Community Roundup #15

Community Roundup #15

Our fan artists have been going wild this past week with a TON of new things they’ve made for Brawlhalla fans everywhere!

Community Art

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Greyscale Lord Vraxx by /u/DuckMathematician


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Scarlet by /u/cyberbubble99
Shark Attack Thatch by Clunse
Gauntlets / Lance 80s Hero by /u/MustacheGolem
Scarlet Riding Her Lance by /u/txtdata


Brawl Emote Gnash by alferreirahack
Vive La Revolucien by Clunse







Brawl League Continues Their Monday Mentoring, this time with PartOfTheCreed


Berthen breaks down how to ACTUALLY do the Russian Mafia Combo (really cool hammer combo, trust me, it’s awesome, you should learn it)


EggSoup gets a Jv4.


Diffensive continues to show off the best Bomb Montages in Brawlhalla.


Community Shoutout: BrawlLeague


BrawlLeague is a Brawlhalla Community organization centered around helping new players improve their skills, participate in entry level tournaments, find mentors, make friends and be part of something awesome. They’ve been helping players since their creation towards the beginning of open beta, and now have over 1,700 players in their community. If you’re new to the game and looking to level up your game, or are an experienced player looking for new sparing partners, BrawlLeague is the perfect place to go.

Join BrawlLeague on Discord at:

Visit their website at:


Thanks everyone for checking out the fifteenth Community Roundup! If you’ve seen some great Brawlhalla things out there let us know! Send us a Tweet or let the community know on reddit.

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