variable/0 Fixed.



The Scythe has received extra recover time on its Down Light in exchange for greater force on the grounded release of the Down Air. While still providing less knockback than the aerial release, as its role has been to provide better followups when engaging on an opponent using the Down Air, we have brought its force values closer to those of the aerial release, primarily when the target is heavily damaged.

  • Scythe Down Light: Increased Recover Time on miss from 15 Variable/0 Fixed to 16 Variable/0 Fixed.
  • Scythe Down Air: Increased Force on the grounded-release version from 28 Variable/0 Fixed to 30 Variable/20 Fixed.


New Legend Rotation

This week’s New Legend Rotation features Asuri, Diana, Orion, Sentinel, Teros, and Val!


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug causing glory payment option button to display behind the mammoth coins sale button when sometimes viewing a legend skin while it is on sale.
  • Fixed bug causing contextual hotkey buttons to not correctly swap in the rewards screen when switching from keyboard to controller devices.



— PS4 Report  —

The PS4 Closed Beta has begun with the first batch of codes being sent out this past week! We’re going to be slowly adding more participants in waves as we continue knocking out early bugs. We also hope to have EU Beta Codes soon!

Legend splash