Brawlhalla Weekly Rotation – June 19, 2019

Brawlhalla Weekly Rotation – June 19, 2019

Last week we introduced a new Epic Crossover event with Finn, Jake, and Princess Bubblegum from Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time! We’re continuing the celebration with the new Buddy game mode featured as the Brawl of the Week, bonus login Gold, and more.

For those in the pursuit for Glory, the new Ranked Season 13 will start on July 3rd. We’ve also updated items on sale and the Legends on the free-to-play Legend rotation.

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Finn, Jake, and Princess Bubblegum are new Epic Crossovers! Epic Crossovers feature custom Signature effects, custom lock-in animations, dedicated Roster spots, and two new Weapon Skins.

In Brawlhalla, Finn, Jake, and Princess Bubblegum mirror the abilities of Jhala, Kor, and Lord Vraxx, respectively, and will be staying in Mallhalla after the event ends. ADVENTURE TIME and all related characters are trademarks of and © Cartoon Network.



  • Finn Epic Crossover – “He’ll slay anything that’s evil – that’s his deal!”
    • Finn sports the metal arm Princess Bubblegum made for him.
  • Jake Epic Crossover – “A cool dog with stretchy powers!”
    • When Jake uses his stretchy powers, they color swap with him! Also he turns into a car.
  • Princess Bubblegum Epic Crossover – “She has science on her side!”
    • Lady Rainicorn also teleports in to aid Princess Bubblegum in battle.

KO Effect

  • Rainicorn Rumble
    • “Make it Rainicorn.”
    • Featuring Lumpy Space Princess, Gunter, and a few of your favorite Candy People!

This Adventure Time event also includes:

  • Daily login bonus of 250 Gold to celebrate the Adventure Time Epic Crossover event!
  • A new Adventure Time themed Free-for-All map, Tree Fort.
  • A new Adventure Time themed Game Mode and Brawl of the Week – Buddy!
  • An Adventure Time UI Takeover!


Come on grab your friend in this mathematical mode! Pick the ultimate 2v2 team and play as both Legends at the same time! Build up enough damage on your opponent’s two Legends to bounce them around into oblivion. Hold Down or Dodge to help position your dudes. Score the most KOs to win!

  • New Buddy Game Mode
  • 1v1 Teams
  • Control 2 Legends at the same time!
  • Score the most KOs to win!

  • Follow BMO to find all the Adventure Time Epic Crossover goodies.
  • We’re currently rapidly rotating through chests. See the in-game timer to know when the next chest will rotate.
  • Check out the new Sales items!


The new Legend rotation for this week includes: Jhala, Kor, Lord Vraxx, Nix, Thor, Ember, Brynn, and Xull.

  • Jhala – Given the title “Exalted Lion” by Apollo himself, Jhala “The Unbroken” takes the glamor of Valhalla in stride while having fun slaying her foes with Axe and Sword.
  • Kor – Blackguard Keep’s left platform mover takes his place in the arena wielding both Gauntlets and Grappling Hammer.
  • Lord Vraxx – This feared warlord dominates his opponents with Rocket Lance and Blasters!
  • Nix – Led by a thousand year hunt, this reaper, armed with both Blasters and Scythe, has found herself new bounty in Valhalla.
  • Thor – Finally entering the ring, Thor, God of Thunder, makes his appearance in the Grand Tournament with his trusty Hammer, Mjölnir, and his powerful Orb.
  • Ember – This quick and dexterous elf does battle in Valhalla with Bow, Katars and her two companions: a wolf named Ash and her raven named Yarra.
  • Brynn – Competing for the pure joy of it, this Valkyrie has seen many victories due to her skill with the Axe and Spear.
  • Xull – With legendary physical strength, this Axe and Cannon wielding Orc Warlord is ready to challenge everyone and everything in Valhalla!


Legend splash