Brawlhalla x Butterfinger Promotion

Brawlhalla x Butterfinger Promotion

Buy a Butterfinger from Target in the USA and unlock Radiant Ember in Brawlhalla – now on mobile.

Visit to learn how you can get in on all the action. Learn more about the promotion by scrolling down to the bottom of this news post.

You can download Brawlhalla on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS by visiting

Key Information:

From now until September 20, 2020, players who purchase a 1.9 oz Butterfinger Bar or a 10.2 oz Fun Size Butterfinger bar at a Target in the USA will be able to redeem an unlock code for Ember and her special Skin.

After you have uploaded the receipt code to, you’ll have access to the Radiant Ember Legend Skin.

The Radiant Ember Legend Skin comes with two exclusive Weapon Skins that can be used with other playable Legends

The promotion ends September 20, 2020, but you have until October 4, 2020 to redeem the code.

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