2.5 Patch Notes

Welcome to Patch 2.5! Azoth, our brand new Legend, has entered Brawlhalla alongside a number of client performance improvements, skin viewer, balance improvements, and bug fixes.

New Legend!

Azoth – The One Man Dynasty has entered Brawlhalla! Check out his Meet The Legend Episode for more info. 

Weapons: Bow / Axe
Strength: 7
Dexterity: 5
Armor: 6
Move Speed: 4

Brawlidays + 1 Week

We’ve decided to extend the amount of time holiday items will be available to players by a whole week. The holiday colors and skins will be removed from the store in next week’s patch, so get those colors and skins while you can. Oh, and Snowbrawl is in for an extra week too!

All Skins / Colors Available to Preview in Training Mode

  • Training Mode has been opened up to let you use any unlockable stances or colors and any skins, weapons, or colors available in the store. No more buyer’s remorse. No more crowd-sourcing the possibilities on Reddit.
  • Note: Items that are available for a limited time (holiday, charity, etc) will only appear in Training Mode while they are available in the store.

Community Requests

  • Matchmaking will now prevent players from playing the same map in back to back games when possible.
  • The name floaters have gone back to using white text and now color the triangle based on team color instead.


  • Fullscreen is now working again as an in-game option.
  • The “Maximize Screen” option has been changed to “Window Mode” inside the options drop down menu and will now cycle between “Fullscreen”, “Maximized”, and “Windowed” display modes.
  • The character select screen does a better job making sure the lobby and party UIs don’t overlap the roster icons, particularly for players who are not using widescreen.
  • Match preview character displays have been cleaned up to allow for better overlaps.
  • Pressing back while the player options are open on the lobby list will now just close the options menu instead of collapsing the lobby list.
  • Item cursor no longer renders on top of item displays in the store
  • Items in the store displaying characters no longer render behind the “Availability” text for that item
  • Updated instances where guest players were still designated by “1” instead of “2”

Performance Improvements

We’ve been looking into the client performance drops seen in the last two patches. Here is what we have found:

1) A recent NVIDIA Driver update seemed to be causing issues
2) Garbage collection started to become more of a bottleneck.

To address these issue, we reworked some of our rendering this patch. In addition, we strongly recommend getting the latest driver from NVIDIA as we believe the issue has been addressed. Please keep an eye on it and let us know if it has helped you in either direction. We still have work to do, but we believe it is strong enough to enable Full Screen as the default again.

Please Note: The higher the resolution of your monitor, the more likely you are to have issues in Full Screen. For most people, this won’t matter, but if you are having trouble, we recommend playing in Maximized mode.


  • The Don’t Leave Me Hangin’ taunt will now show your equipped Sidekick in the post-game scoreboard screen instead of always showing the default VALKRI Mk1 Sidekick.
  • Slightly reduced contrast in some weapon metals for several color schemes.
  • Ada’s eyes have been fixed in her roster icons.
  • Altered hammer Down Light animations to better match hitboxes.
  • Slight adjustments to Asuri and Lynx Asuri color schemes to make her stripes more prominent.

Map Changes

  • Grumpy Temple: In an effort to make camping atop the wedge on Grumpy Temple less effective, the width of the wedge has been slightly decreased, and the widths of the soft platforms on either side of the wedge have been increased. These changes shorten the width of the safe space above the wedge while making the top platform easier to get to with a single jump from the mid-level soft platforms.
  • Short Side: Increased the height of the right wall by 33%, moved the left kill line out slightly, and moved the right kill line in slightly to match.

Gamepad Support

  • Added D-pad support for Hori Fighting Commander 4 on PC
  • Fixed PC support for Thrustmaster Dual Analog 3.2
  • Fixed PC support for GX-105 controller
  • PC support for the Elecom PS2 controller adapter
  • Additional Netway controller support for PC.
  • Fixed the inverted axis on GM-1150 Gamepad for PC
  • Mac support for Snakebyte idroid:con controller.
  • Mac support for Dragonpad Wired USB Controller

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where playing offline could only give owners of the Collector’s Edition just the Asgardian Hammer and Sword instead of all of the Asgardian weapon skins.
  • Fixed a bug where closing the keybinds screen with the close button in the top right while in a game would mess up the context of the keys.
  • Fixed a bug where inputs wouldn’t do anything while the keybinds screen was open.
  • Fixed a bug where hitting “X” (Heavy Attack) would not open the customize keybinds screen, even though the UI said it would.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the rampage and multi knockout animations to appear out of order.
  • Fixed a server crash.
  • Fixed a bug where you could come out of the pistol down air facing the wrong direction if you had steered the attack backwards before hitting an opponent and then stopped pressing left or right.
  • Fixed a bug with Thatch Down Blasters that could result in no Force being applied.
  • Fixed a bug where a Sidekick summoned by a horn could lose a tie and end up doing nothing to a player it clearly hit.
  • Fixed a bug where If you still have a non-Orion legend using one of Orion’s base weapon skins saved as your default from 2.4.1, that will no longer work. Orion wants to keep his stuff.
  • Fixed Teros Neutral Axe animation to no longer jump above his hurtbox (Credit: Exo)
  • Fixed display bug causing the highlighter arrow in the controller keyboarding screen to flicker repeatedly.
  • Fixed text header alignment issue with news page.



