Celebrating Six Years of Brawlhalla!

Celebrating Six Years of Brawlhalla!

Join us to celebrate Brawlhalla’s sixth anniversary! This seasonal event is full of party favors including new Hattori & Kor Skins, a new exclusive Emote, Podium, and more. Just follow the fancy top hats in Mallhalla. 

Tune in to the epic final battles in BCX International Finals Weekend Watch some of Brawlhalla’s best players from around the world go head to head in singles, starting this Friday. There’s also a new set of Viewership Rewards available to earn just by watching the livestreams. The more you watch, the more you earn!

Also this week, Ravenqueen is playing a new venue. It’s Munin’s free-to-play Legend Rotation debut! You can now play as everyone’s favorite rockin’ raven for free from now until November 16th. 

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Break out the party hat and cake – it’s time to celebrate Brawlhalla’s Six Year Anniversary! This seasonal event features exclusive cosmetic items, including new Hattori & Kor Skins, Colors, and much more. Players can also claim the free Title “Socialite” just by logging in to Brawlhalla during the event! 

See the list below for all the exclusive party favors:


Maître d’Hattori

  • “She’ll serve you a memento mori.”
  • Hattori is ready to deal you a KO with her Celebratory Sabre and Corsage Royale Spear.

Gentleman Kor

  • “Simultaneously neat and on the rocks.”
  • Kor’s been buffed and polished for the celebration! He’s accessorized too with Cuffed Regalia Gauntlets and Disco Brawl Hammer

Ritzy Bödvar

  • “I can bear-ly contain my excitement.”
  •  Adorned with his Hammer Decorum and Gilded Glory, Bödvar is ready to celebrate in his new attire!


6th Cake-aversary

  • “Cassidy’s found a new recipe.”
  • Party with your opponents with some cake!


Gilded Deco 2021

  • “Celebrate our 6th Anniversary with this newly lacquered Podium!”
  • Featuring animations and sound effects, dazzle your opponents on this lavish Podium.


Gala Colors

  • Dress to impress with these white, black, and gold colors.
  • Available for every Legend!

The Anniversary event also includes:

  • A free “Socialite” Title by logging on to Brawlhalla during the Anniversary event!
  • Daily login bonus of 250 Gold to celebrate this event.
  • Anniversary-themed UI Takeover! Follow the top hats in Mallhalla to find all the goodies.

It’s all been leading up to this! Watch the best Brawlhalla players from around the world go head to head in 1v1 for International Finals Weekend. 

Tune in to watch the action live on twitch.tv/brawlhalla!

  • Australia/Southeast Asia Singles, Finals – Friday, November 12th
  • Europe Singles, Finals – Saturday, November 13th
  • South America Singles, Finals – Sunday, November 14th
  • For times in your local time zone, see brawlhalla.com/schedule.

Earn exclusive Esports Viewership Rewards by tuning in to Brawlhalla’s Esports Twitch streams. The longer you watch, the more you earn! The rewards for International Finals Weekend are:

  • Esports Colors v.2
  • Chariot Ride Bow
  • Aethon’s Wing Greatsword
  • BCX 2021 Brawler Avatar

To learn more about Brawlhalla Esports Year Six, visit brawlhalla.com/esports

In the last patch update, we’ve introduced a new Emojis system so players can communicate on all platforms! Players can use Emojis to communicate after or between matches on the Scoreboard screen and in the Lobby. There are 15 Emojis featuring different Legends with unique expressions and emotions.

  • Players now can express themselves on all platforms!
  • The default bindings to use an Emoji are: “]”on keyboard and “RB” on controller. There is a small cooldown timer after consistently using an Emoji.
  • Saying “GG” after a match will automatically activate the “GG” Emoji for an easy shortcut.
  • If a player is muted, their Emojis are hidden from the player that muted them.
  • Since post-game chat was a feature only available on the Steam client and did not exist between platforms, it has been replaced by the Emoji system. It is still available in character select, mid-match for spectators, custom lobbies, matchmaking lobbies, and the main menu for clans on PC and Mac.
  • There are now options for PC and Mac players to customize their chat visibility between all, friends+clanmates, or no chat.

Looking for your next Ranked 2v2 partner or want to spar against the last opponent you played? Players can now invite other players they just brawled with or against from matchmade games to a lobby! 

  • This can be done from the Scoreboard screen either from the Inspect menu or the Lobby menu in the top-right hub.
  • Players select what type of lobby to invite other brawlers to, but the type of lobby will not change until the invited player joins.
  • A notification will appear if the invited player accepts the invitation. Players can accept the invitation from their notifications in the Lobby menu or Main Menu.
  • Players can also invite their opponent even if they are not on their friends list.

Pick your best 5 Legends and face off against your opponents best 5 Legends in this intense 300% damage battle! When you lose a stock the next Legend in your list spawns in ready to fight. KO your opponent 5 times to win!

  • 1v1 Strikeout
  • 5 Stocks
  • 300% Damage
  • Legend changes after each stock!

For those looking for a fright, the Halloween Bundle brings treasures from the depths of the underworld:

  • Nix Legend Unlock
  • Scarecrow Nix Skin with Reaping Time Scythe & Birdshot Blasters
  • Maniacal Laugh Emote

This limited-time promotion is available to all Amazon Prime members. You can claim your loot here!

  • Follow the fancy top hats to locate all the Anniversary items!
  • New Legend: Munin – The Raven
    • Weapons: Scythe, Bow
    • Stats: 5 Strength, 6 Dexterity, 4 Defense, 7 Speed
    • 3 new Skins: Magpie Munin, Hugin, DJ Hugin
  • Looking for a certain chest? We’re rapidly rotating through chests, so check out the in-game timer to know when the next chest will rotate.
  • Find the new sales items!

This week Munin performs her debut concert in this week’s free Legend rotation! Also featuring: Wu Shang, Lucien, Zariel, Gnash, Mako, Scarlet, Sidra, and Fait.

  • Munin – Rocking out to the sweet sounds of her Scythe and Bow, she’s ready to brawl in the Grand Tournament and finish her next Ravenqueen concert!
  • Wu Shang – Using the way of peace, discipline and martial arts, he takes down his foes with Spear and Gauntlets!
  • Lucien – This mysterious highwayman is always scheming for gold, and now has come to Valhalla to take part in the tournament wielding Katars and Blasters!
  • Zariel – The Celestial, a warrior deity of Holy Justice, who abides in blessed Elysium. Zariel uses Gauntlets and Bow to take down both Demon hordes and any warrior participating in the Grand Tournament.
  • Gnash – In the darkness, before the dawn of history, this Legend was raised by the harsh jungle itself. This Super Hunter uses his Hammer and Spear in battle.
  • Mako – The ultimate apex predator from The Sea, Mako, with her Greatsword and Katars, aims to make fish meat out of her opponents in the Grand Tournament.
  • Scarlet – A former female boxing champion of England and head of the Royal Airship Navy, this Legend uses her ingenuity and steam power to build her own Rocket Lance and Hammer to take into battle.
  • Sidra – The Corsair Queen, known for her legendary and fearless raids, is prepared to fight with her Sword and Cannon!
  • Fait – Speaking to the stars and using glimpses of the future, Fait battles for good with her Scythe and Orb!

Legend splash