Patch 2.62 – Animation, Test Features, new skins, and more!

Patch 2.62 – Animation, Test Features, new skins, and more!

Welcome to Patch 2.62! In this patch we’re adding new skins, animation improvements, multikeyboard support improvements, bug fixes and more! We’ve also added a number of test features that focus on dodging based on community feedback last week. This Saturday is the big 1v1 Brawlhalla Circuit tournament at Combo Breaker, so no balance this week until the fate of 1300+ Circuit Points no longer hang in the balance. Enjoy the patch!


  • Kor In Space – “Danger, Brawlhalla! Danger!”
  • Boomer – “Breed? She’s a Cyborgi!”
  • Emerald Blade – “The Green Knight doesn’t need this anymore.”


Brawl Of The Week

Brawl Together in this Brawl of the Week! Enter the queue by yourself and we will find you a teammate, or enter the queue with a friend! Team damage is off for fast-paced team battles. Knock out each member of the opponent’s team three times to win!

  • Brawl Together!
  • 2v2. 3 Stocks. No team damage.
  • Queue solo or as a team of 2.


Test Features

Added to Test Features:

This week, we’re looking to increase risk on Slow Dodges. We’ve effectively increased the period of vulnerability before being able to punish an opponent out of a Slow Dodge from 2 to 7 frames, but have split the increase up between dodge duration and a post-dodge attack delay to keep it from feeling clunky. To prevent the increased duration from making Slow Dodges travel further, we’ve lowered their speed.

Slow Dodge Vulnerability

  • Increased the duration of Slow Dodges by 3 frames. The player is not invulnerable during this period.
  • The 2 frame recover period after a Slow Dodge ends is increased to 4 frames. Players can move but not attack or jump.
  • Decreased the travel speed of Slow Dodges by 12%.

We’ve heard some feedback asking to try an increase on Chase Dodge speed to adjust for the movement speed increases that came in with Season 4.

Speed Dodge Increase

  • Increased the duration of Speed Dodges by 3 frames.
  • Increased travel speed of Speed Dodges by 10%.


Modified Test Features:

Since this week is primarily testing the Dodge Vulnerability changes, we’ve reduced the severity of the Dodge Cooldown changes from last week. There’s been mixed feedback so far on whether the previous amounts were too much or too little, but we expect to move forward with some degree of increase.

Dodge Cooldown Changes

  • Dodge Cooldown for a Grounded Slow Dodge is now 75 frames.
  • Cooldown when landing after an Aerial Dodge is now 25 frames more than the dodge’s Grounded Cooldown.


User Interface

  • Weapon Skins in the picker menu in the Legend select screen are now sorted by the Legend they are associated with.
  • Controller devices and controller keybinding screens have been updated to correctly use contextual hotkey icons as well as granting gamepad access to certain options that were only previously accessible via the mouse.


Art & Animation Improvements

  • Gnash and Lucien have received a fresh update to their base costume art.
  • Roster icons updated to match revised character art for Lucien and Gnash.
  • Optimized arm art on Skins for minor performance improvement.
  • Ran a performance pass on the Bomb, Mine, and Hammer hit sfx.
  • Brought Unarmed’s fall, idle, and wall jump animations closer to the center of the hurtbox.
  • Updated Unarmed’s run animations.
  • Updated Unarmed’s Neutral Heavy animation.
  • Various animation tweaks to Unarmed’s Recovery, Side Air, Down Air, Side Light, and Neutral Air.
  • Improve performance on Unarmed’s animations.
  • Tweaked skewing in torso on Ada’s Down Blasters animation.
  • Improved performance on Orion and Queen Nai’s Down Spear signatures.
  • Cleanup on character select animations: Bodvar, Queen Nai, Lucien, Scarlet, and Random.
  • Fixed posing frame of Teros’ Neutral Hammer animation.



  • While in -multikeyboard mode, if you have only a single mouse and keyboard attached to your computer, the game will automatically bind them together once a game starts.

Note: some keyboards, particularly wireless keyboards, will spoof a mouse device, so in those instances the automatic binding will not work. The automatic binding will also fail if you’re using an external mouse or keyboard on a laptop. In both of those cases, the normal binding method (hold M+O on your keyboard and press right click on your mouse) will still work.

Controller Support

  • PC support for the 8Bitdo NES30 Pro.
  • PC support for the Wii U Pro Controller.

New Legend Rotation

This week’s Legend Rotation features Lucien, Mirage, Orion, Ragnir, Val & Yumiko.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that would cause Sidekicks to sometimes display multiple heads. (Credit: Diffensive)
  • Sentinel Down Hammer: Fixed a case where the target could be dropped before the final hit. (Credit: Ephi)
  • Fixed a rare bug that could allow hitbox display to be enabled in modes other than Training and Replays. (Credit: Antipop)
  • Fixed a bug where disconnected controllers could no longer reconnect during a game.


—– PS4 REPORT —-

Things are moving forward with PS4! We actually gave a live update on our Tuesday dev stream this week, so if you missed that you can check it out on Twitch here:


  • Multiple bugs have been squashed and fixes have been implemented!
  • We’re still running QA on a number of areas.
  • Servers have been looking stable as we proceed with tests.
  • Closed Beta Codes will be ready to go soon!
  • You can still sign up for the PS4 beta at
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