Hello and welcome to the twelfth Community Roundup! The official Brawlhalla Championship Series kicks off tomorrow, June 17th at 1PM ET at Twitch.tv/brawlhalla. But seeing as that’s an official thing, I won’t go rambling about that anymore and just talk about Community awesomeness from here out. 

Community Art

Just one strip and two frames, but I’m calling it the first Brawlhalla web comic.

If you lost don’t come home – by RoslynnSommers

Some excellent character renders.


Scarlet by Fadin

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The fork for a trigger makes this skin.

Brawlhalla Skins

Your weekly Clunse

Hot – by Clunse


Nightwatch Sentinel – The Grittier Remake by blagnampje

Another cool skin from fluffle

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Videos and GIFs

The glorious FGN Crew via BereghostGames plays some more Brawlhalla, this time rocking out the Strike Out


Brawlhalla Weekly Continues with Episode 7 featuring Special Guest Twilight, 3rd Place finalist at Combo Breaker.



To all of you out there who think Lance isn’t the best thing ever I present to you this GIF.


Remember, with items you can turn a 2v1 into a 4v1.


The creator of this GIF dubbed this manuever ‘The Claptrap’. It’s hard to disagree.


Orion knows he has only a few seconds left to make a big play and…


Remember that time when Ember just went all ragemode all of a sudden? Bodvar remembers.


TheBads show off some ridiculous creativity in this 2v2 combo.



Thanks everyone for checking out the twelfth Community Roundup! If you’ve seen some great Brawlhalla things out there let us know! Send us a Tweet or let the community know on reddit