Enter Dracula’s Castle in Brawlhalla-vania! – Patch 7.00

Enter Dracula’s Castle in Brawlhalla-vania! – Patch 7.00

Join the fight against Evil in Brawlhalla-vania! Play as Simon Belmont & Alucard to hunt monsters and secure KOs. These legendary heroes enter the Grand Tournament with their iconic Weapons, unique Signature FX, lock-in animations & dedicated roster spots. 

This Epic Crossover event also introduces Switchcraft-vania, a new 1v1 Brawl of the Week mode that takes place inside Dracula’s Castle.

Starting today we’re also celebrating Brawlhalloween! That’s right, the spookiest season of them all has arrived with Mad Doctor Ulgrim and his latest experiment, Termin-gator Onyx.  

Patch 7.00 also brings many new features, bug fixes, and game improvements, such as new server regions: Middle East & Southern Africa, the ability to change your Legend before rematches, & more!

While you continue to rise through the ranks to become Valhallan, spend your hard earned Glory on new Ranked Emojis! Both Skyforged and Goldforged variations are now available under the “Ranked” tab in Mallhalla.

If that wasn’t enough, starting on November 2nd, we’re celebrating Brawlhalla’s 7th Anniversary with exclusive new seasonal items that are sure to be the life of the party!

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Join the fight against Dracula in Brawlhalla-vania! Introducing new Simon Belmont and Alucard Epic Crossovers. The legendary scions of the Belmont Clan & Dracula bloodline have joined the Grand Tournament with their iconic Weapons, custom Signature FX, unique lock-in animations, & dedicated roster spots. Find them in the “Crossovers” tab in Mallhalla.

In Brawlhalla, Simon Belmont and Alucard mirror the abilities of Jhala and Ezio, respectively, and will stay in Mallhalla after the event ends.


Alucard Epic Crossover

  • “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”
  • Animated Orb Skin: Ghost Familiar!

Simon Belmont Epic Crossover

  • The first Belmont players discovered, and the most famous vampire hunter of all.
  • Unique Sword Skin: Morning Star!


Vampire Bat

  • “Servants of evil that lurk in the castle.”



  • “Welcome to Dracula’s Castle”

Morning Star

  • “A sacred weapon among the vampire hunters.”


  • “What is a man? A miserable little pile of secrets.”

Wolf Form

  • “The Soul of Wolf aids the Vampire Prince.”

The Brawlhalla-vania Epic Crossover event also includes:

  • Two new Brawl of the Week Game modes!
  • New Dracula’s Castle FFA Map and Inverted Dracula’s Castle 1v1 Map
  • New Splash art and UI Theme.
  • Original main menu, character select, and victory theme music.
  • Daily login bonus of 250 Gold to celebrate this Epic Crossover event!

ⓒKonami Digital Entertainment

Bats, vampires, wolves… It’s definitely the spookiest season of the year! We’re also celebrating Brawlhalloween starting today by opening up the crypt underneath Mallhalla. There you’ll find 16 seasonal Skins, including new ones for Ulgrim and Onyx, a brand new Emote, Ofrenda 2022 Podium, Avatars, Colors, and more! Just follow the trail of candy corn and you won’t lose your way.

See the list below for all the exclusive treats:


Mad Doctor Ulgrim

“His last patient was Petra and look at her now!”

  • With an Extra Large Scalpel and Skull Saw, Ulgrim finds unconventional uses for his (now revoked) M.D.

Termin-gator Onyx

“Croc cyborgs don’t feel pain.” 

  • Alligator? Crocodile? Either way, Ulgrim’s latest medical experiment is on the loose. Armed with Judgment Claws and Swamp Serum… She’ll be back.

Ray of the Dead

“RIP: Rayman is Phantasmic.”

  • Of course they celebrate Halloween in the Glade of Dreams! No one is more excited than Rayman with his sugar skull inspired face paint, Calaveraxe, and Saints & Souls Gauntlets.

Demon Rider Artemis

“Anybody can ride a Rocket Lance. The trouble begins when you try to land with it.”

  • Witness Artemis and her unmatched command of stunts and the badlands. She’s ready for any terrain with her Dirt Road Drill Rocket Lance and Adrenaline Rush Scythe.

Corpse Bride Mirage

“Here comes the bride, all dressed to fight!”

  • Not even death will part Mirage from her true love. She re-enters the Great Halls from beyond the grave armed with her Scythe and Spear: In Sickness and In Health.

Werewolf Thatch

“It’s high moon.”

