Brawlhalla Community Art Showcase #73

Brawlhalla Community Art Showcase #73

Welcome to the 73rd Brawlhalla Community Art Showcase! We’ve got some great art that ya’ll in the community have made as well as some stuff the devs like! As always, thank you for continuing to create amazing community art and for sharing it online! 3_GN25-3TWHP8

Community Art

Haha this had me rolling.

Aster made a killer Artemis piece. I’m in love with the color palette the chose.

Ho dang this is cool. 34JB_P-7NE4QR

This is too precious not to have here.

Cyanpetra made an amazing artwork of the new Zariel Skin.

Rod showing their love for Kaya with this work of art. NZ_T37-KVM3BS

Lots of love for the new sidekick in the Battle Pass.

Kiddyzaster was nervous about getting 2 likes, when this is deserving of all the likes. H1J58T-D8K_C0

Carol knocked it out with this Petra piece. Y_854F-BTQE0Y

Wow. 3XPT_T-04179N

Cassidy looks so nice I had to see her twice.

:heart: Yumiko’s so cute. 7DMBVX-1E_P27

Haha, Breadibaggu couldn’t decide between the sailormoon redraw or a Battle Pass drawing, so they thought “why not both?”.

Holy Cow! This is stunning! YA6JV2-CB0_04

Mr Ray made a Kor piece that absolutely rocks.  (get it?)

Nevianna already reached max progression level with this Petra art. T723YT-JZ3X_X

A very cool spread of the steps SunSero took to create this Sir Roland piece.

Jard_xd showing their love for the new Hattori skin. 8XTF5_-D9QNXC

An absolutely stunning Hattori by fulljuan. WNCN5P-X0S_A5

This is terrifying… Terrifyingly adorable! 16M5R0-P4E_2V

A very scary Asuri from Milz.

Gotta appreciate the love for the new Progression Petra Skin. 4_2ETS-TYKAXA

Very cool use of negative space in this.

Special Dev Picks

V_JPFS-VF0FBP :heart: PZ9E83-K_1NSH

This is great. Thrilled to see folks getting hyped for BP.

“I love the ‘Dair’ on the shoes”

“y’all, i think this skin might be popular” MVQ8KS-2P_569

_FGXJG-7CKS6V :heart: M6STN_-94VTQ1

“I love these big group fun-time pics ”

“some other good ones” 7DXWFF-1_1NS0

M7JPVD-B8_DP2 :heart: P74P0M-7TZ_ZA


Community Color Codes

Thanks for checking out the 72nd Community Art Showcase. If you find something you like and want to share it with us, use the #BrawlhallaArt or tag us @Brawlhalla. If you’re looking for the CC’s then you’ll have to look throughout the post and find the missing character. C72_WW-5779Y6

Legend splash