Brawlhalla Patch 2.73

Brawlhalla Patch 2.73

Hello and welcome to Patch 2.73! In this patch you can play Rock, Paper, Scissors with the brand new taunt set, enjoy the second week of Unranked 2v2, and try Caspian for the first time on the Weekly Legend Rotation. We’ve also added balance adjustments, and made improvements to the dash and dodge changes in Test Features based on your feedback!


  • Taunts – Rock! Paper! Scissors!
  • 40 Mammoth Coins each (⅓ the price of premium taunts)
  • Rock, Paper, and Scissors are sold separately.
  • Please beware that initiating a game of RPS in the middle of a match may be hazardous to your stock count.


Brawl of the Week – Unranked 2v2

This patch marks the second week of Unranked 2v2 as Brawl of the Week! So far the interest has been very positive, and we’re interested in seeing if it maintains popularity over time. Good luck out there!

  • Unranked 2v2
  • Friendly Fire is OFF
  • Standard 2v2 Rules & Maps


Caspian on the Weekly Legend Rotation!

  • Caspian is on Free Rotation this week for the first time since his release.
  • This week’s Legend Rotation features Azoth, Caspian, Cassidy, Jhala, Mirage, and Sir Roland.


Modified Test Features

We’re continuing to iterate to get a better sense of which specific changes caused both the strong positive reactions and strong negative reactions of different groups of players in the test the week before last. We’ve pulled back on the increase in aerial Dodge invulnerability from last week while retaining most of the recovery distance.

We’re also incorporating some popular suggestions to give more of a choice between Dash and Dodge when escaping a string or following up after a hit.

The threshold for performing a Backdash or a turn and Dash has been split into two based on input to let the choice between them feel a little more intentional and responsive.


  • Reduced Aerial Dodge duration from 17 (15 active) to 16 (12 active, 2 recover); Decreased travel speed; Increased momentum kept when leaving the Dodge.
  • Aerial Spot Dodge duration reduced from 24 (22 active) to 22 (20 active).
  • Spot Dodge duration increased from 14 (12 active) to 18 (16 active); Increased friction on grounded Spot Dodge momentum.
  • For 5 frames after leaving stun, can perform a directional Dodge while on the ground.



  • Decreased Backdash recover time from 10 to 7.
  • Using a down diagonal input will prefer Dash over Dodge. Allows Dash instead of a Chase Dodge or Dodge after leaving stun.
  • When not already dashing, the turn delay before performing a forward Dash instead of a Backdash is smaller if pressing side instead of down diagonal.
  • Made it easier to drop or dodge through a soft platform if pressing down instead of down diagonal.


Test Features Improvements and Fixes

  • Updated several Dash animations on Hammer, Scythe, Katars, Blasters, and Spear.
  • Updated Bow’s Backdash animation.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to bypass the turn delay on forward Dash after leaving some powers.
  • Fixed a bug that let players Chain Dodge in the opposite direction by turning before an upward Chase Dodge.



  • Added vertical Speed Dodge animation.
  • Made minor tweaks to running animations when holding a gadget.



This week we are bringing a number of improvements to the threat areas of powers on both base kits and individual legend Signatures. We have shifted power from other areas in the respective kits to keep their overall strength relatively similar, as we head towards our final SS tier event in the Brawlhalla Circuit. We look forward to seeing you all at Shine 2017!

Rocket Lance

The Rocket Lance’s Ground Pound covers a great amount of range while also being incredibly strong, as one of the largest weapons in Brawlhalla. We have reigned in the horizontal coverage, focusing the attack more towards the end of the lance engine to be less oppressive off-stage.

  • Rocket Lance Ground Pound: Rehitboxed to better match the animation, resulting in more coverage during contact with the ground, but tighter horizontal coverage during the descent.



Similar to the Rocket Lance, the Katars Ground Pound’s horizontal coverage has been reigned in slightly to compensate for its excellent travel speed. This power has been shifted into the Recovery to slightly increase the reward of upward attacks, particularly at later damage values.

