Enter Mordex Update – 2.54

Enter Mordex Update – 2.54


Welcome to the Enter Mordex Update! In patch 2.54 we’re adding the new Legend Mordex, Brawl Of The Week, a brand new map, main menu overhaul, Dodgebomb update, game balance, and new test features. Additionally, we’re giving everyone who logs in this week a free Enter Mordex Avatar. Grab your friends and get to brawling!


Enter Mordex!

New Legend – Mordex!
Weapons: Gauntlets & Scythe
Stats: 6/4/5/7

Mordex enters Brawlhalla with three additional skins

  • Iron Legion Mordex
  • North Wind Mordex
  • Celestial Mordex –


Introducing Brawl of The Week!

  • Now located in the Casual Queue menu you can play the Brawl of The Week!
  • We’re kicking things off with FFA Dodgebomb. The game selected for Brawl of The Week will change every week.
  • First win in Brawl of the Week will grant 300 bonus gold.


New Map

  • Lost Labyrinth has been added to the Free For All map rotation (formerly the test map Small Big Kings Pass).
  • Big Lost Labyrinth has been added as a 8 player map in custom lobbies (formerly Big Kings Pass).


Free Enter Mordex Avatar – This Week Only

  • If you log in this week, the Enter Mordex avatar will be automatically placed in your inventory. Tell your friends, and thanks for playing!


Dodgebomb Improvements

  • Now deadlier! Dodgebomb bombs have added 40 variable impulse compared to other game modes.
  • Dodgebomb map art has been updated. Goodbye placeholders, hello glorious art.  
  • The four player version of the Dodgebomb Map now uses the larger platforms from the 8 person map. Level bounds has been brought in a bit to better center gameplay and provide ever so slightly more risk to the outer platforms.
  • Dodgebomb Bombs now fall to the ground after spawning instead of spawning directly on each platform.


Twitch Account Linking

  • In the account menu you can now link your Brawlhalla account to Twitch!
  • You can choose to have your Twitch account linked on the official Brawlhalla rankings page. To turn this on enter /twitchshow in any Brawlhalla game chat box. To turn it off enter /twitchhide.
  • More features will be coming soon!


User Interface

  • The main menu has been upgraded with new organization, new sub menus and new art.



  • Camera slightly adjusted so it will spend less time zoomed out during matches.


Test Features

We’ve heard your feedback, and are introducing a new change into Test Features this week to address overly passive playstyles. While we’re not sure if the values are spot on, we think this is a good direction to try, and are looking forward to hearing back from you. Let us know what you think!

Added to Test Features

  • If a player touches the wall 7 times without touching the ground, they will Wall Slip.
  • Wall Slip locks the player into a slip animation for 23 frames.
  • Once a player has Slipped, they no longer regain jumps or Recover on wall touch until they land on the ground.




Clash Normalization

Clashes largely occur when two players make good decisions at the same time. Certain moves can result in far less Damage or Force than intended or far more Stun than intended when they’re not able to play through, resulting in an unfair trade. We’ve normalized the effect of clashes to better balance the outcome for both players.

  • When two moves clash, the same Damage and Force is applied to both players, replacing the normal hit.
  • When two light attacks clash, this is a hit dealing 10 Damage, 20 Variable Force, 60 Fixed Force, 25 Stun.
  • When two Signatures clash, the hit deals 20 Damage, 50 Variable Force, 80 Fixed Force, 25 Stun.
  • Direction of Force is based on relative position rather than the normal hit and players will always be knocked away from each other.
  • Reminder: Heavy attacks out prioritize light attacks. In the case of a clash between a light attack and a heavy attack, the heavy attack wins without a clash.



As the next major Circuit event, CEO Dreamland, draws near we have some adjustments to complement the recent Season changes. A number of older weapons that were altered for increased string potential in their ground kits have had some fine tuning to better accomplish that goal, while some of the currently dominant weapons have had the dodge windows in their strings slightly opened up. There are also a number of damage and force adjustments to balance the risk/reward factor for weapons such as Blasters, Spear, and Gauntlets. This patch marks the balance lock for CEO Dreamland on April 14-16, and we look forward to seeing all the competitors push these changes to the limit!



The Sword has received some increased stun on both of its grounded string starters, as well as a more reliable setup location from Side Light. Sword users should find increased pressure during on-stage play in the form of tighter windows between subsequent attacks.

  • Sword Neutral Light: Increased Stun from 20 to 22.
  • Sword Side Light: Increased Stun from 14 to 15; Lowered angle of Force; Increased Force of final hit from 0 Variable/75 Fixed to 0 Variable/80 Fixed.