  • Things are looking pretty hairy for this ‘ol pirate. Be sure to beware of the full moon, or you might fall prey to his Haunted Incisor Sword or Wolf’s Howl Blasters.

Dusk Till Dawn

“He vants to take your Elo!”

  • This elven king becomes a different kind of nobleman for the Brawlhalloween season. Just don’t let him get too close, his teeth and Immortal Pike are as pointy as his ears. The Blood Keepsake Orb can’t be good either.

Petra Reanimated

“Consult your doctor.”

  • SHE LIVES! Avoid the grasp of Petra’s Gauntlets – Horror & Fright, and the cruel sting of Von Evilstein’s Heart.


“She’s got a bone to pick!”

  • Cat got your… flesh? The fiery spirit that possesses Asuri’s skeleton is just as fierce. Beware, her Bone Claw Katars are as sharp as her Sword, Joint Pain.

Werebat Ragnir

“Like a bat out of Helheim.”

  • This bat is right-side-up and ready to brawl! He uses his finely attuned senses to best his opponents with his Sonar Slicer Katars and The Monster Slash Axe.

Immortal Caspian

“When you’re a vampire thief, the stakes are always high.”

  • Caspian’s blue blood seems to be in short supply these days, so your own blood will have to suffice. Look out for the attack of his Vampiric Embrace Gauntlets and his Bloodletting Katars.

The Monster Gnash

“Graveyard smaaaash!”

  • Everyone’s favorite monster is getting ready to MASH his opponents with his Headache Hammer and Hand-Saw Spear.

Punkin Spice Yumiko

“In every town, village, and city. There is no escape. Ever.”

  • It’s Punkin Spice season, and Yumiko isn’t taking prisoners with her ded Bow and LOL RIP Hammer.

Demonkin Diana

“Be careful what you ask for”

  • This half-blood is all-in on taking you down. Her Wicked Wings Bow and Brimstone Blasters will send you to the not-so-pearly gates below.

Horseman Lucien

“They say his spirit haunts the roadways to this very day.”

  • This pompous undead Count thinks himself a gourd. Even in his current state he threatens dissidents with his Haunting Blade Katars and his trusty Blasters, Ghost and Goblin.

Bewitching Scarlet

“Nice night for a hex.”

  • She’ll put a spell on you with her Dark Cauldron Hammer and Witching Broom.
  • Bonus: Angry Magic Hat poses with Scarlet’s actions!


Skeleton Dance – “Doot doot.”

  • New Brawlhalloween seasonal Emote!
  • Have a fun spooky time with a skeleton friend while dancing to some unique tunes.


Ofrenda 2022 – “An offering for our KO’d Brawlers.”

  • The expression on the sugar skull’s face changes depending on the Podium’s state! (Ready/Idle, Lock In, Victory, & Defeat)
  • Exclusive updated art for 2022!
  • Featuring unique sound and visual FX!

KO Effect

Jac-KO-Lantern – “Smashing pumpkins into tiny pieces of debris!”

  • An exclusive KO Effect for Brawlhalloween.


Haunting Colors – “Gloom of night and glow of flame.”

  • Give your opponents a scare with these purple, black, and orange colors.
  • Available for every Legend!


Pumpkin Pyre – “Ghostly fire makes everything better!”

  • An animated Avatar!

RIP – “Rest In Pieces.”

  • Purchasable with your hard-earned Gold!

Brawlhalloween 2022 also features:

  • A new annual exclusive “Trick or Treater” Title Reward given to players that log on during the event.
  • Spooky pumpkins spread across a few Brawlhalla maps!

Dracula invites you into a world of optical illusion in this 1v1 Switchcraft Mode. Pick 3 Legends and watch their Weapons and sigs get jumbled up. Battle an equally scrambled opponent and try to knock out all 3 of their Stocks first to win!

  • 1v1 Switchcraft
  • 3 Stocks
  • Last player standing wins!
  • Battle in the new Dracula’s Castle Maps!

Introducing two new server regions: Middle East and Southern Africa! The communities in these regions have grown significantly and now have their own dedicated servers. This should mean faster and more reliable matches for players in those regions.

  • New Server Regions: Middle East and Southern Africa
  • Change your preferred server in the Options menu in the top right, then select Change Region.
  • We look forward to seeing what competition comes out of these two new server regions!

Players now have the ability to change Legends when rematching!

