Community Roundup #6

Community Roundup #6

Hello everyone and welcome to the Community Roundup #6! The Brawlhalla Championship Series is going down tomorrow, Jhala just hit the Legend roster, PAX East was an absolute blast and we have two weeks of community goodness to catch up on. It’s been a wild couple of weeks, and I’m excited to be showing off some of the great things the community has been up to.


Community Art


Shoutouts to Clunse for the amazing artwork he’s been putting together of the entire Brawlhalla Roster over the last two weeks. You can click through the entire gallery of Legends below. So great to see all of our Legends reinterpreted in this style. Yes they’re cute. Very very cute.


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The gang’s all here

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New 3d Model from /u/Ace1537


BCS Grand Finals this Weekend!

This weekend the Brawlhalla Championship Series is holding their grand finals! After four weeks of intense qualifiers, it all comes down to this final proving ground between 16 of the best Brawlhalla players we’ve got. Take a look at the full announcement post, and we’ll see you in Twitch chat on Saturday.

When: Saturday, April 30th, 1PM EDT

 Previous BCS Weekly Tournament VODs

Videos and GIFs

Brawlhalla Weekly is a new weekly show presented by Partofthecreed and TWKsmash. Each week they go over recent news, tournaments, content additions and meta changes in Brawlhalla. Check out the first episode below.


Diffensive, longtime Brawlhalla player, takes Jhala for a spin on her release day in his on running “Two Glory!” series


I have to admit that I’m pretty excited for BCS. This playlist of Player Spotlights for the contenders this weekend certainly got me on board the hype train.


This montage from Turtle Galaxy features team [Z] with some amazing 2v2 coordination and all around epic plays


A brand new Top 5 Plays Series has just started this week from Silver Key. Check it out and let him know your thoughts on the series!


BrawlCast continues their Legend Analysis series with this video featuring Scarlet


The Lads took straight to the new Legend on release, finding a great 2v1 combo utilizing Jhala’s signatures.


Another Lads combo video with an improved 2v1 dual hammers combo.


In this GIF, Ulgrim gets annoyed with everything.


This clip from @JimBenOfficial shows just how important it is to end a match when you have a pizza in the oven.


In this clip Eulerhopepunk shows that she can wreck Legends in addition to drawing them. Remember everyone: early celebrations are dangerous.


Reddit user /u/SurakFox shows off a universal hammer string on Great Hall. Opponents need to be at orange health for this to work, but it certainly looks awesome.


Lanz got triggered. Please don’t anger Lanz.


Streamers You Should Watch 

Physek –  is back after a little time away! Before his break he was really good, go see how he does with the new state of the game! He’s great at giving advice to new players and is usually playing customs with his viewers.

Thanks everyone for checking out the sixth Community Roundup. If you’ve seen some great Brawlhalla things out there let us know! Send us a Tweet or let the community know on

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