  • Katars Recovery: Increased Force from 43 Variable/72 Fixed to 46 Variable/72 Fixed.
  • Katars Ground Pound: Rehitboxed the trigger range during descent, resulting in tighter horizontal coverage.



The Bow Side Light now has Variable Force, both to alter gameplay at higher damage values, as well as allowing Directional Influence for targets who are struck by this power in 2v2 matches.

  • Bow Side Light: Changed Force from 0 Variable/52 Fixed to 15 Variable/48 Fixed.



We have shifted power from Cassidy’s downward-directed Blasters Signature into her upward-directed Signature. The hit window for the Down Blasters is now identical for all blasts, allowing a greater degree of counterplay when advancing against this power. The Neutral Blasters, however, was trailing behind other similar options, so we have increased the reward and responsiveness for greater use of this Signature.

  • Cassidy Down Blasters: Reduced hit window of final shot from 12 to 8 to match timing of the previous blasts; Decreased Recover time from 19 to 17.
  • Cassidy Neutral Blasters: Increased Damage from 19 to 22; Decreased Minimum Charge from 8 to 6.



Gnash’s Down Hammer provided a great deal more frame advantage than any other Signature, so we have brought it in line with other similar options, while increasing the reward to match this shift in power. In addition, we have sped up his Down Spear, as it had a Time to Hit that was far greater than most other Signatures.

  • Gnash Down Hammer: Increased Damage of the rock explosion from 20 to 22; Increased Force from 64 Variable/61 Fixed to 64 Variable/68 Fixed; Decreased Stun from 54 to 34.
  • Gnash Down Spear: Decreased Minimum Charge from 14 to 12.



The reward on Mirage’s Down Spear was too high for its coverage and speed, so we have adjusted the force and speed to be more in line with its damage and area of effect. Some of this power has been shifted as increased reward for the Neutral Scythe, as it was slightly below options with similar threat area.

  • Mirage Down Spear: Decreased Force from 51 Variable/72 Fixed to 48 Variable/65 Fixed; Increased Minimum Charge from 5 to 9.
  • Mirage Neutral Scythe: Increased Damage from 22 to 25.



Orion’s Neutral Spear is now focused more towards the users front, providing more avenues of approach when combating this attack. As compensation for the loss in coverage, we have increased the reward on Orion’s Down Lance, as its knockout potential is moderately below that of most other Signatures.

  • Orion Neutral Spear: Rehitboxed to better match the animation, resulting in the threat area focusing more towards the front of the user.
  • Orion Down Lance: Increased Force from 53 Variable/45 Fixed to 55 Variable/48 Fixed.



We have rehitboxed some of Teros’ key Signatures, resulting in a shift of coverage for both his Neutral Hammer and Down Axe. The Neutral Hammer is a strong tool as a followup or as a dodge read, and has seen a shift towards this notion, with the threat area now being more focused in the air. Conversely, the Down Axe now covers closer to the user, not fully hitting stacked opponents, but will strike those who are slightly to either side.

  • Teros Neutral Hammer: Rehitboxed to better match the animation, resulting in increased coverage toward the bottom of the strike, but tighter coverage near the user.
  • Teros Down Axe: Rehitboxed to better match the animation, resulting in increased coverage near the user.



The potential reward on Yumiko’s Down Bow was less than that of her Down Hammer, while also affecting a more difficult to use area. We have increased the stun time for tighter followups that are more in line with its purpose.

  • Yumiko Down Bow: Increased stun of final flame from 15 to 17.


Wu Shang

The angle of knockback on Wu Shang’s Side Gauntlets has been matched more closely with the angle of the animation. However, this increases the likelihood of on-stage bounces and also reduces the knockout potential due to the angle of the bounce. As such, we have slightly increased the variable force to restore some of the lost power, while preventing off-stage strikes from being overwhelming.

  • Wu Shang Side Gauntlets: altered direction of force to better match the angle of attack, resulting in a steeper downward trajectory; Increased Force from 50 Variable/60 Fixed to 52 Variable/60 Fixed.



Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that would not grant you colors when you leveled. You can now play a match with a character whose colors you may have missed in order to receive them.
  • Unarmed Neutral Air: Fixed a case where target could be dropped before the final hit.
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