Brawlhalla Patch 2.79

Brawlhalla Patch 2.79


Welcome to Patch 2.81! In this patch we’re adding a new taunt with all proceeds going directly to charity drive Quest For The Cause. We’re also adding new skins for Mirage and Barraza, animation adjustments, networking improvements, balance improvements, and more! This balance patch is the last before the Brawlhalla World Championship taking place November 3-5 in Atlanta. We can’t wait to see the best players in the world compete, and to meet all of you at BCX. Enjoy the patch!



  • Be a Hero! – All proceeds from this taunt will be donated to video game charity drive Quest For The Cause.
  • Shark Heart Barraza  – “Even the post-apocalypse has a water level.”
  • Freestyle Mirage – “Malik Forté Champion of SXSW Skin in the Game -3/18/16”


Brawl of the Week – 3v3 Teams!  

  • 3v3 Teams
  • 3v3 Mapset
  • Friendly Fire OFF
  • 3 Stocks, 8 Minutes.


New Tutorials!

  • There are now Brawlhalla tutorials!
  • You can find the tutorials in the “Offline Play” category.
  • Each tutorial provides gold rewards on completion.


Community Request

  • Improved color-fixing logic for the Friendly 2v2 and Brawl of the Week queues so that your opposing team is less likely to be defaulted to generic red or blue team if possible.
  • If you choose any red or blue team color and end up on that team (which will always happen unless the queue is Brawlball or another game mode that forces color based on side), there is no longer a chance that it will change which version of that team color you have.


User Interface

  • Pressing directional keys will no longer close the login bonus screen.
  • Matchmaking lobbies will now use the crown icon to indicate the lobby leader like Custom Online games do.



  • Minor adjustment to the Ready pose when unarmed.
  • Minor adjustments in the Spear Recovery, Spear Side Air, Scythe Neutral Light, Scythe Side Air, Scythe Jump, Mirage Neutral Scythe and Side Scythe Signatures to prevent certain limbs from coming off on certain skins
  • Layering tweak to Barraza’s Neutral Axe Signature animation where his shoulder would pass over his face in a weird way

Controller Support

  • Added controller support for Mad Catz FightStick Alpha PS4 for Windows.
  • Added Windows support for PS Bluetooth Gamepad.



  • Continuing iteration on lag compensation algorithm. Previous iteration favored best a little too greatly causing jitter to be more noticeable. This should be smoother and result in less pops. As with every iteration, let us know how it feels!


Competitive Mapset

We are currently evaluating the ranked/tournament map pool and will be making a decision within the next week. We’d love to get your feedback as well so please let us know your thoughts on the current Ranked 1v1 and Ranked 2v2 map pools. Thanks!


We have a number of adjustments this week following the conclusion of the Regional Qualifiers, aimed at increasing the power of augmenting grounded kits effective range when coupled with a dash to better hunt down airborne opponents as they return to the platform. To this end, we have slightly increased the speed bonus certain key powers gain when performed during a dash for kits whose ranges would often fall short. We have also included adjustments to the Directional Influence allowed when struck by duplicate powers to further assist players in escaping repetitive team combos. As the Brawlhalla World Championship remains just a few short weeks away, this is the landscape in which players will compete for the prize.  Practice well, and we look forward to seeing you all at BCX on November 3rd-5th!

  • Directional Influence: Increased the amount a player can change the direction of Force applied to them when hit by two of the same power without leaving stun; Powers with no Variable Force now qualify for DI.



We have pulled some of the strength and coverage of the Ground Pound in order to bolster the role of Side Light as a gap closer. Players will find more reliable counterplay to the Sword’s Ground Pounds with its more focused coverage, as it could previously threaten multiple dodge paths off-stage and prove difficult to combat. Now Sword users can threaten more effectively when rushing down an opponent as they land, or when poking from neutral game, given the extra boost this attack gains from a dash.

  • Sword Side Light: Slightly increased speed bonus gained from dash.
  • Sword Ground Pound: Decreased Force from 50 Fixed/44 Variable to 50 Fixed/42 Variable; Slightly decreased horizontal coverage.



We have shifted some strength between two of the Hammer’s more utility based attacks; the Side Light and the Down Air. The Side Light has gained extra speed from a dash, while gaining additional knockback for more varied exchanges as a battle progresses. The Down Air has taken some of this reliability in the form of slightly increased Damage and Force to bring this attack in a more fitting range with the rest of this heavy weapon’s kit.

