On Sale: Brawlhalla x WWE!

On Sale: Brawlhalla x WWE!

To celebrate WrestleMania 40, all Brawlhalla x WWE Crossover items are on sale this weekend! 🤼

Unlock all the WWE Superstars in Brawlhalla at a discounted Mammoth Coin price beginning today –Friday, April 5 at 5am ET, until Monday, April 8 at 4:59am ET.

The full list of sale items includes:

The Rock Epic Crossover – “Can you smell what The Rock is cookin’?”

  • Sporting his signature weapon the “People’s Elbow,” The Rock is ready to battle the competition.

John Cena Epic Crossover – “You can’t see me.”

  • The leader of Cenation is ready to adjust some attitudes.

Becky Lynch Epic Crossover – “I am The Man.”

  • Watch out for her Manhandle Slam as Becky Two Belts dominates the arena.

Xavier Woods Epic Crossover – “Power of positivity!”

  • With his team mates Big E and Kofi, Xavier is bringing a New Day to the ring!

 The Undertaker Epic Crossover – “Death waits for no man.”

  • Equipped with his signature weapon, “The Last Ride,” The Deadman will bring down any challengers!

Roman Reigns Epic Crossover – “Unleash the Big Dog into the ring!”

  • The Big Dog uses even bigger punches to take out his enemies.

Asuka Epic Crossover – “The Empress of Tomorrow will take you down.”

  • No one is ready to cross paths with The Empress of Tomorrow!

Macho Man Epic Crossover – “I’m the cream of the crop!”

  • OOOOOH Yeah!!! “Macho Man” Randy Savage will show why he is the king of the ring!!

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