Welcome to the 67th Community Art Showcase! Halloween just passed so weโ€™re excited to see some Brawlhalloween art in today’s Community Art Showcase. As always, thank you for continuing to create amazing community art and for sharing it online! TZVVDY-BZS9KY

Community Art

First up is an awesome pixel art of Hattori’s splash art by Pedro.

Look at this Halloween-themed gathering. Can you guess everyone’s costume?

A nice Autumn background for Koji by LudovicLoureiro.

This is an adorable Caspian by Pyrite. 3WG6GT-9J6KBH

Ikke made a terrifying Raymesis. 4GDE3X-QMQTG4

An adorable Punkin Spice Yumiko pixel art by Mert.

Prima did a doodle of his favorite Dusk Skin.

Ponyrlucy made an awesome art of Caspian and Lucien to celebrate the holidays.

What an amazing Nix piece by Cyanpetra. QJ8H8S-HWPSVQ

Special Dev Picks

DYVQEF-2Y85BP :heart:

Ulgrim- Request Below! from Brawlhalla

Z1S4MF-DGYYM8 :muscle:

Zariel Doodle from Brawlhalla

Look at this edgy boi.

Newborn Ragnir Fanart from Brawlhalla

This makes me think we should do a Hatchling Ragnir a la Lil Yumiko.


JETVC9-BTEX9V :fire:

74ZH59-FYKM8J :metal:

Here’s my crossplay swing of Battle Mage Fait! from Brawlhalla



Friend, who does woodwork, made this for me from Brawlhalla

best scythe

so cute!!!

Made a Kor doodle jack o lantern, I feel accomplished. from Brawlhalla

Y0M2GN-PDY30P :jack_o_lantern:

Community Color Codes!

Thanks for checking out the 67th Community Art Showcase. If you find something you like and want to share it with us, use the #BrawlhallaArt or tag us @Brawlhalla. If youโ€™re looking for the CCโ€™s then youโ€™ll have to look throughout the post, but hereโ€™s one for looking through everything first! F9RTFM-BH61Z8