Welcome to the 30th Community Roundup and the first roundup of 2017! We’re here to show off recent artworks from the community and celebrate old favorites from the past year. Enjoy!

Community Art



Brawlhalla Art Community Collab


Here’s the full note from /u/38II, also known as Calamari-Pop, about the above collab.

Hello everyone! For the past few weeks a part of the Brawlhalla art community has been collaborating to make something great together! Although some people were forced to drop due to their circumstances, our collaborative work is still something we are proud of!

Although all of our styles might not collectively mesh, it’s a representation of just a part of the unique styles present in the community!

You can get different resolutions and even the invidual images here: http://sta.sh/24jsgmzl9nl?edit=1

Artists featured in this piece include:

Asuri: Assuri – https://www.youtube.com/c/datassuri

Ember: Eriveg

Jhala: Anonymous

Brynn: Lazthelazyartist – http://lazthelazyartist.tumblr.com/

Queen Nai: Dog/Kolahh – https://twitter.com/kolahh_

Ulgrim: Clunse – https://twitter.com/culonse

Gnash: GalaxyWing – http://galaxywing.deviantart.com/

Bodvar: Tobru

Scarlet and Cassidy: txtdata – https://twitter.com/txtdataOfficial

Hattori: Danny Longstrike – https://m.youtube.com/user/DLongstrike

Orion: TatataiaFurcchim – http://tatataiafurcchim.tumblr.com/

Kor: Koritos

Ada: OMGitsBarry – https://twitter.com/OmgItsBarry_

Roland: Frank/fjm12 – https://twitter.com/ArtByFjmII

Val: Andi/cyberbubble99 – https://twitter.com/cyberbubble99

Diana: Calamari-Pop (me!!) – https://twitter.com/CalamariPop


Ember by Beeabird


Mirage Painting by /u/cyberbubble99


Brawlhalla FFA Match by Sphuky









Diana Fanart


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Orion & Brynn by Tatataia


Brynn’s New Christmas Sweater by /u/Ginfar


Mirage by /u/Clunse


Kor by Tatataia


Wu Shang by /u/Danular


Orion Without His Helmet by /u/Totally_Mental


Ember and Diana Hanging Out by /u/Zicanborgen


Orion by /u/bouboum1998


Diana for Jellyfish by /u/38II


Lord Vraxx


Asuri Wallpaper by Davarcini


Brynn the Half-Valkyrie by /u/Soulbrewer


Some Dev Favorites From 2016

I asked the rest of the dev team to send me some of their favorite pieces from the last year and here’s what they chose!








20 minute sketch of Ember


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Date Night Nai Would Like a Word With You… [FAN ART]


Date Night Nai [FAN ART]


Diana – Chapter 1 (Created by Calamari-Pop // /u/38ll)


If you lose don’t come home by roslynnsommers


Val In a Suit by /u/cyberbubble99


Brawlhalla – Coloring by /u/cyberbubble99 Drawing by Amucchina


Asuri by Vivienegg


Octogrim by Clunse


Ulgrim Working On His Axe by txtdata




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