Brawlhalla Patch 3.06 – Brawlhallidays Update!

Brawlhalla Patch 3.06 – Brawlhallidays Update!

Hello and welcome to the Brawlhalliday Update! Once again we’re celebrating the season with a flurry of holiday festivities, items, and Brawlhalliday spirit. We’re also starting the new Ranked Season! Check your inventory for Glory to spend in the special Ranked section of the store. We are also adding game balance, new bug fixes, and more. Enjoy the patch, and have a Happy Brawlhallidays!  


Happy Brawlhallidays!

  • Bonus login gold each day of the Brawlhallidays!
  • Snow has fallen on several stages across Brawlhalla.
  • We’ve decked the halls of Mallhalla with limited time Brawlhalliday items. Check them out!


Mallhalla For the Brawlhallidays

  • Christmas Colors for every Legend! (at 1500 Gold each)
  • Winners Wonderland Podium
  • Nutrcracker Bodvar
  • Nutcracker Val
  • Krampus Cross
  • Wreck The Halls Teros
  • Holly Jolly Ember
  • Snowman Kor
  • Secret Santa Thatch
  • Frostbite KO Effect
  • Bomby the Snowman Avatar
  • Mjolnir Snowflake Avatar


Brawl of the Week – Snowbrawl!

  • 4 Player FFA Snowbrawl!
  • Most points win.
  • Caution: Snowballs have been known to explode on impact.

New Season  – Rewards and Soft Elo reset!

If you’re new to Seasons, here’s some of the information you should know. You’re going to have a soft elo reset, and you’ll also receive Glory, the currency you receive for playing ranked. You can use it in a special section of Mallhalla to get special colors and weapon skins to show your dedication to your favorite Legend. We hope you enjoy your rewards and enjoy the New Season!

Note: Current Seasons for each platform are Season 7 (PC) and Season 2 (PS4).


New Ranked Mallhalla Items!

  • Skyforged Cannon and Goldforged Cannon have been added to Mallhalla.


Soft Elo Reset Formula

Soft Elo Reset is based on your current elo at the end of the season.


1v1 and 2v2 Personal Rating

  • Under 1400: New Elo = Old Elo
  • Over 1400: New Elo = 1400 + (Old Elo – 1400) / (3 – (3000 – Old Elo) / 800)


2v2 Team and Legend Rating

  • 2v2 Team & Legend Ratings  have been brought closer to 750.
  • Under 2000: Elo = (Elo + 375) / 1.5
  • Over 2000, we aggressively brought you back down as a way of resetting the top tiers. Diamond level players will be reset to high gold or low platinum.


Glory Earnings Calculation

Glory earned is based on a combination of your Highest Peak Rating (highest 1v1, 2v2, team, or Legend rating/elo) and total Wins. This was designed in order to reward both skill and dedication for those who pursue Glory.

You gain 20 Glory per win up to 150 wins which gets you 3000 Glory. After 150 wins, each subsequent win gives you slightly less.


Note: There is a minimum requirement of 10 games played to be eligible for Glory based on your rating.


Ranked Borders from Season 6 (PC) and Season 1 (PS4)

If you placed in gold or better in your best rating, you are given a ranked border that people will see in the match preview screen. There are ranked borders for gold, platinum, and diamond tiers. These will last for one season and will be updated again after the new season comes to a close.

Your border from any previous season does not carry over or have any impact on your current border reward.

Ranked Avatars from Season 6 (PC) and Season 1 (PS4)

Ranked Avatars include prestigious versions for those who’ve placed in high ranks during previous seasons. For example, if you placed in Platinum last season and Gold this season you’ll receive the upgraded versions of the Competitor’s Badge and Gold Emblem. You will still have your original Platinum Emblem avatar from previous seasons.

You must play a minimum of 10 games to receive ranked avatars / borders at ANY rank.

  • Competitor’s Badge: Awarded to anyone who plays 10 Ranked Games or more.
  • Gold Emblem: Awarded to players who finish at Gold or above.
  • Platinum Emblem: Awarded to players who finish at Platinum or above.
  • Diamond Emblem: Awarded to players who finish at Diamond.
  • Upgraded versions of Ranked Avatars are awarded to those who have earned the same Avatar in any previous seasons.


5th & 6th Tier Ranked Avatar Upgrade Information 

For players who have reached the 5th Tier of an avatar by reaching a certain rank or higher for five total seasons: the 5th Tier of that avatar will stay in your inventory permanently! Congratulations on your achievements!

The 6th Tier Avatar, for those who have reached a certain rank or higher for six total seasons, will take on a brand new look! These avatars will grow more and more prestigious with each subsequent seasonal repeat up to Tier 10, at which point the Tier 10 avatar will remain in your inventory permanently.

