Brawlhalla Patch 3.17

Brawlhalla Patch 3.17

Welcome to patch 3.17!  This is the last week to celebrate Luck O’ the Brawl so make sure to enjoy new items and the bonus Gold!  This patch we are introducing the Olympian Chest. We have also made several balance changes, bug fixes, added new maps and adjusted test features!


New Holiday – Luck o’ the Brawl!

  • New Lucky Clover color scheme!  You can purchase these new colors for 1500 Gold or 10 Mammoth Coins.
  • Dip your hands in the pot of gold and gain an extra 250 gold bonus each day you log in during the holiday!
  • This is the last week to grab all the exclusive holiday goodies!



Only the strongest can compete in Olympia and only the three strongest of those have made it into Valhalla!  You can find three new exclusive skins in the Olympian Chest.

  • Chimera Val
  • Athena Kaya
  • Poseidon Thatch


Brawl of the Week – Brawlball Bash!

  • 3v3 Brawlball
  • Queue up solo or with a team!



  • Adjusted position of Thatch’s arm during recovery animation for his Down Blasters Signature and Neutral Sword Signature.




Most of this week’s balance adjustments are targeted at increasing counterplay options and opportunities against attacks that afford a great deal of aerial freedom. Players will have an easier time tracking down key powers such as Unarmed and Blasters Recovery attacks, while other kits see increased reward on several of their more important opening attacks for when they find that opportune moment.




In an effort to accentuate weapon usage, we have reduced some of the reward and safety on the Unarmed kit. Player’s will have an easier time pursuing an Unarmed opponent with slightly less distance covered from the Down Air and Recovery attacks. Some of the kit’s reward has been shuffled, however, decreasing the late health threat of the Side Air in favor of slightly better Damage scaling on the Down Air. With the overall duration of the Down Air having decreased more than the total Damage has, player’s will generally see a very slight increase in Damage done from Down Airs that connect with the ground.


  • Unarmed Side Air: Decreased Force from 45 Fixed/44~40 Variable to 45 Fixed/40~36 Variable.
  • Unarmed Down Air: Decreased Hit Window from 20 to 16; Decreased maximum total Damage from 18 to 16.
  • Unarmed Recovery: Moderately Decreased ability horizontal acceleration during the power.




As with the Unarmed Recovery, the Blasters Recovery has received a decrease in possible horizontal acceleration during the power. This will still allow for unhindered use when recovering back to the stage, but will be easier to track down when starting from lower speeds.


  • Blasters Recovery: Slightly Decreased ability for horizontal acceleration during the power.




We have opened up several interactions on the Gauntlets kit to afford a greater variety of counterplay options, as well as overall clearer opportunities when recovering from off-stage against a Gauntlet user. The Ground Pound now has slightly less steering in the backwards direction, giving a more consistent route back to the stage against this attack. Some of the more popular options for covering missed attacks have received increases in Time to Hit, opening a more reliable window for player’s to shift the fight in their favor when combating the Gauntlets.


  • Gauntlets Neutral Light: Increased Time to Hit from 4 to 5; Updated hitboxing to more closely match the animation, resulting in slightly less horizontal range.
  • Gauntlets Down Air: Increased Time to Hit from 9 to 11.
  • Gauntlets Ground Pound: Slightly Decreased degree of backwards steering during the power.




The Cannon Side Light has become a focal point of the kit, setting up for a variety of followup attacks and strings. This proved to be slightly too strong across large health ranges, so we have shifted some power around within this attack. With a greater amount of Variable Force, the strings will begin to loosen slightly at later health ranges, but each individual Side Light sees a minor Damage increase to compensate. We have also reduced the Stun by a minor amount to bring certain dodge punish strings in line with other similar options.


  • Cannon Side Light: Increased Force from 100~90 Fixed/4 Variable to 100~90 Fixed/7 Variable; Increased Damage from 14 to 15; Decreased Stun from a range of 29~24 to a range of 28~23.




The range on the Down Light has been slightly increased in order to help the Sword access key elements of its gameplan with similar effort to other kits. This will also provide more opportunities for player choice when initiating an attack at various ranges.


  • Sword Down Light: Slightly Increased horizontal range.




As a static and grounded attack, the reward for the Down Light was slightly out of line with its frequency of use cases. We have increased the Damage to make this attack a more desirable choice and provide greater impact on the fight when it is landed.


  • Lance Down Light: Increased maximum total Damage from 18 to 20.




We have adjusted several underperforming anti-air Signatures on slower legends to have greater reward or ease of use, enabling them to more significantly combat elusive opponents. Other Signatures have had their uses more clearly defined, especially those which have a good deal of speed or utility.


  • Lucien Neutral Katar: Decreased maximum total Damage from 27 to 23.
  • Cassidy Neutral Hammer: No longer strikes grounded opponents.
  • Xull Neutral Axe: Decreased Fixed Minimum Charge time from 19 to 15.
  • Ulgrim Neutral Lance: Increased Force from 55 Fixed/50 Variable to 55 Fixed/53 Variable.
  • Barraza Neutral Blasters: Increased Force from 60 Fixed/51 Variable to 60 Fixed/54 Variable.



  • Small Brawlhaven and Small Enigma are now live and available in the Ranked 1v1, Ranked 2v2, and Friendly 2v2 queues.
  • Slightly altered the Weapon drop colors on Kings Pass to better compliment the background’s color palette.
  • Updated the colors for the Weapon drops for Miami Dome to better match its neon aesthetic.


Test Features


We have made several adjustments to the way Dash Deflection works, primarily focusing on making the instances of use more intentional on the user’s part. Player’s will now only deflect a thrown weapon when dashing into it, opposing the direction of the throw. The window of deflection during a dash has also been slightly reduced, requiring a degree of timing and awareness from the user, while still being accessible. Try out these test feature updates, as well as the new test map, and let us know what you think!


  • Dash Deflect is now dependent on whether you are dashing into the weapon throw
  • Changed the Dash Deflect window to be shorter
  • A new 1v1 Test Map has been added to the Experimental queue: Ceiling


New Legend Rotation

This weeks Legend rotation features Nix, Azoth, Caspian, Scarlet, Brynn and Bödvar.



  • Fixed some cases where dash would incorrectly result in a backdash.
  • Ragnir Down Axe: Fixed a case where the target could be dropped before the final hit. (Credit: MrGoldenMineTurtle)
  • Isaiah Side Cannon: Fixed a case that could incorrectly apply additional charge scaling on the final explosion. (Credit:BayWa4Eva)
  • Isaiah Side Cannon: Fixed a case where the target could be dropped before the final hit when Slide Charging.


Legend splash