Brawlhalla Community Art Showcase #63

Brawlhalla Community Art Showcase #63

Hello everyone, and welcome to the 63rd Community Art Showcase! We’ve gathered up a ton of amazing art submitted during the month of August and are excited to share it with you. As always, thank you for continuing to create amazing community art and for sharing it with us online! RAXVZK-5569ER

Community Art

This emote series from LemonEmpress showcases the various moods of Nix. 06P9NW-9TJGMW

This is a stellar commission of Xianxia Lin Fei, showing the moment she puts her mask on before battle. BV7D75-TR1Q99

Bödvar triumphantly searching for more foes to best in combat. S0GGT3-DY0W3F

Gumeshoe Sentinel, staring at the evil that lurks within the earts of men, women, and evil aliens. XR4HFW-1DTHHY

A super slick concept of Ragnir as he gets ready to take down all of his opponents while being unarmed. AN4Q0A-157MAM

An electricfying Petra splash art. 3W9RS6-TFQJ7T

Lord Vraxx becomes that much more evil alien. VQW2BZ-VFQ82Y

Nix waits in a graveyard, tossing around the sands of time. 9KKS7C-Q0G4CN

Magical girl lil Yumiko! 292E0A-9GY50Z

Queen Nai and Yumiko are looking good in their casual clothes. VSCM5X-2ATNCD

An amazing Val drawing that literally leaps off the page! RFEF1X-SWMQD9

Jiro back to back with his shadow collection, ready to take on any challenge. TCXMMB-XDQPN2

Halloween comes early this year with Immortal Caspian scaring all the other Legends! MF9M0M-QV3D7V

Orion takes on a stoic pose, ready to battle any opponent that comes his way. NS9W9F-GYG1Q2

Cursed Mask Yumiko gets ready to finish off yet another opponent. ZQ6JZ7-2F4PGM

Skulld showed off a beautiful batch of stickers for Kor, Sir Roland, and Xull. 0VVJ89-EMHPR4

No one stops the great thief Caspian! Not even Cross… 4NRNEE-G74D5Z

Jiro, having trouble keeping together his collection of shadows. BF3JEG-9GZTND

Some wicked cool Val fan art and a great reference. 0KCE0K-S3RG2C

Special Dev Picks

Nix is ready to do battle in Brawlhalla. B4DQT5-0RJFZ5

Ada might be enjoying Brawldown a little too much. JH4AGZ-02AVQA


Community Color Codes!

That’ll close out the 63rd Community Art Showcase! Keep spreading the amazing art, and keep sharing it with us. If you see or post community art, tag us @brawlhalla or add the #BrawlhallaArt so we can find it and share it with everyone else! Oh, and if you’re looking for the CC’s we’ve hidden them throughout the post, did you find them all? DCJNWH-7JYBCC

Legend splash