Feeling Lucky, Brawlers?

Feeling Lucky, Brawlers?

Y’all should be feeling lucky because the Luck o’ the Brawl 2024 Event has begun! The Lucky Clover Colors are also back and it’s high time to spend all those Gold coins you’ve been hoarding… Possibly that horde is in a lair of some sort, or in a large pot? You can trust us, tell us where the gold is, we already checked the end of the rainbow and it wasn’t there 🤣

The Winter Doubles Championship is this weekend! Sign-ups close at 11:59pm ET Wednesday the 6th! Register over on Start.gg/brawlhalla! Competitors and viewers alike should be ready to bhallaPOG this weekend!

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What a treat the Luck o’ the Brawl Event always is. From the brand new Kelpie Skins to the KO-ching KO Effect this event is always packed with fun stuff. It also brings with it many returning Items to the Malhalla. Those include the Lucky Charm Avatar and Lucky Clover colors, which are purchasable with Gold, along with over a dozen other amazing Items new and old. 

Enjoy two weeks of Brawling ‘under the rainbow’ while this event lasts! We recommend nabbing those Colors ASAP so you don’t forget. 🍀

Registration for Winter Championship Doubles is still open! Grab a friend and sign up at start.gg/brawlhalla before it closes at 12am ET Wednesday the 6th.

Tune in on Twitch this weekend to earn these viewership rewards including the Hardlight Blasters! twitch.tv/brawlhalla 

Are you ready for the Week 3 Missions? Check out the challenges set before you in-game and earn those BP Tiers! 

Psst, you might want to play Sir Roland this week 🐴🤺

Starting next Monday, we’ll be hosting daily rotating sales! Guess all Brawlers should be feeling lucky🤷🍀

We hope some of your favorite Items show up in these sales!

Here’s a list of what’s being offered for the first 2 sales:

Monday, March 11

  • Darkheart Artemis Skin
  • Double Cross Skin
  • Howling Siren Cannon
  • Nian Shou Sidekick
  • Robot Dance Emote

Tuesday March 12

  • Emerald Raptor Skin
  • Carapace Armored Arcadia Skin
  • Valorous Charge Scythe
  • Bee Bot Sidekick
  • Nap Time Emote

Watch out! The stage slowly crumbles away in this exciting new way to play Dice & Destruction. Fight in this 1v1, 3-minute match and earn the most points before time runs out while you struggle to find your footing.

  • Dice and Destruction Mode
  • 1v1
  • 3 Minute Timer
  • Map platform will slowly crumble away!
  • Score the most points to win!

The free-to-play Legend rotation for this week features: Thea, Wu Shang, Fait, Val, Magyar, Vector, Ada, Gnash, and Sentinel.

  • Thea – You’ll usually find Thea kicking Asgard with her Battle Boots & Rocket Lance in Thundergard Stadium. She’s second to none in Brawlball, Dodgebomb, and all of Valhalla’s Eternal Sports tournaments.
  • Wu Shang – Using the way of peace, discipline and martial arts, he takes down his foes with Spear and Gauntlets!
  • Fait – Speaking to the stars and using glimpses of the future, Fait battles for good with her Scythe and Orb!
  • Val – An android assassin with terrifying strength and quicker-than-light cognition. With her Sword, Gauntlets, and extreme cunning, Val is a force to be reckoned with.
  • Magyar – As the last remaining member of the Batavian Strazci army and wielding the strength of a 100 elite knights, this spectral guardian has come for the glory of battle with their Greatsword and Hammer!
  • Vector – Transforming into a jet with his Rocket Lance and wielding his Bow to fight, Vector travels through time and space to battle crime!
  • Ada – Armed with Blasters and Spear, this nano-tech, elite combat hacker aims to win in the Grand Tournament.
  • Gnash – In the darkness, before the dawn of history, this Legend was raised by the harsh jungle itself. This Super Hunter uses his Hammer and Spear in battle.
  • Sentinel – The first and greatest costumed superhero in America has come to Asgard, finding those who need protecting and vanquishing injustice with his Katars and Hammer.

Legend splash