Community Roundup #9

Community Roundup #9

Hello everyone and welcome to the Community Roundup #9! We are still working hard on Gauntlets, Golem, and other goodness. Meanwhile some absolutely amazing things have sprung out of the community this week, and we’re excited to show them off!


Community Art


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Golem by Clunse


Minimal Wallpaper Cyber Bodvar by Hatterkiller


Ada by Lazthelazyartist
Jhala Wallpaper from (/u/chuyqwerty)



Bonus Items

Physek’s Guide to a Successful Tournament

Physek, moderator of the Brawlhalla subreddit and organizer of community tournaments on his stream has put together a guide for how to run a successful Brawlhalla Tournament. This incredibly detailed outline is a great starting point for any member of the community who is interested in hosting a tournament for the first time.

Brawlspot is a brand new Brawlhalla fansite created by /u/chuyqwerty who you might recognize from his contributions of Brawlhalla wallpapers in recent roundups. While various portions of the site are still being built out, he’s opened it to the community for the first time this week. Go check it out!

Videos and GIFs

Partofthecreed and company continue their podcast series with Brawlhalla Weekly Episode 4 with special guest Pugsy, top Brawlhalla player and winner of the recent Brawlhalla Championship Series.


Psychic Style – A Brawlhalla Montage from Karmatrix featuring Ember and Orion


Patch with Snackxs this week was hilarious as always. This time around he covers Patch 2.14

The Lads are back, this time with an Ulgrim and Diana combo


You can probably guess where ‘The Bads’ got their name from. However, there’s nothing bad about this Scarlet and Jhala combo.


Lucien goes for the three stock with a solid Zero to KO katars combo.


In this GIF Lucien finds the perfect counter to an incredibly common sword edge guard technique.


Just realized there’s a lot of Lucien’s in this roundup. This time however, things go horribly wrong for the highwayman.



Thanks everyone for checking out the ninth Community Roundup. If you’ve seen some great Brawlhalla things out there let us know! Send us a Tweet or let the community know on

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