The Sword’s air game is often raised as a concern both from a balance and flavor standpoint. Its range can feel deceptively large compared to weapons like the Axe and Spear. We’re making the neutral and down airs a little smaller and faster, and giving a little more punish window after the long active frames of the side air.

  • Sword Side Air: Reduced Damage from 20 to 17; Increased Recover Time from 30 to 32.
  • Sword Neutral Air: Decreased Hitbox Size; Reduced Startup Time from 17 to 16.
  • Sword Down Air: Decreased Hitbox Size; Reduced Startup Time from 16 to 15.


The last set of changes to the down light’s combo potential hurt some playstyles more than intended. We’re giving some stun back, but making it more situational whether to follow up with the neutral air or side air. The side light now has a small momentum bonus similar to our recent changes to the katar side light.

  • Spear Side Air: Hitboxes are focused more along the arc of the swing.
  • Spear Down Light: Increased Stun Time from 23 to 26; Increased Variable Force from 10.5 to 11; Decreased Fixed Force from 67 to 50; Slightly shifted angle of Force.
  • Spear Side Light: Forward movement before first swing is now variable based on momentum, increased from 80 to a range between 80 and 110.
  • Spear Neutral Light: Extended Active Frames of first stab from 1 to 5, the second stab from 1 to 5, and the third stab from 1 to 2. Power duration is unchanged.


Some of the Hammer kit had much more Recover than Stun Time, and would give targets a free counterhit at low health. We’ve given significant stun increases to the side and neutral air attacks.

  • Hammer Neutral Air: Increased Stun Time from 18 to 28
  • Hammer Side Air: Increased Stun Time from 19 to 29


The Katar’s Recovery is considered by some to be the strongest in the game. It also has fairly generous hitboxes that didn’t match the animation very well, so we’ve addressed that to reduce its power. The side light had unusually high downward movement that has been toned down.

  • Katar Side Light: Reduced downward movement at start of leap from 80 to 35.
  • Katar Recovery: Rehitboxed to better match animation.


Blasters are getting a small reduction to Ground Pound Force this patch.

  • Blasters Ground Pound: Reduced Variable Force from 52 to 50.


Vraxx’s Side Blasters were killing too early considering their fast startup and recovery times and his 4 Strength.

  • Vraxx Side Blasters: Reduced Variable Force from 55 to 52.


Gnash is performing a little better than intended at all ranks. We’re reducing the Force of one of his more reliable signatures, especially considering the buffs to both of his weapons this patch.

  • Gnash Side Spear: Reduced Variable Force from 57 to 54; Reduced Fixed Force from 77 to 72.

Queen Nai

We’re moving some power from Nai’s Katar signatures to her Spear signatures. Her Side Katars is the hardest hitting signature in the game, while her spear attacks are uncharacteristically weak for 8 Strength.

  • Nai Neutral Spear: Increased Variable Force from 48 to 50.
  • Nai Side Spear: Increased Variable Force from 50 to 53.
  • Nai Neutral Katars: Decreased Variable Force from 58 to 56.
  • Nai Side Katars: Decreased Variable Force from 70 to 66.


The reductions to Scarlet last patch didn’t seem to have much of an effect. We’re dialing down her potential for early knockouts slightly to bring her more in line.

  • Scarlet Side Lance: Decreased Variable Force from 55 to 53; Decreased Fixed Force from 90 to 80.


The rewards for landing some of Sentinel’s signatures felt a little out of balance. We’re moving some Force from his Side to Neutral Hammer.

  • Sentinel Neutral Hammer: Increased Variable Force from 48 to 49; Increased Fixed Force from 60 to 62.
  • Sentinel Side Hammer: Decreased Variable Force from 60 to 58.


Lucien’s Side Blasters continues to be one of his most reliable ways of gaining early knockouts, and has little Recovery Time compared to its Force. We’re giving it a longer punish window.

  • Lucien Side Blasters: Increased Recovery Time on Miss from 18 to 23.


Teros’s Side Axe covers enough ground and hits hard enough that trying to punish it sometimes doesn’t feel worth the risk. It is also getting a slightly longer punish window.

  • Teros Side Axe: Increased Recovery Time from 23 to 26.


Like Nai, some power is being shifted away from Ember’s Katar to her other signatures.

  • Ember Neutral Bow: Increased Variable Force from 51 to 54
  • Ember Side Bow: Reduced Recover Time from 27 to 24
  • Ember Neutral Katar: Decreased Variable Force from 52 to 50
  • Ember Down Katar: Decreased Variable Force from 56 to 54; Decreased Fixed Force from 71 to 67.