Community Roundup #37

Community Roundup #37

Welcome to the 37th Brawlhalla Community Roundup! We’re here to show off recent artworks from the community over the past month!

Community Art




The Brawlhalla Art Community has collaborated again, and this time, on a Summer themed collab!! from Brawlhalla


I drew a super saiyan Yumiko !!! from Brawlhalla


I made this fanart awhile ago, but I’ve since re-colored it to match some other pallets from Brawlhalla


i did a fanart of Jhala. from Brawlhalla


KOR’s real eye fanart. Hope un enjoy it ? from Brawlhalla


Brynn for Tiger from Brawlhalla


Queen Nai Fanart from Brawlhalla


Val Illustration By Xorldz from Brawlhalla


Thatch Illustration by Xorldz from Brawlhalla

maidgrim from Brawlhalla


Dianasaur (Fan Skin) from Brawlhalla

Minecraft Brawlhalla Artemis pixel art (5 day built) from Brawlhalla

Atleantean Orion fanart!! from Brawlhalla


drew some ada *gun noises* from Brawlhalla


grimstanza.jpg from Brawlhalla

Hattori & Koji from Brawlhalla

drew the new legend Thief (w/ freckles cuz why not)! from Brawlhalla

Tokyo Yumiko from Brawlhalla

Workout Val from Brawlhalla

They didn’t believe me I’m an Oreo main so I drew this to prove it. from Brawlhalla

Orion got a Kitty!! from Brawlhalla

I can’t quite get a grasp on how to fight her from Brawlhalla

Made it for the meme (Orion, Lucien ) from Brawlhalla



Fox Spirit Yumiko by Clunse

Angery Hattori by Vivienegg



Atlantean Orion by Clunse

Thanks everyone for checking out the thirty-seventh Community Roundup! If you’ve seen some great Brawlhalla art out there let us know! Send us a Tweet or let the community know on reddit.

Community Colors for you!


Legend splash