Brawlhalla Patch 3.02

Brawlhalla Patch 3.02

Hello and Welcome to Patch 3.02! Today three new Day of the Dead themed skins are added in celebration of the Mexican Holiday. These are not exclusive to Brawlhalloween (which lasts for another week) and we hope you enjoy them!

We’ve also added a new test version of Twilight Grove to the Experimental Queue, and we’re excited to see what you think of it! Finally, we’ve spent a big chunk of the last week focusing on our servers, improving them to handle the amazing influx of new players since launch. We hope you enjoy this patch, and we’ll see you in Brawlhalla!



  • Muerto Azoth – “The afterlife has never been livelier.”
  • Calavera Cassidy – “Dressed in her finest and ready for the celebration.”
  • Lady of the Dead Nai – “The Queen of Mictlan presides over the ceremonies.”

Brawl of the Week – 2v2 Switchcraft!

  • Switchcraft…but 2v2!
  • 2v2 Mapset
  • Friendly Fire OFF
  • Standard Switchcraft Ruleset


Test Features

We’re testing this map as a replacement for Twilight Grove in 1v1 playlists. The right-side, wedged platform now has a pointed top and no wall on the right side to prevent camping. Let us know what you think; we’re looking forward to your feedback!

  • Small Twilight Grove has been added to Test Maps, and the Experimental Queue.


Post Game Chat Changes

Chat will now default to closed during the post match screen when playing match-made games online. It then will return to its regular state after leaving post game chatter. You now have to opt in to post game chat, by default, it will be hidden. We’re interested in hearing your feedback on this change.

  • The chat box is now closed by default in all match making modes.


Netcode Algorithm Improvements

While we are happy with the netcode for people with stable connections, there are still some issues that occur for people with less stable connections. Specifically, when you experience a decent amount of jitter or lag spikes, the code does not do a great job of trying to return you to a stable state. We’ve made some adjustments to the code that should allow it to handle these situations better. In particular, after it clears up, it should feel like it goes back to normal.

We have a few more things in the works to make it better, but we are just rolling out one of the changes this week to see if it helps bring it in the right direction. Please let us know how it affects your play experience. Thanks!

  • Adjusted the netcode to better handle variations in connection performance.



  • FX polish pass on Sidra’s neutral sword sig.


New Legend Rotation

This week’s new Legend Rotation features Cassidy, Koji, Mirage, Ragnir, Sidra, and Wu Shang!


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a spectating bug where the “Searching for match…” would sometimes appear on the Legend Select screen even when the group was not in a matchmaking queue.
  • Fixed a bug causing chest item tooltip animations to replay when the cursor location doesn’t actually change.
  • Fixed a desktop bug where new players were having their music and sound effect volumes defaulted to 0.
  • Fixed bug causing chest icon cursor to jump to the last time item when attempting to move the cursor downwards to a row that isn’t completely full
  • Fixed bug causing all down directional inputs on the bottom row of the chest items icon grid to always move the cursor to the last item
  • Fixed bug causing cursor to not be able to reach the bottom row of the Ragnarök Chest grid items
  • Fixed a PS4 bug where the replay playhead did not match where the replay was in time.
  • Fixed a bug where holding down X or Y during a replay would make a buzzing sound.
  • Fixed a PS4 bug where hit sounds would often play twice when playing online.
Legend splash