It’s the 65th Community Art Showcase. With the release of Vector there’s all sorts of amazing Vector fan art this time around. We cannot thank you all enough for continuing to create community art and for sharing it online! We hope you enjoy this showcase’s line-up of artwork as much as we do. P00QH1-7G7RDG

Community Art

Amazing Tengu Koji by Tataia 1NZF52-N9J49J

Ilirical with their depiction of what Artemis might look like under the hood.

Omg, this Yumiko is adorable! MZYN0K-W5EZJV

I’ve said it before I’ll say it again, I’m a sucker for pixel art.

NinaTerra making great use of their time during game updates.

Love the highlighting in this to help sell the metallic material.

Vector’s not just any bot, he’s the Super Bot!

Vector has found Valhalla. VMASMC-T3A3DK

NinaTerra might be on here twice but honestly, can you blame me? I mean look at these.

Gianfar has done a fantastic job capturing the energy of Bödvar.

Special Dev Picks

They’re fast! 3R0GAA-9CZBCD

i drew vector!! from Brawlhalla

We shared on our Instagram but in case you missed it, by Tataia.

That’s so cute that Orion and Artemis are admiring in the back haha

Seriously! This is so gooood. MVM7TK-G9HDBF

Vector from Brawlhalla


Artemis Vs Orion – GIF from Brawlhalla

:boom: 4JTX6T-E6FD85 :boom:

Niti has been doing some pretty cool fan art in case anyone missed it (like I did)

The dunk master from Brawlhalla


Angry Lil’ Yumiko – Final drawing from Brawlhalla


Queen Nai from Brawlhalla

:heart: 8WCWS8-3B7501:heart:

Vector is ready to Brawl! from Brawlhalla

9GEGB0-80G1F1 :thinking:

Community Color Codes!

Thanks for checking out the 65th Community Art Showcase. If you find something you like and want to share it with us, use the #BrawlhallaArt or tag us @Brawlhalla. If you’re looking for the CC’s then you’ll have to look throughout the post, but here’s one for looking through everything first! 6D61C8-9KS0PX