Community Roundup #20

Community Roundup #20

Welcome to the 20th Community Roundup! It’s been another great few weeks for Brawlhalla and we have more great things from the community to show off! 

Community Art


Diana by /u/38ll
Diana by /u/38ll


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it’s meant to be sketchy/painty before anyone says how the lines are uneven (especially on her glasses or whatever) its a new art style ok; tried to give her those egyptian eyes yoooo

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Orion by Clunse
Asuri by Clunse


Videos / GIFs


Hammer Combos Guide from Berthen.



When your good idea backfires.


Time for a little light reading. – Submitted by /u/master-silver-elite


Practice does pay off.


The Val pressure is real. – Submitted by /u/Magmabob


Val gauntlet air throw reset thingy? Sick gauntlet strings submitted by – /u/Stephanafro


Don’t count your KOs until they’ve really happened. – Submitted by /u/eulerhopepunk


Valkyrie Horns continue to be a source of never ending creativity. – Submitted by /u/Skibuster


Featured Streamer

Diffensive has been a long time member of the Brawlhalla community and has…well hold on, I’ll just let him tell you in his words.

“Hey y’all I’m Diffensive! I’ve been a part of the Brawlhalla community for over a year and making content for just as long. I’ve reached Diamond several times but still focus on having fun with the game! Check out my content on YouTube or hang out at 5pm EST on!” 

He’s certainly someone you should look up if you’re looking for daily Brawlhalla goodness.



Thanks everyone for checking out the twentieth Community Roundup! If you’ve seen some great Brawlhalla things out there let us know! Send us a Tweet or let the community know on reddit.

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