This is the first Community Art Showcase since Petra’s release so I made sure to add as much as I could find. As always much love and thanks for the amazing art y’all keep putting out!

Community Art


Thor! Pretty amazing depiction of the Hammer Side Signature.

I will never not be impressed with people who can capture the look of Seraph Artemis.

I think it came out pretty dang good, Rise.

Gianfar absolutely knocking it out of the park with this Black Knight vs Brynn!

Tempus with a pretty awesome drawing of Petra.

I’m loving the lighting and shading done on this Dusk piece by AshyArts.

Klaus completing his collection of Darkheart skins.

I’m absolutely flabbergasted. This is AMAZING!

I was already Team Lil Yumiko but now I’m definitely on Team Lil Yumiko.

Aww she look so happy as she’s about to throw a massive ball of destruction.

Super cute.

Epic digital painting of Beard’var himself!

Sidra looking totally awesome with her kraken friend.

Tataia always finds a way to sneak an amazing piece into the Community Art Showcase.

They’re absolutely adorable together.

Haha this totally captures the spirit of Petra.

You gotta love when people draw from the lore.

Aster made an awesome Petra painting.

While Purble appreciates the new legend, we appreciate the amazing #BrawlhallaArt!


Mujii made an amazing mix of intimidating and adorable. It’s intimable?

Honestly, Maryyah stole my pun.

I can just imagine Petra screaming a battle cry as she winds up!

Special Dev Picks



“The kids are so fast these days.” (For context this was made the day she was revealed on stream.)


Petra Drawing (Kinda clueless what those shoe things are) from r/Brawlhalla




CC’s for you!

That’s it for the 61st Community Art Showcase. Keep spreading the amazing art and keep sharing it with us! If you see or post community art tag us @brawlhalla or add the #BrawlhallaArt so we can find it and share it with everyone else! Oh yeah, and CC’s for you!