Community Art Showcase #81

Community Art Showcase #81

Welcome to the 81st Brawlhalla Community Art Showcase! We’ve got some fantastic art that ya’ll in the community have made that we want to show off! As always, thank you for continuing to create amazing community art and for sharing it online! 40S_D0-2VPBXN

Featured thumbnail art by SAMI –

Wow the community artists keep getting better. I’m in love with the textures and wispies.

This is so good! The attitude in the face and the coloring and lighting is all so good.

Oh my god! This is awesome! There’s so much to look at and each piece is amazing!


Yo, this is killer. Really well done by NastyShiJae.

MechaPunk did an awesome job drawing Darkheart Artemis.

Really well done, love the choice of camera angle by Dengry.

Oh so scary. Really good job on the splatter in the background and the design on the hood.

This looks straight out of a period piece art book. Like an archeologist unearthed it and put it in a museum.

Sh4 has a unique style that I adore. More mirage love this time.

So cute! Legends have to let their hair down once in a while too.

The texture and everything going on with the smoke is absolutely absurd.

Marshal Cassidy is here to arrest some varmints! 5NA_RK-VZ510G

:sparkles: 0A3Q2B-8V_RKK


:raised_hands: 54G94Z-CG_863

:100: 3JQ4MW-0AA_NY

:laughing: TQEN3K-0V65_P

:eyes: TAC66V-5_JVJ9

:zap: 9PJZJ4-6QY_2B

:fire: RZN33K-1XX2_E

:open_mouth: B4DX6F-T0_R44

:stevechamp: AGH8W1-31_K5X

Thanks for checking out the 81st Community Art Showcase. If you find something you like and want to share it with us, use the #BrawlhallaArt or tag us @Brawlhalla. If you’re looking for the CC’s then you’ll have to look throughout the post and figure out the missing character through trial and error. YP8FRG-21_6EG

Legend splash