Brawlhalla Weekly Rotation – September 11, 2019

Brawlhalla Weekly Rotation – September 11, 2019

With students settling into the school semester, the Back to School Event is fading out soon! Don’t miss out on the seasonal Skins, Home Team Colors, bonus Gold, and more! Find these exclusive, limited-time items in Mallhalla by following the apples. 

For those in the pursuit for Glory, the new Ranked Season 14 will start on September 25th. Additionally, we’ve updated the Brawl of the Week to Ghost in the Terminus, changed the Legends on the free-to-play Legend rotation, and rotated the items on sale in Mallhalla.

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Don’t be late as the final bell rings for the Back to School Event! Dress to impress with Home Team Colors and exclusive Skins available for a limited time.

See the list below for all the Back to School items:

Exclusive Skins

  • Headmaster Fait – “Time to count the KOs, ready?”
  • Ace Spiker Lin Fei – “She’s got school spirit!”
  • Kindergarten Kaya – “Missed the bus? Take a mammoth instead.”
  • Gridiron Xull – “The best offense is more offense.”
  • First Day Asuri – “Don’t forget your bus number!”
  • Greased Lightning Koji –  “He’s got the chops!”
  • Detention Ada – “Being bad feels pretty good, huh?”


  • Home Team Colors
    • Show off your school spirit in these black, red, and gold colors.
    • Available for every Legend with hard-earned Gold!


  • Oodles of Doodles
    • An animated Avatar!
    • “The story’s in the margins.”
  • Brawlhalla 101
    • “Class is in session!”
    • Purchasable with your hard-earned Gold!

Back to School will also feature:

  • +250 bonus Gold per login!
  • A Back to School UI Takeover.

High five your partner and get ready to compete Rayman style! In Kung Foot anything goes as you kick, bash, and slash the ball through the opposing team’s goal in this 2v2 newcomer to the Brawlhalla sports scene. First team to score 5 goals wins!

  • 2v2
  • 5 goals
  • 100% Damage
  • 5 Minute Timer

  • Follow the apples for the Back to School goodies in Mallhalla!
  • We’re currently rapidly rotating through chests. See the in-game timer to know when the next chest will rotate.
  • Check out the new Sales items!

The new free-to-play Legend rotation for this week includes: Brynn, Sir Roland, Kaya, Sidra, Ragnir, Nix, Thor, and Kor.

  • Brynn – Competing for the pure joy of it, this Valkyrie has seen many victories due to her skill with the Axe and Spear.
  • Sir Roland – No one in Valhalla feels a greater thirst for victory in the tournament than Sir Roland, as he strikes down his opponents with Rocket Lance and Sword.
  • Kaya – Using her bow, spear and spirit animals, she is ready to try her luck in the Grand Tournament!
  • Sidra – The Corsair Queen, known for her legendary and fearless raids, is prepared to fight with her Sword and Cannon!
  • Ragnir – This apex predator, whose home is in the Fangwild, now ventures outward using his Katars and Axe to take on the rest of the Legends in Valhalla!
  • Nix – Led by a thousand year hunt, this reaper, armed with both Blasters and Scythe, has found herself new bounty in Valhalla.
  • Thor – Finally entering the ring, Thor, God of Thunder, makes his appearance in the Grand Tournament with his trusty Hammer, Mjölnir, and his powerful Orb.
  • Kor – Blackguard Keep’s left platform mover takes his place in the arena wielding both Gauntlets and Grappling Hammer.

Legend splash