What’s up, it’s the 60th Brawlhalla Community Art Showcase. It’s kind of crazy we’ve gone through 60 already, but that hasn’t stopped the art train! So, here’s more art plus some special dev picks to go with it.

Community Art


That’s a Yumiko who’s seen some stuff. Really love the story that’s being told by this little bit.

The Jaguar Queen has a pet snake. Adorable.

This is amazing. really cool Artemis.

The summer art is starting to roll in!

I’m pretty sure I just put a piece of art from this person in here but like… c’mon. Look at this.

Mujii coming in hot with the Calavera Cassidy.

I’m loving the summer vibes from this. Zariel would totally be a life guard.

Aww that’s cute, they drew their relationship as their mains.

Pretty intense action pose from Muwuji.

I gotta admit, I have a soft spot for characters in modern clothes and this is hitting it.

I’m flabbergasted with how good this is. Absolutely stunning.

Zariel looking extra sassy today.

Love the action pose of Ragnir. I might have a soft spot for three point landings as well.

what a cute Nix!

Did someone say free hugs? I’m in.

Kaya might be a bit warm in this summer weather, but that doesn’t stop Chumbeque from wearing his favorite Kaya skin!

Awesome piece by Redmers art showcasing the two sides of Cross.

ilirical showing a bit of what’s behind the Kitsune mask.

Did Bödvar steal King Knight’s sword?

Tataia killing it with the Kor and Koji rocking the Charged OG Colors.

It’s spooooky.

Consider my heart warmed.

The colors in this are so vibrant and beautiful!

Sylvestral is too dang good at this Brawlhalla Art!

Ahahaha that’s a cute summer pupper!

Her warm ups are better than my best attempts.

Special Dev Picks


brawlhalla minecraft skins? here’s a few i’ve made from r/Brawlhalla

Super cool!

This is my new profile picture on xbox… from r/Brawlhalla

Credit Orignal Artist: https://twitter.com/EyJ_1224 
Original Link: https://www.deviantart.com/purplemonstereyj/art/Scarlet-729824480
That’s hilarious.

Yumiko from r/Brawlhalla

Get it girl!

Goldforged Kabuto Orion from r/Brawlhalla

Amazing detail.

Part 1 of a Two-Part Artwork. (Crossfade Orion) from r/Brawlhalla

Really great artwork. Nice to see FJM at it again.

I drew shieldmaiden brynn for my friend’s birthday from r/Brawlhalla

That’s super cute, but also really great artwork. I love the style.

Lvl. 100 Kill Thrill Hattori (Requested by Zé do Queijo) from r/Brawlhalla


I didn’t think I’d be excited about fan art of AT (Adventure Time) in Brawlhalla but… I was wrong. 🙂

CC’s for you!


With this 60th Community Art Showcase we’re also rolling out Community Colors for console! That means all the codes below can be redeemed in game, in Malhalla using the “redeem code” feature, on any console or on PC! How exciting is that? If you see or post community art tag us @brawlhalla or add the #BrawlhallaArt so we can find it and share it with everyone else!