Community Roundup #8

Community Roundup #8

Hello everyone and welcome to the Community Roundup #8! We’ve been working hard on some new features, including the next Legend who will be arriving with the new Gauntlets weapon. Meanwhile, the community has still be making amazing things that we’re excited to show off this week!


Community Art
Apprentice Ulgrim by Clunse
Kitsune Hattori Minimal Wallpaper by Hatterkiller


Aziz – Gauntlets / Blasters Legend Concept by lazthelazyartist


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Azoth Fanart from /u/txtdata


Orion by Blagnampje



Ember the Armored


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Kawaii Hattori =)



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Thatch wallpaper from /u/chuyqwerty

Videos and GIFs

Partofthecreed and company continue their podcast series with Brawlhalla Weekly Episode 3 with special guest and newest part of the dev team [BMG] Fodakahn.

Diffensive and [PSG] show off their new game type Death Tag.

OnTilt on Asuri shows us just how strong Katar pressure can be.

Sometimes you just get four or five reads in a row and…

Zero to death unarmed skills at its finest.

This is why you always gotta help out your team, because otherwise Koji goes crazy with the weapon assisted unarmed escalator combos.

Diana shows off incredibly calculative powers.


Streamers You Should Watch 

BerserkExo –  After a month off of streaming to focus on the Brawlhalla Championship Series, top player BeserkExo is back to streaming on the regular. He’s working towards a more consistent schedule in addition to remaining at the top of the Brawlhalla competitive scene. If you’re looking for a great player and personality to watch, Exo is certainly worth checking out.


Thanks everyone for checking out the eighth Community Roundup. If you’ve seen some great Brawlhalla things out there let us know! Send us a Tweet or let the community know on

Legend splash