Brawlhalla Community Art Showcase #74

Brawlhalla Community Art Showcase #74

Welcome to the 74th Brawlhalla Community Art Showcase! As always, we’ve got some great art that ya’ll in the community have made as well as some stuff the devs like! Thank you for continuing to create amazing community art and for sharing it online! WY4_2D-NFT1RA

Community Art

A cute little Ember with her bird, Yarra!

What a movie poster! XF3GCF-FD_FDF

Burarts always kills it. I also have to give love to the intro of “Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!”

This is stunning. D1T_2M-ADPAV6

Rian showing love to Sky Captain Scarlet. JR9XNS-0KF_XB

Milz made an adorable Asuri.

Petra is leveling up! Y1HSQ4-VJ1H_T

Dang this looks really cool. 4579_9-RSBTWR

This might be Perfect Winggs’ favorite Lucien skin, but it’s my favorite drawing of it.

Yo, sometimes people just need a good hug. ARF9RA-P6_M92

Nothing like a nice warm cup of drink. E_HKDV-NAH4ZC


This is really neat. I love the composition.

I can’t help but love some Battle Pass Skin art. 4KYSC6-3WYPWW

OMG they’re adorable. Z_0JKT-0VSHRF

Special Dev Picks

Can’t wait for this anime to come out, the op looks amazing.

DX_0AR-SSE75V :metal: :heart: E_VNHK-7Q1CAA

hilarious QT2WFJ-MQNA_6


That looks fun 8QK7_7-E6F0F4

Vector about to obliterate Thor keeps making me laugh

339_1C-1KDVNE :heart: 4R50C2-Y0_4X0

Community Color Codes

Thanks for checking out the 74th Community Art Showcase. If you find something you like and want to share it with us, use the #BrawlhallaArt or tag us @Brawlhalla. If you’re looking for the CC’s then you’ll have to look throughout the post and figure out the missing character through trial and error. Q5_0F2-PBBXFJ

Legend splash