Welcome to Brawlhalloween! The spooky season of tricks, treats, and frightening feats is here! We’ve got holiday bonus gold, spooky skins, scary Switchcraft, and a slew of other goodies available for those who want to get into the holiday spirit! We’ve also improved server performance, adjusted Cannon balance, and squashed a number of bugs. Don’t worry, we left the spiders and their webs outside Blackguard Keep intact.


  • A bonus 250 Gold on top of every daily login during Brawlhalloween!
  • Three new skins!
    • Punkin Spice Yumiko – “In every town, village, and city. There’s no escape. Ever.”
    • The Monster Gnash – “Graveyard smaaaash!”
    • Immortal Caspian – “When you’re a vampire thief, the stakes are always high.”
  • The return of spooky skins for Scarlet, Lucien and Diana!
  • New Podium! – Graveyard Shift.
  • Jac-KO-Lantern KO Effect
  • Avatars
    • Pumpkin Pyre (Animated Avatar – 60 Mammoth coins)
    • RIP  (Halloween Avatar – 6000 Gold)
  • Halloween Colors! (3000 Gold per Legend)
  • Brawlhalloween is scheduled to run for three weeks! Enjoy the spooky season!



  • Odin’s Chest is now available in Mallhalla! Odin’s Chest contains 16 skins and two chest exclusive skins: Watchief Bodvar and Forgeheart Teros!
  • The Sandstorm Chest has been removed from Mallhalla for continued investigations into its origin.


2017 BCX Pack is out! 

Celebrate the second annual Brawlhalla World Championship with the BCX 2017 Pack! This limited time pack contains 300 Mammoth Coins, the BCX 2017 Avatar, and an exclusive Mammoth Superfan Sidekick. The BCX Pack will be available to purchase on Steam and the PlayStation Store.


Brawl of the Week – 1v1 Switchcraft!

  • Choose your three favorite Legends and watch as their weapons and signatures are switched in the spookiest ways possible.
  • Standard 1v1 Ruleset & Mapset.


Server Performance

  • Improved handling of load and general capacity improvements for the core server.



This week we have a few early adjustments to the Cannon’s base kit. The Neutral Light has received reductions to both its startup and force to bring them in line with its strong positional advantage on hit, as well as widening dodge windows that involve the Neutral Light as a followup attack. To a similar end, we have given the Down Air increased recover time and stun, resulting in slightly less frame advantage on hit. These changes together have opened a healthy dodge window for the Down Air into Neutral Light combo. We have shifted some of this lost power into the Side Light, increasing its force for greater positional gain and slightly earlier knockouts when opponents are heavily damaged.

  • Cannon Neutral Light: Increased Time to Hit from 7 to 8; Decreased Force from 40 Fixed/41 Variable to 40 Fixed/38 Variable.
  • Cannon Side Light: Increased Force from 100 Fixed/33 Variable to 100 Fixed/36 Variable.
  • Cannon Down Air: Adjusted Force scaling at low damage; Decreased Recover time scaling when landing; Increased total Recover Time on Hit from 10 Fixed to 11 Fixed; Increased total Recover Time on Miss from 7 Fixed/18 Variable to 8 Fixed/18 Variable; Increased Stun from a range of 17~11 to a range of 19~13.


New Legend Rotation

This week’s new Legend Rotation features Artemis, Azoth, Jhala, Lucien, Kor and Queen Nai.


Bug Fixes

  • PS4 – In the character select customizer menu, stopped a lot of skins from extending past the square icon bounds.
  • PS4 – Fixed a bug where thrown mines appear green instead of red.
  • PS4 – Fixed a bug where a few textures would render at lower resolution.
  • Fixed crash that could occur when the UI forced itself closed and you were deep within nested UI.
  • Fixed a rare layering bug that would cause the handle to appear wrong on certain bows during the Bow’s Down Air attack.
  • Fixed a bug with Cannon Ground Pound hitbox position when it was held for 60 or more frames.

PS4 Update Note

As usual, Patch 3.01 will arrive on PC first, with PS4 being updated shortly afterwards. We are aiming to have the PS4 patch live tomorrow morning. Our goal is for this gap to get smaller and smaller, and are doing our best to get our awesome PlayStation players the update as fast as possible!