Brawlhalla Weekly Rotation – October 24, 2018

Brawlhalla Weekly Rotation – October 24, 2018

This week we’ve changed the Brawl of the Week to Switchcraft 2v2! We also added the Ragnarök Chest, changed items on sale in Mallhalla, reset missions, and updated what Legends are on the free-to-play Legend rotation for this week.


Ragnarök Chest

The Ragnarök Chest has surfaced and comes with exclusive Skins for Queen Nai, Ulgrim, and Mordex for a limited time!

  • Three exclusive Skins: Nidhogg Nai, Jotun Ulgrim, and Fenrir Mordex
  • Inspired by Norse mythology and the end of days.
  • Be a part of the final great battle with these Skins!


Brawl of the Week – Switchcraft 2v2!

Even more Switchcraft mayhem! Get a teammate and jump into this crazy 2v2 Stock battle. Pick 3 Legends, and watch their weapons and sigs get jumbled up. Battle equally scrambled opponents and try to knock out all 6 of their Stocks first to win!

  • 2v2 Teams
  • 3 Stocks for each player
  • Last team standing wins!



  • Ragnarök Chest available now with three exclusive Skins!
  • Check out Mallhalla for new sale items!


Legend Rotation

The new Legend rotation for this week includes: Diana, Artemis, Wu Shang, Jhala, Thatch, Mordex, Lin Fei and Bödvar

  • Diana – Commander of the Order’s hunters, she uses her Bow and Blasters to slay countless beasts and monsters.
  • Artemis – Transversing the universe in search of her rival Orion, Artemis has ripped open a wormhole into Valhalla, armed with a Rocket Lance and Scythe; she is ready to fight!
  • Wu Shang – Using the way of peace, discipline and martial arts, he takes down his foes with Spear and Gauntlets!
  • Jhala – Given the title “Exalted Lion” by Apollo himself, Jhala “The Unbroken” takes the glamor of Valhalla in stride while having fun slaying her foes with Axe and Sword.
  • Thatch – The tournament is a paradise of chaos and fire for this Madman of the Barbados as he uses Sword and Blasters.
  • Mordex – Wielding Gauntlets and Scythe, this lycanthrope steps into battle!
  • Lin Fei – A defender of the innocent and teacher of the lost ways. She is a great teacher who has developed her own fighting style, the ‘Way of the Iron Dragon,’ which utilizes her Cannon, Katars and an ancestral dragon-spirit.  
  • Bödvar – He is the Protector of the North and dreams of endless battle. Bödvar has broken down the doors to Valhalla himself and is ready to take down his foes with Sword and Hammer!

Legend splash