  • Hammer Side Light: Slightly increased speed bonus gained from dash; Increased Force from 56~30 Fixed/5 Variable to 56~30 Fixed/8 Variable; Increased Recover time on miss from 0 Fixed/23 Variable to 1 Fixed/23 Variable.
  • Hammer Down Air: Increased Damage from 15 to 16; Increased Force from 50 Fixed/42 Variable to 50 Fixed/43 Variable.


Rocket Lance

The Rocket Lance has proven to be a considerable force in the current landscape, and we have shifted some power within the kit to open up more avenues of counterplay, bring damage output in line with other similar kits, as well as afford some quality of life improvements for the user. The Side Light is a very strong tool, leading into a number of possible followups, although the choice and difference between these options was underwhelming. We have made these followups require better execution from the user both in timing and in awareness. The height of knockback now changes as damage increases, resulting in more reliable access to the Down Air at low damage ranges, the Side Air at medium ranges, and the Recovery at high damage ranges. The Neutral Air provides a fairly consistent followup, although with less reward than the others as its Stun and Damage have been trimmed, along with a shorter Hit Window. This opens up more dodge avenues for those fighting against the Lance, while also affording a snappier response to the user when aimed correctly.

  • Rocket Lance Side Light: Decreased Stun from 18 to 13; Changed Force from 48 Fixed/0 Variable to 35 Fixed/20 Variable; Slightly increased speed bonus from dash; Increased Recover time on miss from 1 Fixed/14 Variable to 4 Fixed/14 Variable; Decreased Damage from 12 to 10.
  • Rocket Lance Neutral Air: Decreased Damage from a range of 18~21 to 17; Sped up Hit Window from 14 to 12; Increased Recover time on miss from 3 Fixed/17 Variable to 4 Fixed/19 Variable; Decreased Stun from 30 to 28.



Users had been struggling to land the Blasters Recovery, as the slower acceleration could be difficult to aim at overly evasive airborne opponents. We have traded some of the damage in favor of a quicker response and greater degree of utility for this power.

  • Blasters Recovery: Sped up Time to Hit from 11 to 10; Decreased Damage from 25 to 22.



The Spear’s main approach tool, the Side Light, was often falling short of opponents when attempting to catch their landing. We have increased the speed bonus from a dash for more reliable pursuit while the Spear user controls the ground.

  • Spear Side Light: Slightly increased speed bonus gained from dash.



Similar to the other kits listed in today’s patch, the Katars have received a needed boost in effective range during a dash, at the expense of some minor recover time on miss to keep the risk in line with the potential reward.

  • Katars Side Light: Slightly increased speed bonus gained from dash; Increased Recover time on miss from 1 Fixed/16 Variable to 2 Fixed/16 Variable.



The Side Light has shifted some of its power into the Down Light, trading some Stun for more reliable followups after a Down Light. The Side Light’s knockback has been altered as well, resulting in gaining more stage control when landing this attack. The Down Light serves as a quick gap closer, and has received an additional boost from dashes.

  • Bow Side Light: Changed Force from 52 Fixed/0 Variable to 45 Fixed/10 Variable; Slightly lowered angle of knockback; Decreased Stun from 19 to 17.
  • Bow Down Light: Decreased Time to Hit from 16 to 15; Increased Recover time on miss from 2 Fixed/20 Variable to 4 Fixed/20 Variable; Increased Stun from 17 to 19; Slightly increased speed bonus from dash.



The Axe is a weapon with large, active swings that have proven to be slightly too oppressive in their duration of coverage. We have shifted some of those Hit Windows into additional Recover time for powers such as the Neutral Light and Ground Pound, while the Side Light and Down Light have had their uses and focus more clearly defined. The Down Light previously covered too much area in front of the user for such a reliable anti-air, so we have brought in its coverage on the ground for greater counterplay. The Side Light serves as the Axe’s approach tool, and has slightly increased speed during a dash at the cost of shifting away from grounded followups at earlier damage ranges than before.

  • Axe Neutral Light: Sped up Hit Window from 11 to 10; Increased Recover time on miss from 2 Fixed/9 Variable to 3 Fixed/9 Variable.
  • Axe Side Light: Slightly increased speed bonus from dash; Increased Recover time on miss from 5 Fixed/10 Variable to 5 Fixed/12 Variable; Increased Force from 72 Fixed/8 Variable to 72 Fixed/12 Variable.
  • Axe Down Light: Reduced coverage directly in front of the user.
  • Axe Ground Pound: Sped up Hit Window on ground collision from 6 to 3; Increased Recover time from 1 Fixed/22 Variable to 4 Fixed/22 Variable.