The Hammer has also  received a better setup location from knockback and stun on its Side Light, affording Hammer users a better transition to continued pressure on the ground.

  • Hammer Side Light: Increased Stun from 23 to 24; Decreased Force from 5 Variable/75~55 Fixed to 5 Variable/56~30.



The Blasters have had their potential reward curtailed by opening up the dodge windows off of a Down Air hit. The damage has also been reduced on the Neutral Light, as it can provide quick coverage and serves as one of the usual followups to the Down Air.

  • Blasters Neutral Light: Decreased Damage from 21 to 19.
  • Blasters Down Air: Decreased Stun from 18 to 17.


Rocket Lance

The improved ground string starter, Down Light, has had some adjustment to better fit this role in the form of better stun and a closer setup location for followup attacks. The Recovery attack now fires off slightly faster, to perform more reliably in general gameplay, as the increased movement speed from the Season changes negatively impacted its stationary startup.

  • Rocket Lance Down Light: Increased Stun from 22 to 23; Decreased Force from 4 Variable/45 Fixed to 4 Variable/35 Fixed.
  • Rocket Lance Recovery: Decreased Minimum Charge time from 14 to 12.



The Spear has had some dodge windows opened up off of its string starters with greater coverage/range, namely the Side Light and Neutral Air. The Side Air has also had its force reduced to be more in line with other similar attacks, resulting in slightly reduced KO potential until later health values.

  • Spear Side Light: Decreased Stun from 21 to 19.
  • Spear Side Air: Decreased Force from 43 Variable/45 Fixed to 40 Variable/45 Fixed.
  • Spear Neutral Air: Decreased Stun from 24 to 22.



We have reduced the force on some of the Gauntlets edge-guarding tools to reduce their off-stage threat to healthier levels, allowing more chances to recover when playing against them. The Neutral Air has also had a minor stun reduction not only to reduce off-stage threat, but also to open up some dodge windows in certain strings.

  • Gauntlets Neutral Air: Decreased Stun from 20 to 19.
  • Gauntlets Side Air: Decreased Force from 40 Variable/55 Fixed to 37 Variable/55 Fixed.
  • Gauntlets Ground Pound: Decreased Force from 48 Variable/48 Fixed to 44 Variable/43 Fixed.



Landing a Down Air on stage now provides a better setup for subsequent attacks due to increased stun and decreased force when hitting a surface. The normal aerial shot remains unaltered at its current force and stun values.

  • Bow Down Air: Increased Stun of mid-range ground hits from 19 to 22 and Stun of close-ground hits from 23 to 24; Decreased Force on ground hits from 42 Variable/50 Fixed to 38 Variable/45 Fixed.



We have opened up dodge windows for a few Scythe strings to allow a better chance of escape. To compensate, the damage has been increased on the Side Air, as it is primarily a standalone attack. The Recovery has had its power brought in line by reducing the force and softening the angle of knockback to allow more chances for the target to recover back to the stage, as well as decreasing its effect on-stage.

  • Scythe Neutral Light: Decreased Stun from a range of 21~17 to a range of 20~16; Increased Recovery on miss from 1 Fixed/19 Variable to 3 Fixed/19 Variable.
  • Scythe Neutral Air: Decreased Stun from 23 to 22.
  • Scythe Side Air: Increased Damage from 15 to 16.
  • Scythe Recovery: Decreased Force from 44 Variable/62 Fixed to 40 Variable/55 Fixed; Softened the angle of Force to be less steep.



To aid in grounded string potential, the Side Light is now a more consistent setup attack until the target is at orange levels of health, while the Down Air now has a minor frame advantage when landing the attack on-stage.

  • Katars Side Light: Decreased Force from 23 Variable/33 Fixed to 18 Variable/33 Fixed.
  • Katars Down Air: Increased Stun on a ground hit from 8 to 10.



We have mildly increased string potential for the Axe kit with extra Stun on the Down Air and the Neutral Air for more reliable followup attacks when landing either. The Down Air on stage can now more reliably be followed by a Down Light, and the Neutral Air by a gravity-cancel attack or Side Air.

  • Axe Neutral Air: Increased Stun on soft hit from 27 to 28.
  • Axe Down Air: Increased Stun from 17 to 18.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where a controller could get double inputs if it was connected after the game client was launched but before it finished loading the game files.
  • Fixed a bug where players using Multikeyboard could not bring up the pause menu during replays.
  • Fixed a bug in Strikeout, Switchcraft, and Dodgebomb where the HUD wasn’t flashing a -1 when a player lost a life like it does in Stock.
  • Ragnir Neutral Axe: Fixed a case where the target could be dropped before the final hit. (Credit: Dobrein)
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