  • After agreeing to a rematch, players will be taken to the Legend Select Screen to choose their loadout for the rematch.
  • Players are then given 30 seconds to choose their Legend.
  • Once Legends have been selected, the banner will display “Ready for Rematch.” Players will stay at the Legend select screen until all players are locked in. A countdown will start once everyone has confirmed, and the rematch will begin.
  • Any players that fail to lock in by the end of the allotted time will be assigned whichever loadout they last chose.

Additionally, players in Friendly 2v2 can now rematch in Patch 7.00. Matchmaking queues with rematch enabled now include Ranked 1v1, Ranked 2v2, Experimental, and Friendly 2v2. Rematches are still a best of three. Happy brawling!

Beyond glory there is immortality! As you battle to become a Valhallan in Ranked Season 26, enjoy the spoils of war from last season with new Skyforged & Goldforged Emojis. Show your joy, confusion, frustration, or anger with these exclusive items only available to purchase with Glory. 

Find Ranked Emojis under the “Ranked” tab in Mallhalla. You can also spend your hard-earned Glory to purchase Skyforged Colors, Weapons, UI Themes, Emotes, and Sidekicks. Skyforged Colors are only usable on Legends that have reached level 5 or greater. Goldforged items require the purchase of the Skyforged version of the same item first. 

Show your strength with these exclusive Ranked items!

User Experience

The Legend Select Screen will now notify you when another player in your Online lobby is still viewing the Scoreboard.

  • Spectators will only be able to join after a match when at least one player in that lobby exits from the Scoreboard.
  • If you accept an invite from another player after a match before that player (or another player in their lobby) exits from the Scoreboard, you’ll now have to wait until they return to the Legend Character Select before you can jump in.
  • The lobby will still change to the updated Rules if you were invited to a lobby type other than what you just played.

User Interface

  • When looking through the Title selection menu in your Inventory, each Title now previews its own color.


  • Updated the sound effects for the Jac-KO-Lantern KO Effect as part of our steady wave of quality of life updates.

User Experience

  • Fixed a bug where Handicaps were incorrectly persisting in Offline modes.
  • Fixed a bug where queuing as a third player with Training Mode in queue enabled turns the player into a bot.
  • Fixed a bug where the lose taunt would be overwritten by the win taunt on login.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from reaching Valhallan Rank.

Art & Animation

  • Adjusted and corrected Cassidy and Hattori’s torsos in their Character Select animation.
  • Fixed a visual bug where certain Skins’ hand asset skin tones were not matching correctly. Credit: Robo974
  • Updated Skin icons for Gnash and Roland that still had outdated art. Credit: Robo974

Demons and technology collide in the Cyber Oni Bundle! This pack – featuring Orion, the Mysterious Stranger – includes:

  • Cyber Oni Orion Skin
  • Orion Legend Unlock
  • Enlightened Song Spear
  • Dragon’s Breath Rocket Lance

This promotion is free to all Amazon Prime members. Claim your loot at brawlhalla.com/prime.

Legend Rotation (Header)

The free-to-play Legend rotation for this week features Cross, Ragnir, Ada, Dusk, Munin, Jaeyun, Onyx, Koji, & Scarlet.

  • Cross – For years he has owned New York City, but can he do the same in Valhalla? This charismatic mobster steps into Valhalla with Blasters and Gauntlets.
  • Ragnir – This apex predator, whose home is in the Fangwild, now ventures outward using his Katars and Axe to take on the rest of the Legends in Valhalla!
  • Ada – Armed with Blasters and Spear, this nano-tech, elite combat hacker aims to win in the Grand Tournament.
  • Dusk – Wielding his Spear and a powerful Orb, carved from stone and magic, Dusk seeks to spread chaos throughout Valhalla.
  • Munin – Rocking out to the sweet sounds of her Scythe and Bow, she’s ready to brawl in the Grand Tournament and finish her next Ravenqueen concert!
  • Jaeyun – The legendary mercenary who has traveled across the Old Kingdom on the back of his dragon turtle companion Imugi, Jaeyun has discovered new riches and sights in Valhalla! He brings the Greatsword and Sword to battle in the Grand Tournament.
  • Onyx – The powerful Guardian and Protector of Castle Batavia, Onyx has been offered a place in Valhalla and now defends it ruthlessly with her Cannon and Gauntlets.
  • Koji – Armed with his ancestral katana, Koji slices his way through the battlefield with Sword and Bow!
  • Scarlet – A former female boxing champion of England and head of the Royal Airship Navy, this Legend uses her ingenuity and steam power to build her own Rocket Lance and Hammer to take into battle.

Legend splash