As a shorter range kit that has some built-in movement, yet little to no safety in coverage, the Gauntlets rely on general movement to get into position during combat. We have slightly increased their ability to use some of the kit’s built-in movement when approaching from a grounded position, with both the Side Light and the Side Air seeing increased dash speed bonuses.

  • Gauntlets Side Light: Slightly Increased speed bonus from dash.
  • Gauntlets Side Air: Increased speed bonus from dash.



Scythe users will find greater effective range from the Down Light, as it has gained slightly increased speed during a dash, aiding in catching slippery opponents. The Neutral Light has gained slightly increased reward for slightly greater risk when used unsuccessfully, as it is an excellent anti-air, as well as followups to a number of other powers. In similar fashion, the Ground Pound has had some of its power shifted as well, resulting in less Force and a shorter Hit Window, allowing for both a faster return of control as well as more clear and reliable avenues of escape for opponents who respond appropriately.

  • Scythe Neutral Light: Increased Recover time on miss from 3 Fixed/21 Variable to 3 Fixed/23 Variable; Increased Damage from 11 to 12.
  • Scythe Down Light: Increased speed bonus from dash; Increased Recover time on miss from 0 Fixed/16 Variable to 2 Fixed/16 Variable.
  • Scythe Ground Pound: Decreased Force from 65 Fixed/38 Variable to 65 Fixed/35 Variable; Sped up Hit Window from 8 to 7.



There are several Legends with one or two Signatures that stand too tall above the rest of their kit, and so we have shifted some power from those Signatures into their lesser used or weaker attacks. Notable changes include less coverage on Vraxx’s Neutral Lance for greater counterplay from grounded opponents, greater Recover time for Roland’s Down Sword as it could prove extremely difficult to find an opening, and pulling some of the strength from Asuri’s very threatening Neutral Katars in order to bolster the weaker Side Katars.

  • Vraxx Neutral Lance: Decreased Damage from 37 to 34; Reduced lower coverage, resulting in no longer striking grounded opponents.
  • Vraxx Down Blasters: Increased Damage from 22 to 25.
  • Sir Roland Down Sword: Increased Recover time from 16 to 20.
  • Sir Roland Neutral Sword: Increased Damage from 20 to 23.
  • Asuri Neutral Katars: Decreased Force from 55 Fixed/57 Variable to 55 Fixed/52 Variable.
  • Asuri Side Katars: Increased Damage from 20 to 23.
  • Ragnir Side Axe: Increased total Recover time on ground collision from 17 to 20.
  • Ragnir Down Katars: Increased Damage from 21 to 23.


New Legend Rotation

This week’s new Legend Rotation features Orion, Sentinel, Brynn, Koji, Nix and Caspian.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in Couch Mode where if a controller got disconnected while Striking Maps, the game leave you in a state where you couldn’t finish or back out of striking.
  • Fixed a rare bug where inputs could get mapped to two functions when setting controller bindings. If you were affected by this bug, reset your bindings and redo them to fix it.
  • Fixed a bug where in 8 player games where the KO streak notifications (‘Dominating’, ‘Shutdown’, etc) would still appear in the center of the screen even though the Broadcast has been moved over to the left side of the screen.
  • Fixed some powers that did not correctly register qualification for DI.
  • Fixed a bug causing weapons delivered by a sidekick horn to be stuck playing an animation loop when delivered out of camera bounds.
  • Fixed a bug where clicking both thumb sticks during the match preview screen in training mode could put the game into frame-stepping mode, which would just look like the game froze.
  • Fixed the P5-P8 roster selection icons from showing outlines of other numbers.
  • Fixed bug causing multiple audio sounds to stack when button mashing on a given frame
  • Fixed a bug that could occur in team Matchmaking lobbies with two players on different computers where if the leader backed out into spectating and quickly then rejoined the lobby, the game could get in a state where neither player could select the team color.


PlayStation 4

We’re aiming to patch PlayStation 4 to this patch tomorrow, Thursday the 12th of October. We’re getting very close to the end of Closed Beta on PlayStation 4 and will have more news soon!

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