Brawlhalla Patch 2.72

Brawlhalla Patch 2.72

Hello and welcome to Patch 2.72! In this patch we’ve recovered the Forbidden Chest, adjusted Test Features and more! We’ve also decided to add Unranked 2v2 as the Brawl of the Week mode for the next three weeks to measure the reception of a casual 2v2 queue. We hope you enjoy this patch, and we’ll see you in the Brawl of the Week!



The Forbidden Chest is now available! The Forbidden Chest includes three new skins:

  • Draugr Bodvar
  • Harpy Brynn
  • Shadowlord Cross

Caspian may be a thief, but that doesn’t mean you need a fortune to pick him up.

  • Caspian’s gold cost has been reduced to 5400!


Brawl of the Week – Unranked 2v2!

We know you’ve been asking for a casual 2v2 queue, so we are going to try something for the rest of the month. We need to answer the question, is a 2v2 casual queue exciting when it’s not just the Brawl of the Week? For the next three weeks, the BotW will be exclusively 2v2! If we see enough excitement about unranked 2v2, we may even add it permanently. PS4 cross-play is on the horizon after all! So, if this is something you’ve been looking forward to, let us know and we’ll see you in the Brawl of the Week!

  • Standard 2v2 Ruleset and Maps
  • Friendly Fire is OFF
  • Queue solo or with a friend!


Test Features

Last week’s changes were an extreme, and responses varied heavily. Most feedback pointed to aerial Dodges being too weak, especially in recovery scenarios.

This week, we’re trying to find a compromise that keeps Dash and the lack of Speed Dodge but feels a little more like the Brawlhalla you’re used to.

Dodge duration and speed have been moved closer to their normal values, and Spot Dodge can carry a little momentum to let it briefly slide.

  • Increased Aerial Dodge duration from 12 (10 active) to 17 (15 active). Movement speed has been adjusted to feel closer to current values in Standard.
  • Aerial Spot Dodge has been returned to its normal duration.
  • Grounded Spot Dodges keep some momentum instead of immediately coming to a stop. Can no longer cancel a grounded Spot Dodge into an attack.
  • Dodge Cooldown reduction on landing has been returned to normal values for a Speed Dodge, but is still the same across all Dodge types.
  • Slightly decreased cooldown time between dashes.
  • Adjusted Dash behavior to make dodging down through soft platforms easier.
  • Updated several Dash animations on Axe, Bow, Gauntlets, and Rocket Lance
  • Updated Backdash animations on Scythe, Gadget Holding, Blasters, Katars, and Hammer
  • Fixed a bug that could result in performing a grounded air power after a Dash.
  • Fixed some cases where allowed Chase Dodge directions after a throw could be more than 45 degrees away from the direction of the throw.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented an attack from chaining into a gravity canceled version of itself.
  • Fixed some cases where Dodging backward after an upward Chase Dodge would not result in a Slow Dodge.


New Legend Rotation

This week’s new Legend Rotation feature Artemis, Lucien, Orion, Teros, Val, and Yumiko.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the heads in the HUD and/or the replay controls could be displayed at the wrong size.
  • Fixed a bug with multikeyboard where separately binding up and jump would make the up key do nothing until you closed the game and restarted it.
  • Fixed a bug where clicking the very beginning of the scrub bar during a replay could cause the game to lock up and eventually crash.


PS4 Note – This patch is expected to go live on PS4 later this week. Keep an eye on and our official Twitter account for updates!

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