In short, every 5 Tiers of avatars, you’ll keep the most awesome, most decked out version permanently, and then start work on a new version for subsequent tiers for 6-10, 11-15, and so on.

Community Request

  • The maximum number of items will now spawn immediately at the beginning of Warm-Up Mode when waiting in a queue.


Test Features

  • Removed Danger Zone and the original Twilight Grove from Experimental matchmaking.


Animation and SFX.

  • Tweaked Bow animations so that long hair would layer more correctly over shoulders.
  • Different impact sound for Cannon when firing instead of swinging.
  • Relayered legs on certain hammer animations to visually sort better with skins that have skirts.



  • Slight improvement to map loading speed.
  • PS4 – Fixed performance issues associated with animating podiums.




The Axe has received several changes to key moves in an effort to increase its flow of attacks and string potential. This is primarily focused in a change of setup location for the Side Light, beginning with a higher minimum height of knockback with slower scaling as damage increases, resulting in the Down Light combo only being available at early damage ranges before shifting into a combo with the Neutral Air. Stun and Force values have been shifted for the Neutral Air to better fit as a string tool with variable followups.

  • Axe Neutral Light: Increased Stun from 24 to 26.
  • Axe Side Light: Decreased Force from 72 Fixed/12 Variable to 68 Fixed/7 Variable; Angle of knockback is now more vertical; Increased Stun from 28 to 31.
  • Axe Neutral Air: Decreased Force from 44 Fixed/23 Variable to 40 Fixed/20 Variable; Decreased Stun from 32 to 30.



Scythe Side Light’s knockback has been altered to create greater variation in possible followups, with the new height widening the dodge window before a Neutral Light followup, while assisting in landing attacks such as Side Air, Neutral Air, and certain Signatures. With these new routes we have also shifted some Force between the reverse and neutral versions of the Neutral Air, not only to soften the threat of off-stage reversals while increasing the reliability of on-stage pressure, but also to create earlier breaks in strings involving the neutral version. We have also reined in the Ground Pound due to the kits commanding edgeguard ability, and the overall utility of this attack.

  • Scythe Side Light: Increased knockback of the soft version, resulting in a higher setup location.
  • Scythe Neutral Air: Increased Force on the neutral version from 54 Fixed/44 Variable to 54 Fixed/46 Variable; Decreased Force on the reverse version from 34 Fixed/42 Variable to 34 Fixed/39 Variable.
  • Scythe Ground Pound: Decreased Damage from 18 to 16; Decreased front coverage during the middle of the swing; Decreased Force from 65 Fixed/35 Variable to 60 Fixed/33 Variable.



The Cannon has received several adjustments to increase its overall threat and the position it places itself when attacking opponents. The Side Air’s priority has been increased, giving it a bit more reach beyond the user for better use as an approach option, while the Side Light has received an increase to its Hit Window with a similar goal. We have also softened the Down Air’s self-impulse on the user, resulting in a more advantageous position when striking an opponent off-stage, as well as making the attack easier to aim.

  • Cannon Side Light: Increased Hit Window from 5 to 6.
  • Cannon Side Air: Increased priority (i.e. the space between the attack’s maximum range and the user’s hurtbox).
  • Cannon Down Air: Increased Stun from a range of 19~13 to a range of 20~14; Decreased self-impulse during the attack.



A number of Signatures for underperforming Legends have received increases to reward or benefits to their utility. Xull has received such benefits in the form of increased range on his trap Signatures, given the low priority of his Side Signatures and the Cannon kit as a whole. Sidra, Ada, and Cassidy have received reward increases to bring them closer in line with similar options across the roster, while the risk and reward on Artemis’ Down Scythe have been adjusted for more desirable use of this Signature.

  • Xull Neutral Cannon: Increased maximum range when the trap snaps shut.
  • Xull Side Cannon: Increased Damage from 21 to 25.
  • Xull Down Axe: Increased maximum range when the trap snaps shut.
  • Sidra Neutral Cannon: Increased Damage from 21 to 23; Increased Force from 48 Fixed/50 Variable to 50 Fixed/53 Variable.
  • Artemis Down Scythe: Increased Force from 65 Fixed/45 Variable to 65 Fixed/49 Variable; Decreased Recover time on miss from 18 to 16.
  • Ada Down Spear: Increased Damage from 20 to 23.
  • Ada Neutral Spear: Increased Damage from 21 to 24.
  • Cassidy Neutral Hammer: Increased Damage from 15 to 20.


New Legend Rotation

This week’s new Legend Rotation features Ada, Koji, Queen Nai, Mordex, Scarlet, and Xull.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where leaving during “Waiting for game to start” could cause crashes and unexpected behavior.
  • Fixed store bug where purchasing or refunding a Legend that is eligible for a White or Black Color Scheme didn’t appropriately refresh the options in the Colors tab in the store.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the loading screen to show over gameplay.
Legend splash