Brawlhalla Patch 2.74

Brawlhalla Patch 2.74

Hello and welcome to Patch 2.74! In this patch we’re introducing our first Epic Skin, complete with weapon effects and a sidekick! We’re also adjusting test features, adding animations, and getting ready for a weekend in Boston at Shine 2017! We’ve also opened up registration for the Brawlhalla Circuit Regional Qualifiers! Everyone can register for the tournament in their region and compete for a chance to win a plane ticket + hotel for the Brawlhalla World Championship! We hope you enjoy this patch, and we’ll see you on the ladder!


Mallhalla – New Scarlet and Gnash skins!

  • Epic Skin – Mad Genius Scarlet!
    • “Animated weaponry is the latest advancement in Valhallan technology to be devised by Scarlet and her faithful collab-rat Cheddar.”
    • Her weapons are infused with the electrifying power of science!
    • Includes her trusty sidekick – Cheddar.
  • Chrometooth Gnash – “Makes a great pelt. Slightly harder to eat.”


Brawl of the Week – Unranked 2v2

Week Three of Unranked 2v2 is here! We hope you enjoy this final week of 2v2 Unranked, and we’re looking forward to pouring over the data and all your feedback!

  • Unranked 2v2
  • Friendly Fire is OFF
  • Standard 2v2 Rules & Maps


Modified Test Features

This week brings a few more experiments on Dash and Dodge. 

We’re trying a 4 frame startup on directional Dodge to force choices between the safety of movement and the safety of faster invulnerability.

Naturally, this will need a rework of string routes throughout the game for its effects to be fully intentional, but we’re throwing it in as a rough test. Expect a few unintended interactions that would be addressed before hitting ranked. 

We’ve heard feedback asking for more control on the momentum of grounded Spot Dodge. Players can now increase friction to stop its movement sooner. 

Another frustration point in feedback is the reduced strength of approach options with the removal of Speed Dodge. We believe that keeping both players vulnerable will lead to a healthier meta. As more defensive abuse cases shift to attacking first, they’ll be easier to address with standard power balance. To make Dash approaches a little stronger, we’ve increased Dash and Dash Run movement, and made the startup for a Dash Jump effectively the same as a normal Dash.


  • Directional dodges changed from 2 startup / 12 active / 2 recover to 4 startup / 12 active / 0 recover. Speed dodges changed from 2 startup / 19 active / 0 recover to 4 startup / 17 active / 0 recover.
  • While performing a grounded Spot Dodge, holding away from the direction of movement will increase friction.
  • Lowered the window for getting a directional Dodge when leaving stun from 5 frames to 2.



  • Increased the movement speed of Dash and Dash Run.
  • Removed jump startup when performing a Dash Jump to give it the same startup as a normal Dash. This is not applied when landing into a Dash.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Dash Run backwards out of a Chase Dodge.



  • Added animated Rocket Lance support to Scarlet’s Side and Neutral Rocket Lance signature charges.
  • Several Dash animation tweaks while holding all weapons.
  • Fixed some Dash transitions that were playing the wrong animation.


Controller Support

  • Added PC support Mayflash PS3 controller.


User Interface

  • The Circuit 1v1 and Circuit 2v2 custom game presets will now always show the full number of podiums needed to start a game.


Balance Adjustment

After review, it has been found that the alteration of force to Bow Side Light from last week’s balance update was too significant of a change to be made before the Brawlhalla Circuit tournament at Shine this weekend. This power has been restored to its previous force values.

  • Bow Side Light: Changed Force from 15 Variable/48 Fixed to 0 Variable/52 Fixed.


New Legend Rotation

This week’s Legend Rotation features Bodvar, Brynn, Ember, Nix, Scarlet, and Wu Shang.


Register for your Regional Qualifier!

Registration for the Brawlhalla World Championship Regional Qualifiers are open! These special 1v1 tournaments are held in each server region we support, and the winner receives a plane ticket + hotel for the Brawlhalla World Championship this November! Links to each Regional Qualifier are listed below.

AUS – September 2nd

SEA – September 9th

BRZ – September 16-17

EU – September 23-24

US-W – Sept. 30 – October 1

US-E – October 7th-8th


PlayStation 4 Note: PS4 will be brought up to date with this patch later this week.

Legend splash