We’re continuing the Autumn Championship 2019 celebration with limited-time seasonal cosmetic items in Mallhalla! The charity Salute Taunt, our newest Legend Vector, and his three new Skins are also still available.

Additionally, we’ve updated the Brawl of the Week to Horde, updated the Legends on the free-to-play Legend rotation, and changed items on sale.

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We kicked off the seasonal championship this weekend, and we’re continuing the celebration with two new limited-time cosmetic items in Mallhalla. The International Autumn Championship (October 4th – 6th) start this weekend!

  • Avatar
    • Autumn Shard 2019 Avatar
      • “Show your hype for the Autumn Championship 2019!”
  • Weapon Skin
    • Autumn Wind Katars
      • “Need help turning over a new leaf?”
  • Watch the International Autumn Championship live this weekend at brawlhalla.com/watch.

We’re proud to present our charity Salute Taunt in Mallhalla for a limited time! 

  • All of our proceeds from the Brawlhalla Salute Taunt will go directly to Direct Relief, a non-profit charity organization that helps people affected by poverty or emergency situations, like those in need of care due to Hurricane Dorian.

Team up with 3 friends and defend the gates of the Great Hall against an army of demons! How many waves can you hold off? Do well enough and Gruagach might join the fight against you!

  • Horde Game Mode
  • 4 players
  • Fight the waves of demons!
  • Survive and defend as long as you can!

  • New Autumn Championship Items
    • Autumn Shard 2019 Avatar
    • Autumn Wind Katars
  • Find our newest Legend, Vector, and his 3 Skins, each with different jet forms!
  • Our charity Salute Taunt is available for a limited time. All of our proceeds will go to relief funds for Hurricane Dorian.
  • We’re currently rapidly rotating through chests. See the in-game timer to know when the next chest will rotate.
  • Check out the new Sales items!

The new free-to-play Legend rotation for this week includes: Bödvar, Sentinel, Sidra, Rayman, Diana, Dusk, Artemis, and Queen Nai.

  • Bödvar – He is the Protector of the North and dreams of endless battle. Bödvar has broken down the doors to Valhalla himself and is ready to take down his foes with Sword and Hammer!
  • Sentinel – The first and greatest costumed superhero in America has come to Asgard, finding those who need protecting and vanquishing injustice with his Katars and Grappling Hammer.
  • Sidra – The Corsair Queen, known for her legendary and fearless raids, is prepared to fight with her Sword and Cannon!
  • Rayman -The Champion of the Glade of Dreams, wielding his Gauntlets and Axe, has found his way into Valhalla on a mission to save his home.
  • Diana – Commander of the Order’s hunters, she uses her Bow and Blasters to slay countless beasts and monsters.
  • Dusk – Wielding his Spear and a powerful Orb, carved from stone and magic, Dusk seeks to spread chaos throughout Valhalla.
  • Artemis – Transversing the universe in search of her rival Orion, Artemis has ripped open a wormhole into Valhalla, armed with a Rocket Lance and Scythe; she is ready to fight!
  • Queen Nai – With each victory nourishing the gods of her people, Queen Nai has come wielding Katars, Spear, and her powerful sorcery.

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